How to Buy Delta 8 THC on a Budget

There are plenty of people out there who want to try delta 8 THC to see what it can do for them, but are worried that it will break their budget, especially to take it as part of a routine.  The reality, however, is that it is absolutely possible to maintain a delta 8 regimen while on a budget by buying quality and high value Delta 8 products online

It is not that easy to find products with a high percentage of Delta-8 for a good price. And don't be fooled by the brands that price cheap, but only give you 70% Delta 8 THC. While other brands such as Binoid CBD give you premium 92% Delta 8 for the same price. The percentage of Delta 8 in the product matters most for overall value, and helps budgeting to get the best bang for buck possible. 

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Is Delta 8 THC Expensive?

First, let’s talk about the general cost of delta 8 THC, to clear some things up.  Delta 8 comes in the same forms as cannabidiol (CBD), such as Delta 8 gummies, tinctures, vapes, capsules, dabs, and so on, as well as comparable milligram strengths, formulas, and more! 

Generally speaking, delta-8 doesn’t really cost more than CBD regardless of the product type.  In fact, in some cases it costs less, because this cannabinoid does often come in lower milligram strength options despite going up to the ones that are identical to those in CBD products.

Keep in mind that we are not saying that delta 8 THC is the cheapest thing in the world, either.  To get high-quality, effective, and pure delta 8 products, companies have to use a good deal of raw hemp material in order to make delta 8 distillates that are added in potent enough levels to produce specific effects.  We also completely recognize that some delta-8 products may seem expensive depending on a person’s individual budget.

In fact, Delta 8 THC products usually cost as much as CBD isolate products, which is the cheapest type of CBD. And, you receive the psychoactive benefits and effects of Delta 8 THC, instead of CBD which has a little less effects. Therefore, it is actually a much better deal. Especially at high strengths. 

Why Do Delta 8 Products Cost What They Do?

Well, it is less due to the other ingredients, and more because of the delta 8 itself.  To produce delta 8 extract, a company must use an involved distillation process that requires a lot of plant material to create a tiny amount of delta 8 extract.  As a result, a lot of hemp flower is required, and those costs add up.

Why is the Cheapest Delta 8 Not Always the Best Choice?

Before we get into the ways to enjoy delta 8 without spending too much money, let’s first talk about “cheap” delta 8 THC that you may come across.  Delta 8 is now widely available anywhere in which CBD is found.  This means that you can find delta 8 online, in vape shops, and yes, even in some gas stations.

Now, this may leave you tempted to purchase the least expensive delta 8 THC you can find.  However, we advise against this.  The delta 8 market does not yet have strict regulations, and so companies can, sadly, get away with selling extremely low-quality delta-8, or its products with potency levels that simply won’t produce desirable, noticeable effects. There are better ways to buy delta 8 on a budget than to go for the cheapest formulas that you can find.  

If a product’s price seems too good to be true, that’s probably because it has less Delta 8 THC than it states. Delta 8 distillate, that is used to make the products, have a market cost that no company or brand can beat by large amounts. Therefore, when costs of a product are low it is likely holding a much lower percentage of Delta-8. Even though it may say 1000mg for example, it does not mean it is 1000mg of Delta-8. 

To get more specific, “cheap” delta 8 products may be heavily diluted or may be crafted with extraction methods that destabilize the compound but save the company money, resulting in products that don’t absorb efficiently into the body. Therefore, you're likely better off buying premium Delta 8 products for an affordable price online at trusted stores such as Binoid CBD and Delta 8

Budgeting Your Delta 8 THC Routine: Tips for Keeping It Affordable

Now, we can talk about practical ways to save money on delta 8 THC while still being assured that you’re getting high-quality, adequately potent products.  These tips are great for anyone who wants to take delta 8 regularly but needs to be a little more conscious of how much they spend on a monthly basis.

Tip #1: Find a Good Delta-8 Company with Fair Prices

First of all, a lot of companies offer affordable delta 8 while still offering top-shelf quality.  For instance, companies like Binoid CBD that do the majority of their work in-house, and get their hemp from domestic farmers, enjoy a lot of savings in terms of manufacturing costs, and those savings can be translated to lower prices.  

Find a company that is reputable, and also know that their products may cost less than those of other brands, but the quality is just as high.

Tip #2: Follow Your Favorite Delta-8 brand on Social Media, and Join Their Mailing List

Once you find a delta 8 brand that you can trust, make a point to follow them on social media and join their mailing list.  A lot of delta 8 companies use these avenues to promote exclusive deals as a reward for following them.  This allows you to get access to coupon codes, upcoming sales, and other deals that can save you a nice chunk of change on your next purchase. 

For example, you can follow Binoid CBD's exclusive email list with Delta 8 promotions and coupons on any page if you scroll to the footer, or get a special pop-up with discount codes on their website. There are tons of ways to get better pricing on products this way. 

Tip #3: Wait for Delta 8 THC For Sales and Promotions 

Almost all hemp companies have regular sales throughout the year, usually around holidays.  Take advantage of these sales and promotions by stocking up on multiple quantities of your favorite products.  

Remember, most delta 8 products expire within 6 to 24 months depending on the form that it comes in, so only buy as much product as you’ll actually use within that period of time.  

  • Flower-based products have a shelf life of about 6 months.
  • Tinctures, edibles, capsules, and vapes can last for up to 2 years.

Tip #4: Don’t Get Fooled by Bells and Whistles

We know that delta 8 THC is a big deal right now, but try to avoid being seduced by bells and whistles that don’t actually enhance the quality or bioavailability of the delta 8.  For instance, some companies may use fancy packaging to justify higher prices, although this has zero effect on your delta-8 experience.  Or, perhaps they tend to use fancy-sounding ingredients in their formulas that simply do not justify overcharging.

Many will say their Delta 8 has no bleach or other cutting agents, as well as the best Delta-8 available. However, this is all marketing. The only thing that matters is the way the Delta 8 is manufactured, the lab results, and the percentage of Delta 8 in each product. Again, they can say high quality Delta-8, but look at the percentages. The branding is a big reason for a lot of their pricing. 

As well, if there are no Delta 8 lab results, then the product likely has much than Delta-8 THC than what it states. For this reason, we would suggest always checking, or asking how much Delta-8 is in each product.

Overall, buy high quality Delta 8 products for reasonable prices, such as Binoid's Delta-8 product line that is actually more affordable than lower quality products. Some brands like Binoid can keep prices very low and quality extremely high by focusing on high quality ingredients, and not bells and whistles such as packaging. 

Tip #5: Stick with a Moderate Delta 8 Product Strength

People tend to think that in order to get the most positive results with delta 8, or hemp in general, that they need the highest milligram strength that a company offers.  This is simply FALSE.  Many people find success with moderate or even low milligram strengths, and a lot of them even discover that they prefer these lower potency levels for various reasons. This is why "micro-dosing" exists, which is the small incremental dosing for large benefits. 

Each person is unique, and there are a few main factors that determine what the ideal milligram strength for us may be.  

  • Body weight plays a role.  If you have an average or below-average body weight, your body simply doesn’t need a very high dose of delta 8 to get the desired effects.  
  • Some people are simply born with lower or higher tolerances to cannabinoids due to the makeup of cannabinoid receptors in their body.  In other words, some may get the desired effects with just a small number of milligrams per day, for reasons that have to do with their body’s specific endocannabinoid system.
  • The delivery method you choose can determine the milligram strength that’s available for that said product type.  Basically, some products can work faster than others, so the strength itself is felt more quickly versus other delivery methods that take more time to feel the delta 8 going to work.  Whichever product type you choose can determine how long it lasts for, especially when being used daily.

Tip #6: Choose an Affordable Delivery Method 

Also, you might not be aware that some delivery methods and formulas are less expensive than others.  For instance, delta 8 flower tends to be cheaper than vapes, because there is less manufacturing effort involved on the part of the company.  Similarly, capsules tend to cost less than gummies due to less ingredients and actual labor to produce them. 

Know Your Delta-8 Dosage

Delta 8 products have different dosages that make some much more effective than others. For example, Delta 8 vape cartridges usually have 1000mg of Delta-8 in each, while disposables have 500mg of Delta 8 in each. Delta 8 THC gummies have 10-50mg of Delta 8 in each gummy, with varying amounts per bottle. This is why we suggest comparing how many MG are in a bottle, with the price of it. That way you can find the best value for the Delta8. 

Delta 8 capsules usually have 25mg of Delta 8 in each, and Delta 8 wax dabs have 1000mg in each dab. The dabs are the most potent Delta-8 product we carry, while capsules are a simple and easy formula. Lastly Delta 8 THC tinctures have anywhere from 300mg to 5000mg of Delta 8 per bottle. The best bang for buck Delta8 product out there. 

Delta 8 THC Can Be Perfectly Budget-Friendly Without Requiring that You Sacrifice Quality for Affordability

Just make sure that no matter what price a delta 8 THC product is, you make sure that it’s lab-tested and comes from a brand with a strong reputation for delivering high-quality formulas.  Top-shelf delta 8 brands have ways of making delta-8 more affordable, such as annual sales and special discounts to social media followers, because ultimately, they want to make sure that delta8 is accessible to all.

Trusted online stores such as Binoid CBD and Delta-8 are the places to go to buy Delta 8 products online. That is due to their already low pricing, special discounts on products, coupons all over their website, fast and free shipping, and their trusted social proof. 

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