How Are Delta 10 THC Vapes Products Made

Delta 10 THC was the cannabinoid that showed us that the hemp plant is more than a one-trick pony following the huge success of delta 8 THC, another mild and legal (2018 Farm Bill), but extremely enjoyable psychoactive compound.  Delta 10, as many of you are probably aware, is an incredibly trace cannabinoid, so as you can imagine, isolating and concentrating it from raw hemp would be very tedious and expensive.  But, due to a process known as isomerization, we can enjoy affordable, authentic delta-10 in all kinds of fabulous delta 10 product forms.

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How Delta 10 THC Is Made

According to Extraction Magazine: “Delta-10 THC is so elusive; laboratories often misidentify the compound for CBC or CBL using standard High Performance Liquid Chromatography methods”.

It Starts with Industrial Hemp

Delta 10 THC is, in fact, a natural cannabinoid that’s found in the hemp plant.  But, it exists in incredibly trace levels, with the exact amount unknown at the moment.  Delta 10 is found in the flowering buds of the hemp plant, along with every other cannabinoid produced by the plant.  So, the hemp plant must be cultivated, and the buds must be picked at peak maturity to ensure the highest concentration of cannabinoids, to produce the best extract possible.

The best hemp plant material is grown organically, since this means that it’s free of pesticides.  And, it’s best if it’s grown locally, for the sake of freshness, and also because United States farmers must adhere to strict standards that generally yield a better plant product.

Creating Delta 10 THC Distillate

In order to isolate the delta 10 THC cannabinoid and extract it in its pure form, you’d basically need a ton of raw hemp material, since the cannabinoid is so trace.  While it can be done, it would be hugely time-consuming and expensive to the manufacturer, and cause delta 10 products to be enormously expensive to consumers.  That’s where isomerization comes in.

Cannabigerolic acid (CBGA) is the “mother cannabinoid” that produces all other cannabinoids in the hemp plant as the plant matures.  Because all cannabinoids share the same chemical precursor, they all contain the same molecules, which are simply rearranged in different ways depending on the cannabinoid.  In science terms, this means that they are “isomers” of one another.  This also means that CBD, the most abundant chemical compound in hemp, could be molecularly rearranged to convert into 100% authentic delta 10 THC.

The process of isomerization is quite simple, actually, relying on three main steps:

  1. Applying a Solvent: First, a solvent is applied to the hemp material, to create an oil-based CBD extract.
  2. Add an Acid: Next, an acid is added to the solvent, as certain acids will change the molecular structure of CBD to turn it into delta 10 THC.
  3. Test the End Result: Now, liquid chromatography is applied to the product, which will allow the manufacturers to verify that what they have is pure delta 10 THC.

Isomerization is a godsend since it’s such an efficient way to produce delta 10 THC.  But, companies can still choose to use a more traditional extraction method known as distillation.

Each compound in hemp has its own evaporation point, meaning that if steam is applied to it at a specific temperature and pressure level, it will evaporate.  Steam distillation purifies delta 10 THC by applying steam to the raw plant material, changing the temperature and pressure amounts until all that remains is a purified form of delta 10 THC.

Note: Delta 10 THC is most of the time produced more predominantly through extraction or converted from delta 9 THC through isomerization.  Transforming delta 9 to delta 10 (or delta 8 THC) is possible due to them having identical chemical compounds, just unique structures.

How Delta 10 THC Products & Carts Are Made

Once there’s a refined delta 10 THC distillate, it is time to create a product formula.  The formula of a product can vary depending on the product type, as you will see below.

  • Delta 10 Flower: Delta 10 flower takes raw, pure hemp flower buds and infuses them with pure delta 10 THC distillate.
  • Delta 10 Vapes: Both vape cartridges and disposables ideally contain a vape oil formula that consists solely of delta 10 THC distillate and terpene extracts, which can come from either the hemp plant or other botanical sources.
  • Delta 10 Tinctures: A delta 10 tincture contains delta 10 THC distillate that’s been diluted to a precise concentration with a carrier oil, which is usually MCT oil that comes from coconuts.
  • Delta 10 Edibles: Delta 10 edibles can be made in all kinds of ways, since there are different kinds of edibles out there which can each contain all kinds of ingredients.  
  • Delta 10 Capsules: Delta 10 capsules are gel caps that contain delta 10 distillate.  Sometimes, they also contain a carrier oil.
  • Delta 10 Concentrates/Dabs: Delta 10 concentrates and dabs can be produced in various ways depending on the type of concentrate.  You can buy pure delta 10 THC distillate, which is a concentrate that only contains the cannabinoid.  You can also buy products like wax and shatter, which combine delta 10 distillate with the hemp plant material which has been blended with a solvent to highly concentrate its chemical compounds.

Lab-Testing Through a Third-Party Source

Now, the delta 10 THC must be sent off to a state-licensed third-party laboratory to be analyzed, which is required of all hemp products.  This testing process ensures that the product is compliant with federal law, free of harmful impurities, as potent as the company claims and containing the chemical compounds of the hemp plant that were intended to be there by the manufacturer.  These lab reports should always be made available to the customer through the company’s website.

Delta 10 Packaging 

Finally, it’s time to get that delta 10 packaged up and ready to ship.  Delta-10 products should be packaged with an airtight seal, because otherwise the compounds can degrade quickly, which would cause them to lose their effectiveness as well as their flavor.  The packaging should also give information about the ingredients, serving size and instructions, along with the milligram strength if applicable.

From Seed to Sale, Delta 10 THC Goes on a Fascinating Journey 

Overall, delta 10 THC is an excellent cannabinoid to go with if you are seeking out a mild and uplifting ‘high’.  And, thanks to huge advancements in hemp technology, we are able to enjoy it in a way that doesn’t cost us, or manufacturers, a ton of money.  Binoid’s Delta 10 THC Products are produced using these methods, which is why our prices are excellent, coupled with quality levels that’re always phenomenal.

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