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What Does HHC-B Cannabinoid Feel Like?

The cannabinoid selection at our fingertips keeps on ‘growing’, with new cannabinoids being discovered and developed as the hemp industry evolves.  Now, there’s hexahydrocannabutol (HHC-B), which is a semi-synthesized version of HHC, enhanced to increase its potency and make it more like THC-B.  As the cannabinoid market has so many new additions to it lately, of course people wonder how this one stands out from the rest. 

Maybe one of the easiest ways to grasp its distinctive nature is to compare it to an indica or a sativa strain, as most of us are experienced with how these two types of strains make us feel.  So, does HHC-B have more indica-like or sativa-like effects?  


What Exactly is HHC-B?

HHC-B is a semi-synthesized cannabinoid, being a chemically modified version of HHC (hexahydrocannabinol).  HHC is a naturally occurring, hydrogenated delta 9 analog compound, and adding to its carbon sidechain increases its ability to attach to the brain’s CB1 receptors that are responsible for producing the high we associate with cannabis.

Because it’s so new, we don’t have a clear idea of how much stronger it is than HHC, but people do say it’s very potent.  The HHC-B cannabinoid has not been studied for its potential benefits, as it’s just too new, but fans of the compound have reported feeling less stressed, more uplifted, and have said that it helps minimize physical discomfort throughout the body.

Indica vs. Sativa: What Does it Mean?

If you’re new to the cannabis world, let’s quickly talk about these two strain categories.  The strain of cannabis is determined by its unique composition of cannabinoids and terpenes, which is unique from one cultivar to the next.

  • Indica: Indica strains are categorized by their higher level of myrcene, which is a “calming” terpene.  They are known for offering a more powerful body high, which can be strong enough to cause couchlock.  They are also generally more sedating, which is why they’re most popular to take at nighttime.
  • Sativa: Sativa strains are the opposite of indica strains, being known for their uplifting, focus-enhancing, creativity-boosting, and often energizing effects.  They may produce a body high as well, but it may feel more like a warm and tingly sensation throughout the muscles, rather than a heavy, sedating feeling.  Sativa strains may also make a person feel more sociable, and are generally preferred during the daytime.

What are the Effects of HHC-B Like?

Now, HHC-B is, again, a very new cannabinoid, with no actual studies to tell us about its unique effects.  But, by now, a good number of people have taken the cannabinoid, and reported how it affected them.  Overall, people describe the high of HHC-B as euphoric, and both mind-easing and mentally uplifting at the same time.  As for the body high, it seems to have the potential to be quite heavy, the more you take.

Does HHC-B Feel More Like a Sativa or an Indica?

Ultimately, we really can’t place HHC-B into either category.  That’s because it seems to offer a lot of sativa and indica traits simultaneously, as you can see based on what we just talked about in the section above.  And, that’s not surprising, because ultimately, HHC-B is sort of like an ultra-potent form of delta 9 THC.  Since HHC and delta 9 are almost identical, it only makes sense that HHC-B would behave like a more powerful form of the famous cannabinoid.  And, we know that delta 9 is something of a hybrid between indica and sativa when it comes to the effects it gives us.

What Can Affect How HHC-B Feels

People consistently report a strong high with HHC-B, and notable euphoric effects, but keep in mind that each person’s experience with the cannabinoid can be surprisingly different from the next person’s.  Let’s elaborate, because as you’ll see, there are a number of factors that can influence how this cannabinoid makes you feel.

Your Body and Endocannabinoid System 

One thing that is rarely talked about is just how much each person’s unique bodily system can play a role in their high.  For example, our hormones have a lot to do with how a cannabinoid affects us, determining things like how potently we feel it, and how it affects our mood.  Besides that, we all have a unique balance of neurotransmitters in our brains that determine our mental state, and cannabinoids work with these neurotransmitters directly.  This is why, for example, we might get a more euphoric high when we’re already in a good mood, and so, might get a drowsier high when we’re exhausted.

Anything Else That May Be in Your System

If you have other substances in your body when you take HHC-B, that can alter the high.  An example is taking HHC-B and drinking coffee, which can give you more sativa-like effects.  There are also other cannabinoids that can be taken with HHC-B that will change the high.  For instance, having delta 8 with HHC-B can induce a more calming, indica-like effect, can make the high lean more indica-like overall.

The Product’s Strain

Naturally, if you’re vaping HHC-B and decide to go with a sativa strain, you’re going to have a sativa-like experience, and the same with an indica strain.  But, of course, that only applies to products that come in strain options, which for the time-being is just vapes.

When You’re Taking Your HHC-B Product 

We’ve heard from lots of people that when they take HHC-B matters, since cannabinoids generally work with our innate circadian rhythm.  In other words, taking the cannabinoid in the morning may increase alertness and focus, while taking the same cannabinoid at night could help you feel more prepared for bedtime.

The Bottom Line: HHC-B Can Act Differently for Everyone  

The truth is that your experience with HHC-B can be surprisingly one-of-a-kind, and that’s something that we see with all cannabinoids.  But generally speaking, it’s safe to say that if we had to put HHC-B into one strain category, it would likely be a hybrid.  However, like we said, that may not matter if you’re buying an HHC-B vape that comes in a specific strain.  Ultimately, we recommend trying the HHC-B at Binoid for yourself to see how it affects you.

Ultimately, HHC-B is felt differently by many. It can’t be place into any category.  That’s because it seems to offer a lot of sativa and indica traits simultaneously. But generally speaking, it’s safe to say that if we had to put HHC-B into one strain category, it would likely be a hybrid. Binoid it a top leading seller in HHC-B products.


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