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How Long Does HHC-O Stay In Your System

HHC-O is a very new addition to the hemp market, and here at Binoid, promising an even more potent form of HHC for those dazzled by its unique effects, psychoactive and otherwise.  This is just one of several new, intoxicating cannabinoids to hit the legal hemp market in the past couple of years, and hemp enthusiasts can’t get enough of them as they each deliver a unique high that is gratifying in its own way.

HHC-O acetate is becoming easier to find nowadays, but some people may want to be cautious before taking it, especially if they’re drug-tested.  We’re still learning a lot about this cannabinoid, and one thing that’s uncertain is how the body metabolizes it, and what this can mean for a drug test result.  In fact, the matter is actually even more complicated as you’ll soon find out.

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How Long Do the Effects of HHC-O Typically Last in Our System for?

Before we can get into the length of time it takes for a cannabinoid to fully clear out of the body, we need to talk about the length of time during which the user will actually feel the effects actively.  Just be aware that after you’re no longer high, there is still HHC-O in your body, getting broken down by enzymes until it can fully clear out of the system, mostly through the urine.

Hexahydrocannabinol-O acetate (HHC-O) is a compound that results from taking HHC, a naturally occurring cannabinoid in hemp that almost completely mimics THC, and combining it with acetic anhydride to make it about 1.5 more potent.  Many say that this almost perfectly replicates the high of delta 9 THC, both in terms of potency and general effects.

How long you feel the effects of HHC-O mostly has to do with the delivery method/product type you’re taking.  Why?  Because each product absorbs into the body at its own unique rate.  Other influencing variables are how much of the product is taken, and how high the user’s tolerance is to the cannabinoid.

  • Inhalable HHC-O Products (Vapes, Dabs, Flower): Any product that involves inhaling the cannabinoid, whether that be with a vaping product, with raw infused flower, or with concentrates, is going to allow for the fastest absorption, and as a result, the shortest effects – about 1 to 2 hours, on average.
  • Ingestible HHC-O Products (Edibles, Capsules): If you’re ingesting an HHC-O product, whether that be a gummy, a capsule or a beverage of some kind, you’re going to experience the longest-lasting effects since the rate of absorption is the slowest.  This usually comes out to about 8 hours of effects. 
  • Sublingual HHC-O Products (Tinctures): Sublingual products, aka tinctures, absorb through the sublingual tissue (below the tongue), absorbing at a rate between the other two methods.  Overall, most people report feeling HHC-O for about 4 to 6 hours.

Is There a Duration of Time When HHC-O is Supposed to Leave Our System?

Once you no longer feel the high of hexahydrocannabinol-O acetate, the body is hard at work eliminating the cannabinoid using enzymes that break it down.  With any substance, whether that be alcohol or a medication, trace amounts can linger in the body long after the effects are no longer actively felt by the user.  HHC-O is the same in this regard – it’s still in your body even if it’s been a while since you’ve last taken it.

Just how long hexahydrocannabinol-O acetate stays in the body can vary tremendously – about 2 to 30 days.  The reason why the range is so wide is because there are so many different usage-related aspects at work, such as how much you took last, and how often you take it.  

  • For most people, about half of the full dose is fully metabolized 30 minutes after it has absorbed.
  • Then, 25% more of it gets metabolized in the next 30 minutes.  
  • It’s the remaining 25% which can take a lot longer to fully clear from the body, and that percentage remaining amount can potentially influence a drug test result.

What This Means for Drug-Testing Purposes

We don’t know exactly how hexahydrocannabinol-O acetate is metabolized, yet, since it’s different from THC, structurally speaking.  If HHC-O is metabolized like THC, then yes, it can cause a failed drug test depending on when you last took it, and the testing method that is being used.

Method #1: Urine Tests: Most of the tests administered are urine-based tests, which look for THC-COOH in a person’s urine.  THC-COOH is an enzyme that metabolizes all THC compounds, and we don’t know if this includes HHC-O just yet.  A urine-based test is easy to administer, and it’s inexpensive.  It can show results dating back to a few weeks of previous use.

Method #2: Saliva Tests: A saliva-based test is only going to show whether or not a substance was taken in the last 10 hours.  Often used by law enforcement, it’s the most common test for someone suspected of driving while intoxicated.

Method #3: Blood Tests: A blood test is used to determine whether or not a person is presently intoxicated, as once the substance leaves the blood, the high is over.  This type of testing method is usually performed in hospitals.

Method #4: Hair Tests: Hair strand tests look for evidence of substance usage, but only 3 months after the substance was last taken, as it can take 90 days for evidence to appear in the hair strands.  It’s a method most often used in autopsies. 

Method #5: Perspiration Tests: A perspiration test relies on applying a patch to the individual’s skin for two weeks, where THC-COOH may be released through a person’s sweat.  It’s a method most often used for clinical research due to its invasive and expensive nature.

What Actually Plays a Role in How Long HHC-O Could Normally Last in the Body For? 

We mentioned earlier that there are numerous variables that can determine how long it takes before hexahydrocannabinol-O acetate is fully cleared from the body.  So, you must be wondering what those are then, in order for cannabinoid enthusiasts like yourself to ensure that they’re using HHC-O responsibly?

#1: Frequency of Use 

How often you take HHC-O products definitely plays a role in how likely you are to get a positive result.  The more often you take it, the more the cannabinoid accumulates in the body, and the longer it takes before the metabolism can fully rid itself of it.  This means that daily use is more of an issue than occasional use.

#2: Delivery Method  

Earlier, we talked about how the delivery method can influence how long you’ll feel the effects of HHC-O.  The same applies to how long it may take to clear.  For example, we said that HHC-O edibles can take the longest before the effects wear off.  Because of how edibles are processed, it can also take longer for them to fully metabolize compared to a faster-acting, shorter-lived method such as a vaping product.

#3: Product Strength 

The HHC-O product’s milligram strength naturally makes a difference, since taking more HHC-O in one sessions means there is more HHC-O that needs to gradually get cleared by the body.

#4: Your Metabolism

For complex reasons, some people simply metabolize HHC-O and other substances faster than others.  Everything from your water intake to how much you exercise, and even your thyroid, can determine how long before HHC-O is finally fully gone from the body.

#5: When You Last Took HHC-O

Of course, the last time you took HHC-O matters.  If you’re being given a urine test, it can take up to 6 weeks before there’s no trace left in the body, depending on how much was in your system to begin with.

#6: Product Quality

Some HHC-O products have higher purity and potency levels than others, based on manufacturing methods.  For instance, an expired product, or a product that’s heavily watered down, can mean that there is less HHC-O in your body than you may have thought.

How Long After Using HHC-O is it Safe to Take Any Type of Medication (Prescription or Non-Prescription)?

Be aware that hexahydrocannabinol-O acetate, like other cannabinoids, can suppress the CYP3A4 enzyme which breaks down a lot of common medications.  This means that HHC-O could interfere with certain drugs metabolizing, which would lead to them building up in the bloodstream in a way that could be potentially dangerous.

No research has been conducted on hexahydrocannabinol-O acetate’s specific effects on CYP3A4.  Hence, we don’t have the ability to offer specific guidance on taking HHC-O along with a medication.  This is why you must speak to a doctor/physician if you want to use HHC-O while on any kind of med(s).

The Bottom Line: It All Depends 

When it comes to hexahydrocannabinol-O acetate (HHC-0), there really is a lot to learn, given its very recent emergence on the market.  For now, we aren’t even fully sure how it’s metabolized by the body, let alone how long it takes for different product types to be fully cleared from the system.  If you’re curious about this because you have a drug test coming up, obviously you’ll need to be cautious since there is a risk of failing.  Even better, you should consider avoiding HHC-O until the test is over and done with.

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