How To Use A THC Tincture?

One of the most popular ways to consume a cannabinoid is in the form of a Hemp tincture – aka a hemp oil consisting of a cannabinoid distillate and a carrier oil, allowing for easy sublingual absorption into the body.  At Binoid, we carry a wide range of tinctures that each highlight a sought-after cannabinoid, with most of them being psychoactive. 

While our tinctures are pretty straightforward when it comes to their formulas and how to use them, there are still some practices that you should follow to get as much out of this unique product type as possible.

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#1: Understand Your Cannabinoid Tolerance

As most of our tinctures contain psychoactive cannabinoids, it’s important to be completely aware of your tolerance so that you can reach just the right level of being high.  This means taking into account your past experience with psychoactive cannabinoids and being mindful of how sensitive you are to their effects. 

For example, if you find that you get very high from delta 8 THC, which is a milder THC compound, then you don’t want to take a huge dose of THC-P, which is the strongest cannabinoid out there, or else you can get higher than what you’re actually comfortable with. 

Similarly, if you’re used to something very potent like, say, THC-H, then you’ll want to make sure you take enough of your new cannabinoid tincture to get a satisfying psychoactive experience.  Read the dosage instructions on the label of your edibles, which can offer the best guidance for how much you should consume of a certain product.

#2: Know How to Store Your THC Tincture Properly

Another thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is that with any hemp product, proper storage is imperative.  It may not seem like it’s that important, but the reality is that if you’re storing your edibles incorrectly, they’re going to lose their effectiveness faster than you’ll have time to finish all of them. 

With any hemp product like tincture, you want to keep it in a dark, dry and cool place at all times, like a drawer, cabinet or closet.  Also, you want to make sure that the hemp product is always kept in an airtight seal of some kind, whether that be its original packaging or some type of airtight container.

#3: Understand How Tinctures Work 

Tinctures offer a specific delivery method of sublingual absorption, meaning below the tongue.  Because of this unique delivery method, the cannabinoid will affect you in a very specific way.  There are two key things you need to be aware of in terms of how tinctures work: one is that it can take up to about an hour before the effects kick in, and the other is that the effects can last for up to 6 hours.  In other words, you shouldn’t expect to start feeling high instantly, because the tincture takes some time to absorb into the bloodstream.

A common mistake people make is waiting 15 minutes to feel high and taking a second dose because they’re not feeling anything yet.  This could backfire as you can easily get too high by taking twice the suggested dosage.  Be patient, and also remember that the exact onset time can vary based on how your body absorbs cannabinoids. 

#4: Take into Account the Cannabinoid Itself 

It’s important to really consider the cannabinoid that you’re selecting, instead of just picking the first one that you see.  At Binoid, you’ll find a wide array of cannabinoids in tincture form, and it would be a mistake to just assume that any two cannabinoids are going to give you basically the same effects.  Do yourself a favor by reading up about the unique nature of each cannabinoid on Binoid’s website, to understand what kind of experience each one can provide. 

Two cannabinoids that sound similar in terms of their names can offer extremely different highs, and everyone deserves the high that best suits their unique needs, tolerance and goals.  For example, THC-O’s high can be phenomenally potent and euphoric, not to mention psychedelic, while delta 8’s high is known for being mellow and soothing, as well as milder than delta 9 THC.

#5: Time Your THC Tincture Dose Wisely

There’s no wrong time to take a tincture, but maybe getting really high just before giving a presentation at work isn’t the best way to enjoy its effects.  It’s best to save it for a time when you have a clear schedule for a few hours, especially as a beginner, so that you can sit back and really enjoy the experience without any major responsibilities or distractions. 

We always recommend trying a new tincture product for the first time when you know that you have nowhere to be for a little while, and also trying to find a relaxing way to spend your time like watching your favorite TV show, going on a nature walk or listening to your favorite music.

#6: Consider What Else May Be in Your System

Another thing to take into account is whether or not you have something else in your body that affects your nervous system, and how this can influence your high.  For example, taking a psychoactive cannabinoid when you have an alcohol buzz can seriously alter the high you feel, since alcohol can bring more stimulating effects out of a cannabinoid, or make you feel groggier to the point that you want to go to bed. 

The same goes for coffee, and even sugar.  Because we want you to get the most out of your tincture, we strongly suggest trying a product on its own the first time, with nothing else in your system to interfere with the experience of pure hemp.

#7: Decide Whether or Not You Want Flavor

One thing to keep in mind is that a tincture can be flavored.  Not all companies that make tinctures flavor them, but if flavor is something that’s really important to you, you might want to consider it.  An unflavored tincture typically has an extremely mild, neutral taste.  A cannabinoid distillate is inherently flavorless, since only the terpene gives the plant its taste, but what you will taste is the carrier oil, which in Binoid’s case is MCT oil – a coconut-derived oil that has a very, very subtle coconut taste.

#8: Consider Other Ways to Use a THC Tincture

A tincture is almost always taken as, well, a tincture, meaning that the oil is held below the tongue to absorb through the sublingual tissue.  This is an extremely effective and bioavailable way to enjoy the effects of the cannabinoid you’ve chosen. 

But, it’s worth considering the other ways to use a tincture as well.  One is to add some drops to food, or, if you’re feeling more ambitious, adding the tincture to a recipe to make homemade edibles.  You can even apply a tincture topically so that any potential anti-inflammatory or analgesic effects of the cannabinoid absorb directly into the muscle or joint tissue, or the tissue of the skin.

Get the Most Out of Binoid’s THC Tinctures 

Binoid’s tinctures can deliver profound cannabinoid-induced satisfaction, but by following these practices above, you can basically guarantee that you get everything you want out of a hemp experience.  Check out our variety of tinctures today, and follow the tips above to ensure that you get the bliss you deserve.  And, once you find a new tincture that you love at Binoid, that doesn’t mean that you need to stop there. 

We offer a wide selection of tincture products at Binoid, each featuring a distinctive cannabinoid, not to mention different milligram strengths to explore.  Think about exploring our selection and giving different Binoid tinctures a try – you may be surprised by just how many can fit perfectly into a different part of your daily or weekly routine.

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