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7 Key Tips For Buying CBD Online In 2020

Buying CBD online can be a tricky ordeal. Is one brand actually better than another? What are the qualities that make a good CBD brand? Does customer service even exist in this industry? Or are CBD products even legal or have too much THC in them?

Sadly, these are all confusing and valid questions. Especially in a new marketplace filled with a landmine of shady companies selling fake products.

1. Know what you’re getting.

As with any product for any use, you should understand the terminology of what exactly you are getting. Because full spectrum is different than broad spectrum and isolate. As well as 500mg should be used differently than 1000mg of CBD oil. For example, 1000mg is better for minor pains while 500 is better for wellness.

2. Is the company educated?

After you become educated, you will be able to see if the company you are buying from is educated about their own products. Because, surprisingly, many companies will mislabel their products as full spectrum, but also THC-Free. Which cannot be correct, because the definition of full spectrum is  all cannabinoids of the hemp plant, including THC. Full Spectrum CBD oil is usually the entire plant put into oil form. The way the extract is made can be different, but the terminology is not. This is just one example.

3. Be an active consumer.

Another piece of this means to be an active consumer, not a passive consumer. An active consumer researches, learns and becomes educated about CBD, how it works and many of the pieces involved. This is hard I know, because there is a lot to know. But! It is worth it, and will help you make better decisions, for your health! You should be educated about everything you consume. Not just CBD. But in this case, it is even more important as the Hemp and CBD industry is so new. This makes information and education even that much more important. 

Now you know the importance of education. Both on your end, and on the end of the online store or brand. It is also our responsibility to educate you, our consumer on our products and what exactly you are getting. On our store, we label all our products distinctly as “full spectrum” or “pure THC-Free” for this reason. Education is a huge part of purchasing any CBD product, and to make sure you get the right product for you. Especially as all CBD products are not made equal. See our CBD collections here to see what is right for you. 

How to know if your cbd oil is good

4. Ask Questions:

What is their customer service like? Is their customer service educated? This is when you quiz them after doing your initial research. Test them on full spectrum vs isolate etc… 

Many CBD companies are a part of shady businesses and fake products because of the lack of regulation in the industry. Due to this, you should also test out customer service, message or email representatives on their website. And ask questions regarding their products origin, where the hemp-based CBD was processed and extracted.

5. Here are some questions to ask a CBD brand.

  • Where is your hemp grown from? Where is your farm located?
  •  What method is your CBD extracted with? 
  •  What is your quality control?
  •  What type of CBD is in your products?

You want to hear these answers from them to get an idea of what they know about their own company and products. As well as analyze their brand for others. You may learn a few things you either like or do not like. 

How to ask questions frequently asked cbd guide help

6. Ask More Questions.

Where are their lab tests? Do they have lab tests? Is it easy to read? Are they updated?

Many companies have caught onto using lab results for their products in order to show legitimacy and prove ingredients. However, many brands and online stores play the system by showing “screenshots” or photos that are practically unreadable. This hints to their professionalism. Or worse, the fact they are hiding a fail or error with the test but show it anyways thinking people will not read them.

7. What are their prices?

CBD products are not easy to make. A lot of research, formulation and crafting goes into creative CBD products. If CBD products are cheap or inexpensive, they are not likely of quality hemp.

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