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Do you prefer consuming hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) in an edible form?  If so, look no further than Delta Extrax (Effex) HYDRO Sours HHC Gummies.  These gummies deliver a potent one of a kind uplifting and motivating feel with a calming body sensation and a sour-fruity taste.

There are many different types of HHC products that are available on the market such as tinctures, vapes, and soon to be wax dabs. 

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First Glance at Delta Extrax (Effex)

There is something about Delta Extrax (Effex) HHC gummies packaging that really captivates you at first glance.  The clean, modern, and minimalistic aesthetic offers sophisticated luxury, all while being fully capable of giving customers information about what’s inside. 

The label is concise but clear about ingredients, milligram strengths, serving directions, and more.  We also love that it’s transparent so that you can see the gummies before you buy.  The airtight jar has a seal that keeps the flavor and the HHC perfectly fresh.

Brand Reputation Of Delta Extrax

Delta Extrax boasts quite an impressive reputation in the industry, as they have been innovators, launching new cannabinoids long before other companies even think about crafting formulas centered around them.  Basically, their ability to bring new cannabinoids to the masses has made them extremely popular, and they can back up their reputation with their exceptional manufacturing practices. 

Delta Extrax use only organic, local hemp, while also utilizing the cleanest ingredients possible to make sure that they’re not introducing any unwelcome, potentially harmful compounds into the user’s experience.  Plus, they have a great customer service team to answer any questions about their products, and hemp in general.

Variety of Delta Extrax HHC Gummies

Delta Extrax Gummies do not come in any strength variety options.  Instead, it’s a jar of mixed fruity sour gummy flavors. With 10mg of hexahydrocannabinol/delta 8 THC per gummy, there are 25 pieces total in each container.

Proper Dosage of HHC Gummies

We strongly recommend that you only take these gummies if you’re an experienced THC user who has at least developed a good tolerance to some of the more mainstream cannabinoids.  Because of how strong these gummies are, and how long the effects last, you need to be extra cautious with your dosing. 

With HHC edibles, it can take up to 2 hours before the effects really kick in.  Those effects can last for up to 8 hours and introduce powerful cerebral effects and a body high.  So, make sure to clear your schedule in order to really make the most of them.  

Take 1/2 a gummy and wait 2 hours to see effects.  After that, then you can have the other half for a full gummy piece, as this is almost certainly plenty for just about every user due to their 10mg strength.

Delta Extrax HHC Formula

Delta Extrax sources only the best hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) distillate, delta 8 THC, and the cleanest terpenes, and then infuses them to bring you amazing gummies that will not disappoint.

Delta Extrax HHC Lab Reports

These HHC gummies contain strictly lab-tested hemp which has been analyzed by a state-authorized third-party testing facility that maintains quality control while ensuring the product is federally compliant.  The lab checks for impurities, contaminants, potency, and other important factors.  You can easily access the lab reports on the website.

Delta Extrax HHC Gummies Taste

The flavor profile naturally depends on which gummy piece you try. We can say that each flavor is unique, and not that common on the gummy market, which adds to the excitement of its taste.

Overall Experience

We know that HHC edibles offer up to 8 hours of effects, but can take around 90 minutes to fully kick in.  These gummies are no different, and the strong body high is enhanced by the terpenes added to the formula.  You’ll get a nice mellow yet uplifted feeling in terms of mood, along with a subtle boost.

Our Ultimate Opinion

Delta Extrax (Effex) HYDRO Sours HHC Gummies are a great way to enjoy hexahydrocannabinol in a particularly long-lasting way, all while treating yourself to the effects associated with sativa strains.  Basically, they offer a dazzling HHC experience that you’ll look forward to enjoying again and again.

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