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How to Spot a Fake THCA Product

Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) is coming to the hemp market, and because it’s so new, most of us will be trying it for the first time.  That means that we need to be extra cautious when it comes to accidentally buying a fake, as we have no frame of reference to base our experience on when it comes to using a new THCA product.  So, how can you identify fake THCA?  Luckily, it’s actually quite easy.

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Why Fake THCA Exists on the Hemp Market

It’s pretty disheartening to know that fake THCA even exists in the first place, but at the end of the day, hemp is an extremely profitable industry, and so shady business owners will always be around, trying to profit off of naïve customers.  Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid is, unfortunately, easy to fake, because it’s so new that most customers don’t have anything to compare it to.

The easiest way to verify the legitimacy of a THCA product is to simply look for lab reports. These lab reports are standard practice among safe and trusted THCA brands and products. 

Types of Fakes You Might Run into

There are a few different ways in which a THCA-based product can be a fake.  Here are the types of fakes that you will need to keep an eye out for in the future.

  • Knock-Off Products: A knock-off would be a THCA product made by one company, designed to look exactly like the product made by a more popular company – like a fake iPhone or knockoff designer purse.  What’s inside the formula is actually a low-quality product, or one that doesn’t even contain THCA.
  • Products that Contain Zero (or Almost Zero) THCA: There are also products that are advertised as THCA, but either don’t contain any THCA at all, or are made with so little an amount of THCA that they can’t possibly give you the effects of the cannabinoid.
  • Products Made with Harmful Ingredients: While these products aren’t technically a fake, you still want to vehemently avoid any formula that contains THCA, but also contains dangerous ingredients that can harm your health, like a vape cart that contains Vitamin E, an ingredient that has been linked to severe respiratory problems when inhaled.

Avoiding a Fake THCA Product: What to Look For 

Now, we can talk about the ways to clearly identify a fake THCA product, so that you can avoid the risk of ending up with one of the types of fake products above.

#1: Check the Third-Party Lab Reports

It’s always imperative that you look up third-party lab reports for a product before you buy it, as this is where you’ll find objective information about the product provided by a third-party, state-authorized testing facility. 

The lab reports should always be easy to find on a manufacturer’s website, and also will tell you exactly how much THCA is in the formula, as well as the purity of the THCA distillate.  Just one thing to keep in mind – you’ll never find a 100% pure THCA distillate, as that doesn’t exist.  90% or so is standard.

#2: Read the Online Reviews For THCA Products

It’s important to read reviews of a brand’s products before buying from them, because that’s where you’ll be able to find out quickly whether or not customers are satisfied with the brand.  And, consider searching for reviews on third-party platforms like Reddit and YouTube, just in case somehow, a company is faking their reviews on their website.  

#3: Consider the Retailer You’re Buying it from

Ultimately, some types of retailers just don’t have reputations for being trustworthy sources for THCA.  We recommend that you avoid buying THCA in person, since it’s easier for fake products to float around local markets, where demand is lower.  Businesses like gas stations and convenience stores are not recommended for buying THCA products, since the owners of these businesses rarely take the time or have the incentive to ensure legitimacy.

#4: Read the Label Carefully

Before buying any THCA product, thoroughly read the label.  Go through the list of ingredients to verify that the product actually contains THCA distillate, and even look for potentially dangerous ingredients in the formula.  And, confirm that there aren’t spelling or grammar mistakes on the label, since that’s a sign that a company is not professional.

Spotting a Fake According to the Product Type

Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) is going to be available in a few different product types soon, so let’s get more specific now, and talk about what to look for in each type of product to confirm that it’s the real deal.

THCA Vapes

THCA distillate/oils, found in cartridges and disposables, should only contain THCA distillate and terpenes, without any additional ingredients.  The THCA oil should smell like cannabis because of the terpenes in the product.  Also, look for the name of the strain on the label, and don’t forget to check the lab reports, as this is where you’ll quickly discover whether or not the hemp extracts have been diluted or modified in any way.


THCA dabs are harder to verify, but you can get assurance by looking at the lab reports, where you’ll find a clear breakdown of the chemical compounds in the product as well as its purity level.  And, like vape oils, dabs should contain zero added ingredients.

THCA Tinctures

THCA tinctures should also contain only THCA distillate, terpenes, MCT Oil, cannabis extract, and (flavoring extract).  To verify if your tincture has these things, you can do a couple of things: smell/taste the tincture and/or simply view the lab reports.

THCA Flower

With THCA flower, the lab reports don’t lie.  The only ingredient added to THCA flower is the THCA distillate itself, and it should make up a good amount of the product.  Make sure the flower looks and smells like regular hemp flower, as any strange odor or unnatural hue is a sign that the product is infused with ingredients that don’t belong in there.

Avoid Fake THCA by Choosing Binoid

Yes, fake tetrahydrocannabinolic acid is a thing, but the good news is, you can stay away from fakes by just buying your THCA from Binoid.  Here, we make our lab reports easy to find, and you can access our lists of ingredients while reading through lots of positive reviews to know that you’re getting nothing but the purest, most authentic THCA on the market.

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