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How to Unclog Delta 8 THC Disposables

Did you know that Delta 8 THC can be enjoyed in all kinds of ways?  From sublingual tinctures boasting great versatility, to delicious edibles that burst with fruity flavor while providing long-lasting effects.  But, the hemp-loving public has spoken, and it’s safe to say that delta 8 vapes reign supreme.  In fact, delta 8 THC disposables have been having a serious moment lately, as they offer a totally maintenance-free, pocket-friendly, and user-friendly way to experience the effects of this cannabinoid.

Delta 8 disposable vapes are relatively simple devices that can be used right out of the box.  They consist of a battery component which is attached to the cartridge that contains the e-liquid.  There is no adjustment that needs to be made, and no button to press, as the device is draw-activated.  The cartridge can never be removed, and when it runs out of e-liquid, the entire device is replaced.  

Still, even the highest-quality delta 8 disposables can clog from time to time due to the thick nature of delta 8 vape oils.  Fortunately, there are many solutions to fixing a clog so that you don’t have to throw out the entire device and grab a new one.

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Why Do Delta 8 THC Disposables Clog?

Before you can properly unclog a delta 8 disposable, you need to know why it’s clogged in the first place.  Otherwise, you may be using the wrong technique and wasting your time. 

#1: Sub-Par Disposable Technology

Sometimes, the clog can be an almost inevitable result of poor quality.  Companies that utilize lower-tier technology may be selling devices that are prone to clogging, which is why you should always go with a trusted brand like Binoid for your disposable vapes.  Low-quality disposables may use cheap coil materials that don’t properly vaporize the vape oil inside the cartridge, thus causing it to become too thick, or may have cheap batteries that don’t allow enough heat to enter the coil, thus causing the vape oil to never achieve the right consistency to vaporize.

#2: Poor E-Liquid Consistency of Delta 8 Vapes

Sometimes, the vape oil itself is the culprit.  Cheaper companies may put filler ingredients in their delta 8 vape oils which are so thick that they are prone to clogging the device, or they contain a lot of sugar that creates a thick film of gunk which gets in the way of airflow.  Again, this is why you should only go with a trusted brand like Binoid, as our disposables contain only pure delta 8 THC extracts.

#3: Cold Temperatures

A disposable device may clog if the temperature to which it’s exposed is cold, because cold temperatures cause the vape oil formula to thicken.  If your delta 8 device gets clogged on chilly mornings, or when left outside in cold weather, then you can simply be more mindful of the temperature you expose your device to when not in use.

#4: Crystallization Due to High Potency of Delta 8 Disposable

Sometimes, the device may clog because the vape oil has crystallized, which is more likely to happen if the extract is extremely potent.  The more milligrams of delta-8 THC in the formula, the more likely crystallization is to occur as this is a common effect of cannabinoids.  This is, fortunately, easily fixed by simply applying heat to the vape oil, as you’ll discover shortly.

#5: Debris

The clog may simply be the result of debris that has gotten into the mouthpiece.  If you store your delta 8 THC disposable in a pocket or purse that contains debris of any kind, this is more likely to happen.  This is why you should be mindful of where you keep your device.

How To Fix A Clogged Delta 8 Disposable

Fixing a clogged delta 8 disposable vape is usually a simple and straightforward process.  Once you diagnose the cause behind the clog, you can employ one of the methods below.

#1: Try Hitting the Device Hard or Blowing into It 

If there is debris in the mouthpiece, simply try to hit the delta 8 disposable vape device as hard as you can to force the suction of your breath to dislodge what’s stuck inside.  If this does not work, you can blow into the mouthpiece so that the force of your breath may loosen what’s causing the clog.

#2: Try Dislodging Debris or Gunk with a Sharp Object 

If the issue is caused by debris and neither of the two options above work, you can attempt to dislodge it manually with a sharp, small object like a sewing needle or safety pin.  You can also use this to scrape away gunk that may be clogging the mouthpiece of your disposable device.

#3: Try Applying Gentle Heat

If the issue is crystallization or exposure to cold temperatures, applying gentle heat is a pretty effective solution.  Many people simply hold a hair dryer about a foot away from the delta 8 device or place the device next to a radiator emitting heat.  You want to avoid direct heat making contact with the device as the cannabinoids can degrade if they get too hot.  The liquid should quickly begin to thin out using this method so that you have no more clogging issues.

#4: Try Covering it in a Sealed Bag and Sitting it in Warm/Hot Water

Finally, if the clog is caused by temperature issues or crystallization is wrapping the delta 8 disposable device in some type of airtight plastic bag and submerging it in warm water.  You do not want the water to be boiling hot, as again, this can cause the compounds to degrade.  This will allow the heat to really get into the vape oil so that it can loosen up and no longer be clogged.

Quick Recap 

Clogged disposable vape pens can ruin any satisfying delta 8 THC experience.  However, clogs are usually easily to remedy, as they are caused by minor issues that aren’t structural or having to do with the vape juice itself.  As long as you go with a trusted delta 8 disposable company like Binoid, you can count on quality technology and vape oil formulas that cause as minimal clogging issues as possible.

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