The Biggest Benefits and Effects of HHC-P

We know, we know.  First there was cannabidiol (CBD), then there was an array of delta products with a whole new set of properties to familiarize ourselves with.  Then we had some new THC-based products followed by HHC-based ones.  Talk about a cannabinoids rush!  And now, if that wasn’t enough, hexahydrocannabiphorol (HHC-P) has just recently hit the scene.  But, before simply dismissing this newly discovered cannabinoid, you might be quite surprised to see what HHC-P is truly capable of.

Keep in mind, too, that since HHC-P and HHCP products are very new, as there is yet to be any type of medical research or comprehensive data pertaining to it.  However, it’s already gathered a nice amount of interest within our industry, so this allows us to know a lot about it, which in turn, can help you decide whether or not it’s even worth trying.


Breaking Down Those HHC-P Benefits and Side Effects

With HHC-P ready to make a big splash on the legal cannabinoid market scene, offering a more potent form of HHC that’s on par with THC-P, you probably want to know what it could offer in terms of benefits, and what should users be wary of when it comes to potential side effects.

Benefits (Pros): 

Benefit #1: HHC-P Gets You Really High

First things first: if you’re looking for an intense high, you’ve found it.  HHC-P is basically hydrogenated THC-P, and THC-P is the most intoxicating cannabinoid that naturally occurs in hemp. 

HHC-P is its hydrogenated form, and those who have actually tried it have already told us that it’s more intoxicating than THC-P, possibly because of its hydrogenated structure which enhances its chemical stability for better absorption into the body.  Besides that, HHC-P is reported to be highly euphoric, which it would share in common with THC-P.

Benefit #2: HHC-P May Give You Powerful Potential Benefits Beyond Intoxication

We don’t know about the potential benefits of HHC-P yet, such as possible effects on things like nausea, mood, sleep, pain, etc., because they haven’t been studied.  Basically, the cannabinoid is so new that there’s no research on it yet.  But, that will come with time, and for the time-being, we can probably compare the effects to THC-P, since the two cannabinoids are so analogous.

So, HHC-P may offer potent effects when it comes to the above processes, even more potently than traditional HHC since HHC-P works so much more strongly on CB1 receptors in the body’s nervous system.

Benefit #3: HHC-P May Go Particularly Well with Delta 8

While this hasn’t been explored in depth, those who have used HHC-P product say that it goes particularly well with delta 8 THC due to the synergistic relationship between the two cannabinoids.  This means that delta 8 + HHC-P products may be a really big submarket in the coming months.

Benefit #4: HHC-P May Bring the Best Out of Your Favorite Hybrid Strains 

Again, science hasn’t given us an answer why, but some HHC-P users have said that the cannabinoid brings the best qualities out of hybrid strains, offering more potent strain qualities that vary between cultivars.  This could be because of how HHC-P synergistically interacts with the terpenes in cannabis compared to other cannabinoids.

Benefit #5: HHC-P is Federally Legal

HHC-P also happens to be federally legal, which is always a plus in a country where delta 9 THC remains prohibited.  Still, HHC-P laws may vary from state to state, and if your state has banned delta 8 THC, it’s likely that HHC-P is also prohibited.  More and more states are, sadly, banning intoxicating hemp cannabinoids despite the fact that they’re federally compliant, so check back with your state’s laws regularly to be on the safe side.

Side Effects Associated with HHC-P (Cons)

Side Effect #1: Has a Tremendously High Potency

Given the fact that HHC-P compound is so much more potent than regular HHC, or delta 9 THC, or pretty much any other cannabinoid on the market that we know of so far, those who are more sensitive to the temporary side effects associated with THC in general will want to be a little more careful.  They may be more likely to develop:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes 
  • Anxiety/paranoid
  • Lightheadedness/dizziness
  • Headache
  • Reduced blood pressure

All of these potential side effects are mild and short-lived, and somewhat common with THC especially among those with a low tolerance, or those who have taken too much.  Following the directions on the product’s package can help you with dosing to avoid these potential side effects as much as is possible.

Side Effect #2: HHC-P May Trigger a Positive Drug Test Result

It has yet to be established whether HHC cannabinoids are metabolized by THC-COOH, the enzyme that breaks down THC, and is responsible for a drug test’s positive result.  So, if you are drug-tested, be safe rather than sorry and avoid HHC-P for the time-being.

Overall, HHC-P is Worth Trying 

If you’re a hemp adventurer, then HHC-P is likely the next must-try on your list.  So, stay tuned as Binoid prepares to launch hexahydrocannabiphorol, which may the most intoxicating cannabinoid to date. 

Already, hexahydrocannabiphorol holds a lot of promise, and we’re pretty confident that it’s going to satisfy you in a powerful way. 


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