How To Take CBD Hemp Flower

An uptick of hemp enthusiasts are exploring CBD flower, and it is more widely available on the market than ever before.  This unique type of hemp product is providing users with an entirely new way to experience CBD and other desirable compounds in the plant material, while being highly versatile in a way that allows enthusiasts to experience it on their terms.

Anyone out there new to CBD flower should also continue reading on in order to understand this product and how to use it, while also learning how to find the best flower products that exist on the market today.

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What is CBD Hemp Flower?

CBD flower is the most natural form of CBD that exists, as it is the raw, flowering buds of the female hemp plant, which have been cured using organic means.  The industrial hemp plant belongs to the cannabis genus and is known for being a non-psychoactive plant thanks to the fact that it contains only a trace amount of THC compared to marijuana. 

The buds of the female hemp plant are rich in a diverse array of chemical compounds including cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids, along with numerous terpenes, nutrients, and flavonoids.  Each of these compounds is useful to the body, and CBD flower provides all of them together to produce the entourage effect, just like a full spectrum CBD product.

CBD flower is the oldest form of cannabidiol as well.  It has been used for centuries for various purposes, ranging from ceremonial to medicinal.  The green buds get their flavor and aroma from the variety of terpenes that occur in the plant, and they are coated in a sticky layer of resinous trichomes that offer potent levels of the compounds that we seek out, CBD included.

Why is CBD Hemp Flower So Popular?

CBD flower has been around forever, but it’s only now growing in popularity as prior to its wide availability on the market, enthusiasts could really only choose from biomass extract-based products like vapes and tinctures.  CBD flower’s enormous popularity mainly comes from its pure and raw nature, being totally unprocessed. 

This is appealing to hemp enthusiasts who feel that the less processed a hemp product is, the more bioavailable and ultimately effective and potent it will be. Here are some other benefits of CBD Hemp Flower:

  1. CBD Hemp Flower can be a great sober replacement for those looking to replace Marijuana.
  2. CBD Hemp Flower has a more functional "buzz" and feeling to it, therefore allowing you to be more productive.
  3. Comes in many strains and strengths for a great price.
  4. Can be more accessible for those in states where Hemp is legal, and Marijuana is not. 
  5. Can easily be purchased online versus a dispensary. 
  6. Less intrusive in a regular daily lifestyle.
  7. CBD flower is uniquely versatile, as it can be utilized in a number of ways, while a lot of other popular CBD products like gummies, for example, can only be used in one way, which is ingestion. 

The Best Way To Take CBD Hemp Flower?

Now, let’s take a closer look at the versatility of CBD flower, by going over the various ways in which it can be used.

  • Smoking CBD Flower in a Pipe: The oldest and most popular way to use CBD flower is by smoking it in a pipe.  It is very easy to break up the buds of the plant and insert them into the bowl of a pipe, and the smoke produced by lighting the buds is smooth, flavorful and potent.  Smoking CBD flower allows for the fastest-acting and most potent experience due to the high absorption rate of the product into the lungs, and the natural compound-richness of the smoke.
  • Smoking CBD Flower in Paper: An alternative to smoking CBD flower in a pipe is rolling it in rolling papers.  This allows you to smoke your flower almost like you would smoke a cigarette, and also allows for a more portable way to smoke the flower throughout the day.
  • CBD Flower Pre-Rolled: You can also buy CBD flower pre-rolled in paper, which is a great option for those who want to smoke the product but do not want to deal with having to break up the buds themselves.  These pre-rolls come in various sizes and paper materials, plus are highly user-friendly.  All you need to do is take out a pre-roll and light it, and you’re good to go.

  • CBD Flower Vaping: Another popular way to experience the compounds of hemp in their purest form.  If you’re going to go this route, you will need to buy a vaporizer device made specifically for flower products.  Trying to put the raw flower buds into an oil vaporizer will likely leave you with burnt/ruined flower.  Vaping the flower also offers high potency and fast activation, but possibly not as strong as smoking due to the lower density of vapor compared to smoke.
  • CBD Flower Cooking: More people are learning to cook with CBD flower, as they can make a variety of edibles by heating the flower and blending it with culinary ingredients.

How Do CBD Flower Products Differ from One Another?

When investing in CBD flower, it is important that you choose the right product according to your consumer needs. 

  • Strain: Hemp comes in an abundant variety of strains, each with its own unique configuration of chemical compounds.  This is why different strains can promote different types of desirable effects, with some being better for sleep, some being better for pain and so on.  As most manufacturers offer their flower in various strains, it is a good idea to do some research to figure out which strain will best suit you.
  • CBD Content: Different strains have different amounts of cannabidiol, which is determined by the percentage.  If cannabidiol is what you’re mainly after, you will want to choose a strain with a higher CBD level – somewhere above 15%.
  • Weight: You can buy CBD flower in various quantities according to weight, usually measured by the gram.

How To Tell The Quality Of CBD Flower?

The way to tell your CBD Hemp Flower is premium quality is terpene profile, levels of CBD, hand-trimmed, and proper processing methods.

CBD Hemp Flower Terpene Profile

The terpene profile of CBD hemp flower plays a major role in the benefits, smell, and taste of the hemp. This is actually one of the most significant elements to distinguish CBD hemp flower strains from one another. Besides their name and maybe color. As stated above, the strain and terpenes play a large role in the benefits you receive from CBD flower.

The Levels Of CBD in CBD Flower

One of the most important pieces to knowing if you are buying quality CBD Flower is took look at the CBD percentage of the flower. Since CBD may have possible benefits and effects for your well-being, knowing that you are getting a high CBD content in the hemp flower is important. 

As far as numbers go, CBD Hemp Flower usually has between 10-15% CBD content, but some CBD-rich strains may reach closer to 20%. Although be careful, these have a very high likelihood of being "hot hemp" or having more than 0.3% THC in them. 

Best Processing Practices CBD Hemp Flower

Just like anything, CBD hemp flower is better when it is taken care of more. This is why the processing method of the flower is so important. The watering methods, planting location, pesticides all play a large part in hemp flower quality.

However, two of the most important pieces for knowing quality CBD flower is if the buds have been seeded, or trimmed and cured properly. A large amount of high-end brands are very clear and proud about their processing methods. However, this is hard to confirm if what they are saying is the truth. Consumer can only really tell by looking at the visual of what the flower looks like. The look may be telling of quality, but it is not 100% accurate as pictures can be doctored. Or they pick the best flower buds to photograph.

If the look, feel, or smell of the hemp flower is off to you the quality may not be very good. One important positive about CBD Hemp Flower is that the product speaks for itself. If it does not look, feel or smell good it likely is not good.

Is CBD Flower Lab-Tested Like Other CBD Products?

Any legitimate hemp company will have their CBD flower lab-tested just like their other hemp-based products.  This allows the flower to be tested for purity levels and its chemical breakdown.  When shopping for CBD flower, make sure to look for third-party lab reports before making a purchase, to know that what you are getting meets your expectations.

Does CBD Hemp Flower Expire?

CBD flower does, in fact, expire.  It lasts for about six months before its chemical compounds begin to degrade.  Using expired CBD flower is not dangerous, as it does not become toxic once its compounds break down.  But you will notice a decreased potency level, which will leave you feeling disappointed.  This is why it’s important to buy flower that is as fresh as possible.  

One way to make sure that what you’re getting is fresh is to buy your flower online from a reputable company.  Online retailers typically have faster turnover rates than in-person stores, which means that the product you are buying was likely stocked very recently.

Is CBD Hemp Flower Legal?

CBD flower is derived from hemp, which makes it federally legal according to the Farm Bill of 2018.  However, a couple of states do not allow residents to possess CBD flower.  If you are interested in trying this product, you should first make sure that it’s legal in your state.

The True Power of CBD Flower

CBD flower is a phenomenally pure option for anyone who wants to explore the various compounds in the hemp plant, cannabidiol included.  Available in a variety of strains, and versatile in its delivery to the body, it’s certainly capable of helping you reach your hemp goals while being easy to personalize in order to suit your more specific preferences.  Whether you choose to smoke it, vape it or cook with it, it will give you a potent and high-quality hemp experience.

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