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Binoid HHC-P products are flying off the shelves as more and more people discover just how special this cannabinoid is.  One of the most potent of all of the cannabinoids derived from hemp, hexahydrocannabiphorol (HHC-P) is rising to the top of everyone’s must-try list, and here at Binoid, you can enjoy the option of purchasing our HHC-P products wholesale, whether you’re a business owner or just someone who really loves taking the cannabinoid daily as part of a routine.  


Why Choose Binoid For HHCP Wholesale?

For several years now, Binoid has enjoyed a solid reputation as one of the absolute best sources for all things hemp-derived.  Our list of psychoactive cannabinoids that we carry is extensive, and we offer them in a variety of strains, product types and more, to provide something for everyone out there.  We use only organic, locally grown hemp material, and undergo strict lab-testing protocol while working with clean, fresh ingredients so that all of our formulas are free of unnecessary fillers and additives. 

At the same time, our prices are consistently considered the best on the market, along with our shipping rates, to keep customers more than satisfied.  By joining Binoid’s Wholesale Program, you will be treated to unbelievable rates.  Not to mention, plenty of perks to show you how much we appreciate our partnership.

You can either sign up for Binoid’s easy HHC-P wholesale contact form here or use their wholesale website here. If you want to contact a someone on the Binoid wholesale team, you can email, or call phone us at (805) 552-6464, or even our contact form.

Only the Highest Quality HHCP

When it comes to quality standards, no one has us beat.  Our HHC-P products are renowned for their effectiveness, because we use exceptional distillation practices, all based on sourcing the freshest organic raw hemp material.  Our lab reports verify just how special our HHC-P is, proving uniquely high purity levels that are hard to come by.

A Generous Selection of HHCP Products  

We know that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to how they experience the effects of HHC-P, and that’s why we offer as large of a selection of products as possible, with our inventory constantly growing as we develop new ways to enjoy what this potent cannabinoid can offer. 

We carry a number of HHC-P product types, including vapes, gummies and more, while thoughtfully selecting different strains that we strongly believe complement the effects of hexahydrocannabiphorol perfectly.

Incredible HHCP Prices 

There is really no justification for the prices that so many hemp brands charge today.  At Binoid, we don’t ever want you to have to go over budget just to enjoy some quality HHC-P, as a business owner or a consumer.  We do all of our manufacturing in-house, which keeps costs down, while at the same time, we simply refuse to overcharge to profit off of the hemp community.  Our HHC-P is known for being some of the most affordable on the market, period.

Given that, our wholesale rates are extremely affordable, and business owners can see up to 50% profit margins.  Our minimum order is only $100, which means that any regular hemp enthusiast can get in on the action without a huge upfront investment.  Binoid products come in at a 15% discount, and there are other discounts on products that we carry that were produced by other top-rated names.

The Strongest HHC-P Vapes On The Market

Binoid is known to have the strongest HHCP vapes out there, with a potency that not many brands or products can match. Customers have gravitated to Binoid HHCP products because of their high quality manufacturing as well as their unmatched potency. 

Proven HHC-P Product

Binoid vapes are a proven product with over 35,000 five star reviews as well as over 250,000 customers. Binoid has a large group of loyal customers that have given them a proven track record of quality and strength. 

Fast and Hassle-Free Shipping 

Every wholesale order leaves our warehouse within 1-2 business days, and immediately you’ll be provided with tracking information so that you can follow your order as it makes its way to your address.

Our logistics team ensures an average of 4 business days before you receive your order, for any resident of the United States, because we never want anyone to have to wait around for their fresh supply of HHC-PBinoid ships HHCP vape carts and disposables to Florida, North Carolina (NC), Texas, and more.

Always Sold Fresh for Maximum Satisfaction 

At Binoid, we know that freshness plays a huge role in product effectiveness.  The longer a product sits around, the less effective it becomes.  Our high product turnover rate comes from the fact that our reputation and daily traffic are phenomenal.  This means that every product that leaves our warehouse is as fresh as can be, so that your order will always be as effective as possible. 

This can benefit business owners who want to carry only the best HHC-P products, such as vapes and tinctures, and of course, it also benefits consumers who want to get the results they’re looking for.

Constant Customer Support 

You’ll be able to enjoy 24/7 access to our trained customer service team, who are always ready to answer questions about products, as well as help you with every step of your order.  Anyone who purchases wholesale from Binoid gets to enjoy this perk so that they always feel as though they’re part of the Binoid family.

Join the Binoid HHC-P Wholesale Program Today!

If you’re ready to save money while stocking up on a high volume of top-shelf, lab-tested HHC-P products, check out our wholesale options today.  As a business owner, you can diversify your industry with phenomenal profit margins, and if you’re a hemp enthusiast, you can enjoy a minimum order as low as $100 while enjoying exceptional savings.  Look at our wholesale page to get started!

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