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Hawaiian Sunrise Strain Review

Hawaiian Sunrise cannabis strain is an absolutely glorious go-to, and a favorite among just about anyone who has had the pleasure of getting their hands on it.  This sativa-dominant hybrid behaves as expected, offering an uplifting effect that can instantly lift your mood.  But, it can also make you feel incredibly at ease, both in the mind & body, making it far from a true sativa, for a beautifully balanced effect.  All the meanwhile, its flavor is irresistible in its own right, making you feel like you’ve been relocated to the islands of Hawaii and are now enjoying some tropical blissfulness. You can get Hawaiian Sunrise strain vapes here.

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Hawaiian Sunrise Strain Basic Profile

Hawaiian Sunrise strain is a pretty mysterious strain when it comes to its lineage.  We know that it’s a sativa-dominant hybrid with 70% sativa/30% indica.  We also know that Hawaiian Sunrise is a high-CBD strain, and has a THC level between 15-25%, meaning that the potency of the actual THC can vary quite a bit.  It supposedly comes from Hawaii, and its parents are unknown.  One other interesting tidbit, it was acquired in 2009 but has existed long before.

Hawaiian Sunrise Strain Physical Characteristics 

Hawaiian Sunrise buds look like bunches of grapes, thanks to their fluffy, lumpy appearance.  The buds are quite small and compact.  The minty green shade is enhanced by a layer of unusually long, thin, amber-colored hairs, and golden-colored trichomes that give it a shimmery, frosty, and creamy appearance that looks sun-kissed.

Hawaiian Sunrise Cannabis Aroma and Flavor

Hawaiian Sunrise strain has an aroma and flavor that completely live up to the name.  There’s a vibrant tropical nature to the taste and smell that lifts the spirits before the strain even takes effect.

  • Aroma-wise, there is a stronger herbal note that becomes very pungent when the flowers of the strain are burned.
  • Flavor-wise, notes of lush tropical fruits and bold citrus satisfy you with exotic tang and sweetness, while those spicy n’ peppery undertones are apparent.  

Hawaiian Sunrise Cannabis Strain Effects

Hawaiian Sunrise is the perfect early morning strain, since it instantly gives you some pep to start your day off on the right foot.  Ideal for when you feel like you have to literally drag yourself out of bed just to get anything accomplished.  Works quickly, too, giving you a fast-building sense of euphoria and a sense of focus and eagerness to get things done.  It can even offer a sense of heightened creativity, awareness and sociability, while a controlled sense of giddiness washes over you, allowing you to feel that anything is possible.

At the same time, a sense of ease fills the body and the mind, making you forget about your worries while physical tension melts away.  This is not a couchlock strain, so don’t worry about that once your muscles start to let go.  While you notice yourself feeling more talkative, the tingling, warming and buzzing sensations start to creep into the muscles, mainly in the back and down the legs.

Overall, Hawaiian Sunrise is clearly a good daytime strain since it can give you the boost that you need, whether you’re home alone or out with others.  Its high never makes you feel too faded or too sleepy, so it can accommodate your needs and activities.  Obviously, not a good nighttime strain since it can, in fact, keep you up, with buzzing effects in the mind that make you want to do anything but call it a night.  Plus, it’s not a strain that’s really associated with paranoia, unless you really, really go hard, so that’s always a plus.

Growing Hawaiian Sunrise Cannabis Strain

While Hawaiian Sunrise cannabis strain is known for its large yields, the cultivar is not actually available to growers at the current time, so there is no information about how to grow it.  It’s grown exclusively by its present breeders.

Hawaiian Sunrise: A Taste of Paradise 

Hawaiian Sunrise strain, with its tantalizing notes of tropical fruits and its remarkably soothing and uplifting effects, feels like a vacation for your body and mind whenever you partake in it.  This mysterious yet highly regarded cultivar remains a favorite, and it’s very easy to see why.  At Binoid, you can explore what this strain has to offer through our HHC Vape Cartridge in Hawaiian Sunrise, which lets you into a gratifying psychoactive experience similar to delta 9 THC, thanks to the fascinating nature of hexahydrocannabinol, a must-try cannabinoid that has truly made its presence felt.

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