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How To Take CBD Gummies

If there’s one form of CBD that clearly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, it’s CBD gummies.  Not only are CBD gummies a great way to get in a controlled daily dose of high-quality hemp, but they taste absolutely delicious.  After all, who wouldn’t want a good excuse to pop some fruity, sweet gummy candies into their mouth each day?

While CBD gummies are generally a great option for those interested in beginning a hemp routine, it’s important to know that they’re not all created equally.  As we’re sure you’re well aware, the CBD market is enormous right now, with lots of companies trying to profit off of the current hemp trend.  This means that consumers have to be very discerning when it comes to which gummies they select.  Further, they have to incorporate them into their daily regimen in the proper way for the best possible results.

What are CBD Gummies?

So, what are CBD gummies, exactly?  CBD gummies are gummy candies that are usually infused with a hemp extract.  CBD is the leading compound in hemp, and there are many other compounds that are considered desirable because of the way in which the body utilizes them.  CBD is a cannabinoid, meaning that it feeds the body’s endocannabinoid system which performs regulatory actions within bodily systems to help us reach and maintain homeostasis.

CBD gummies come in all kinds of different flavors, CBD strengths and more.  They’re hugely popular because of the unique way in which they absorb into the body, which can allow for a long-lasting CBD experience.

The Best Uses for CBD Gummies

So, what are the most common reasons for taking CBD gummies?  Let’s take a look.

Reason #1: Stress

One thing that we hear over and over again in regard to CBD is its calming properties.  In fact, there have been many studies on the blissful properties of this cannabinoid, such as this one which discusses the effects of CBD on those who struggle with anxiety disorders.  

Reason #2: Sleep

The study above also discusses the effects that CBD has on our sleep cycle, which is often disturbed by stress and anxiety.  Many Americans struggle to get the proper amount of sleep each night, so it’s not surprising that so many take CBD each night to improve their chances of getting adequate shuteye.

Reason #3: Working Out

Now, after hearing that CBD seems to have calming effects, you might be surprised to hear that a lot of people take gummies as a fitness aid.  But, like we said, CBD is a cannabinoid which helps the endocannabinoid system regulate bodily systems.  This means that it has the potential to regulate our energy levels, our motivation, and our focus as much as our sleep and stress levels.

Reason #4: You Don’t Like CBD Oil

This reason is quite self explanatory, you just may not like the application and taste of CBD oil. Whether that is the oily texture, the strong hemp taste, or consistency there are likely many reasons why someone might not like CBD oil. CBD gummies mask the taste of the Hemp with delicious flavors, to some degree. 

Reason #5: Discreet & Quick Use

Another reason for not liking CBD oil is how long it may take to use. As you have to open the top, fill a dropper, put it under your tongue, and hold it for 60 seconds. This whole process might seem like a task to many. That is one of the benefits of CBD Gummies. You can take then forget. It might take 10 seconds to take a CBD gummy versus 2 minutes for CBD oil. This is one of the major benefits to gummies. The ability to take it discreetly and quickly. 

Reason #6: The Taste

This one should be self explanatory. The taste of CBD gummies is far better than the traditional taste of CBD oils. However, our Binoid CBD Water Soluble Drops is the best tasting CBD tincture on the market and comes in 4 delicious flavors – Peppermint, Lemon, Orange, and Ginger. Otherwise most CBD oil drops taste bad, or extremely bad depending on your tastes.

If you are not in the mood for drops however, gummies are an excellent option to brighten your tastebuds with juicy flavors and CBD. Binoid CBD Gummies come in 3 flavors – Sweet Mixed Berry, Juicy Mango, and Tasty Sour Strawberry. All three flavors are fan favorites and a great way to get CBD and a great taste together. 

How To Take CBD Gummies:

  1. Take 1-2 gummies when needed, 30 minutes after a meal or before bed.
  2. Take after meals: The best time to take your gummies is after a meal. The fat in your meal helps make the CBD become more potent. 
  3. Drink a small glass of water after taking gummies.
  4. Be patient and consistent: Take the gummies consistently everyday for two to three weeks for the best results and benefits.
  5. Be mindful: Take note of how your body adapts to hemp-derived CBD and adjust your dosage based on your desired effect. For severe pain, anxiety, and sleep insomnia you might need to take more than 2 gummies. For more mild to medium symptoms you might need to only take one gummy! You should adjust your dosage as necessary and find your optimal amount.  

What to Look for in a CBD Gummy Formula

Now that you know some good uses for CBD gummies, let’s talk about how to choose the best formula that’s available.  Your CBD experience is only going to be as good as the particular gummy formula that you’re taking each day, after all.

1. Infused NOT Coated

One of the most important things to know about CBD Gummies is that you want a gummy that is infused with CBD, not coated on the outside. This is because it is harder to get consistent results with coating. As well, the coating often falls off and you actually get a lot less than what you want and paid for. We’re talking you’re likely getting 20% of what you actually ordered. This is why infused is so important. Another benefit of infused is that it allows proper dosing as the CBD is distributed evenly throughout the gummy. This means you can split it in half if you would like to. Binoid CBD Gummies are completely infused with pure CBD, making them one of the best options you can get

2. Full/Broad Spectrum VS Isolate

This is one of the most important points for distinguishing a great CBD gummy vs a bad product. CBD gummies can either come in a Full/Broad Spectrum base or CBD Isolate. Isolate is a white powder, and the “Spectrums” are a brown liquid. Scientifically speaking, Isolate is not as high quality as the Spectrums. However it is cheaper so most companies use it. 

The Spectrums are higher quality, and therefore more expensive. The Spectrums have more benefits than Isolate, as Isolate contains only CBD white the Spectrums have a mix of many hemp compounds including CBC, CBG, and CBN along with CBD. This provides a more well rounded benefit for pain, anxiety, and sleep. 

Binoid CBD Gummies use Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD, which is the same as Full Spectrum, except contains NO THC. We take all of the most beneficial cannabinoids and compounds as Full Spectrum such as CBN, CBG, and CBC, and take out THC. This leaves a 100% THC Free CBD gummy that still preserves all of the other beneficial compounds and effects you are looking for. That is why our CBD gummies are special. 

3. What is the taste like?

This one piggybacks off the last point of Spectrum Vs Isolate. If you taste the hemp, that is a good thing. If you don’t the product is likely Isolate. Therefore the hemp taste can be associated with a good product, because you know it is a Spectrum with all the benefits associated. 

4. The Right Milligram Strength

This point relates heavily to the Spectrum VS Isolate situation, as if your product is Full or Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD then it is likely to have a lower dosage per milligram (MG) than CBD Isolate. This is due to the flavor of it. Full and Broad Spectrum CBD gummies usually come in 5-10mg of CBD per gummy versus up 25-30mg for Isolate. This is due to the taste of the product as discussed before. 

A gummy that uses 25mg of Broad or full spectrum would be very strong, and for most hard to consume. The hemp taste would be overwhelming. However, because isolate does not have much of a taste if any taste at all, you can put as much as you want in a product. 

Again, we definitely prefer Full or Broad Spectrum because the taste lets you know that there is real CBD in the gummy, and you will know it is a higher quality product. The full and broad spectrum contain more beneficial cannabinoids (compounds) as stated previously. When gummies are made with isolate, it tastes like a normal gummy. Which makes us ask what is the point then if you’re not going to taste the part that gives you the most benefits.

Binoid CBD Gummies utilize Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD as stated earlier. 

Choose a milligram strength (potency level) that applies to your particular situation. 

4. Lab-Tested Hemp

First and foremost, you only want to get your gummies from a company that can prove that their products are high in quality.  The CBD market is unregulated as it waits for FDA approval, which means that brands can get away with selling low-quality products on the mainstream market.  So, how do you know if a CBD gummy product is the real deal?  Look on their website for third-party lab reports.  These lab reports are unbiased analyses of hemp used by a particular company.

6. Clean Ingredients

Of course, pay attention to the other ingredients in the gummy formula as well.  Avoid ingredients that are harmful to take regularly, or ones that don’t agree with your body. Many gummies have extra ingredients that can be harmful for your body. In fact, many CBD brands actually contain lead and other harmful ingredients in their gummies or entire product line. Yes, this is actually true! And crazy. But that is why knowing who you are buying from is so important. Luckily for our customers, we test all of our Binoid CBD products 5 times throughout the manufacturing process to ensure consistency and safe ingredients for consumption. Learn more about our process here. 

Taking CBD Gummies Properly: What to Know for a More Successful Routine

We’ve talked about how to choose the right gummy, and what gummies can be good for, so now we can discuss the things that you need to keep in mind when beginning a routine.

Consistency is Important

First, let’s discuss consistency.  It’s ideal to take CBD each day as opposed to on an as-needed basis.  Why?  Because the endocannabinoid system uses CBD in the most useful manner when it maintains a steady supply of it in the body.  So, try to stick to a daily routine for better potential results.

It Can Take a While to Kick in

Another thing to bear in mind is that when we consume gummies, we’re not going to feel the effects right away.  This is because the CBD has to travel through the digestive tract and get processed by the liver before it’s released into the bloodstream.  So, take your CBD one to two hours before you want its effects to peak, as this is how long it tends to take to get properly processed and activated. 

Can Be Active for Hours

One thing that makes gummies so popular is that unlike other methods that are available, they can provide very long-lasting effects due to how long the compounds remain active in the system.  This means that you can take a gummy in the morning and possibly still be experiencing the hemp several hours later.  As you would imagine, this is great for those who are trying to manage something that is disruptive throughout the entire day.

More Subtle Than Other Methods

Another thing that’s unique about gummies, and edibles in general, is that they are felt more subtly than other types of delivery methods.  This is due to the method of absorption.  So, don’t expect to feel a sudden, strong sensation in the body after taking CBD in the form of a gummy.

The Ability to Increase or Decrease Your Dosage as Needed

On the label of your gummy package, you’ll find a suggested dosage level.  Many hemp users don’t know this, but you can play around with the actual dosage you take daily, because CBD is nontoxic to the body.  After a couple of weeks, you can increase or decrease the amount as you see fit.  Everyone’s body is different when it comes to how they process CBD.

Gummies Can Be Combined with Other Methods 

You can take CBD gummies along with another delivery method, such as a topical or a tincture.  In fact, many people have better results when they combine different delivery methods.

Overall, CBD Gummies Can Be the Perfect Addition to Your Wellness Regimen

As long as you take them in the proper manner and choose the best-quality ones that you can find on the market.  This guide will help you begin your gummy routine in a way that will increase the chances of meeting your hemp-related goals. If you would like to check out our delicious and fruity CBD gummies, click here.

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