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Few hemp brands have become so widely known as Koi CBD, who first hit the market several years ago and has since worked hard to expand their catalog tremendously.  Once a CBD brand exclusively, they’ve put the work in over the years to incorporate all kinds if desirable cannabinoid-based formulas into their repertoire, with their fairly recent introduction of delta 8 THC products becoming hugely popular. 

Koi is a name that hemp enthusiasts trust, as their standards have never faltered at any step of the way. You can buy Koi products at Binoid for an amazing price. 

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Koi Brand Basics

Koi was one of the first brands to strive to bring legitimacy to the hemp industry as a whole.  They began years ago as a brand that focused on CBD-infused bottled e-liquids, introducing an entirely new way to explore the properties of the cannabinoid to the general public just like their Delta 8 THC Disposable Vape.  Right away, they became renowned for their top-quality formulas and irresistible flavors. 

Now, Koi enjoys a reputation as a premiere hemp brand thanks to their huge catalog that highlights a variety of beloved cannabinoids, including many of the federally compliant psychoactive THC compounds.  Their commitment to quality hasn’t changed as they’ve become more and more successful with each passing year.

Koi Products Transparency

Today’s customers care more about transparency than ever before, as they’re more educated when it comes to the hemp market and know that certain production factors can dramatically influence the quality, safety and effectiveness of a product.  That’s why we’re happy to report that Koi is one of the most transparent brands on the market, using a seed-to-sale approach to give consumers full understanding of what goes into crafting each formula.

Like Binoid, their transparency has made beginners feel comfortable taking on the cannabinoid world, while proving that their manufacturing methods are among the best out there

Koi Packaging

Koi’s packaging has actually been a big part of their success – the now-iconic koi logo is memorable, eye-catching and now associated with exceptional quality.  This brand follows all important labeling protocol when it comes to listing ingredients, laying out serving size recommendations and providing customers with important information about what’s inside.  They make sure their products are in airtight seals so that what’s inside stays fresh, flavorful and potent.

Koi Product Lab-Testing

Koi does employ strict lab-testing protocol with each of their products such as Binoid. This means that every batch of hemp extract they create goes to a state-authorized third-party laboratory, where it’s tested for purity, federal compliance and potency.  Lab reports are made available throughout the Koi’s website for anyone who wants to learn more.

Hemp Sourcing

All Koi products begin, of course, with good-quality raw hemp material.  Koi proudly uses hemp material grown in the United States, as domestic hemp travels a shorter distance, preserving its freshness, all while having to adhere to our uniquely high farming standards.  The hemp is grown organically so that customers can enjoy a hemp experience that is free of pesticides, which we all know can damage the value of the product.

Koi CBD Ingredients Quality

One of the reasons why Koi is such a heavy hitter is because they were one of the first brands to be very transparent about the ingredients that go into their products.  From day one, they’ve prioritized the use of natural ingredients for their Delta 8 THC products whenever possible, as it’s not surprising that those who gravitate toward hemp typically prefer a more plant-based approach to their daily routines.  You won’t find any unnecessary fillers or additives in any of their products.

Koi Store Policies

Koi is a company that caters to customers, which can be seen through their store policies.  They do allow returns on opened products, and refunds for customers who are not satisfied.  It would be better to buy from Binoid as they offer coupon codes, free and fast fast shipping, with customers receiving orders within just a few business days. As well, the prices of Koi on Binoid's website is a lot better. 

Koi CBD Customer Service

Koi has a strong customer service team that allows them to manage their massive customer base.  Their team is fully educated in all things hemp-related, so that customers who are new to certain cannabinoids, or hemp in general, can get all of the information that they need about each product, as well as information about their orders. Instead, buying Koi from Binoid would save you a lot of headache.

Product Selection

Koi is primarily known for their CBD products, with a selection that keeps growing.  These CBD product types/delivery methods include signature flavored e-liquid bottles, along with topicals, tinctures, gummies, bath products, pet products, and more!  They produce targeted CBD products, including ones formulated for sleep, wellness, and potential relief from physical discomfort.  Their CBD-infused products continue to be some of the best-selling CBD products around the world.

Koi began exploring the legal psychoactive cannabinoids recently, first with a line of delta 8 THC gummies that got a lot of attention due to the prestige of the brand.  Now, they supply THC-O, THCV, delta 9 THC, delta 10 THC, and HHC gummies, along with a unique gummy formula that combines delta 8, delta 9 and delta 10 together.  Their various gummies come in great flavor selections so that you can cater to the needs of your palate while getting top-notch hemp at the same time.

Koi CBD Fan Favorites 

  • Delta 8 THC Recharageables: Koi’s 1 gram Rechargable/Disposable Vape Pen isn’t gonna disappoint.  It performs like a champ, utilizing the finest technology to ensure maximum satisfaction.  Available in an awesome selection of strains: Peach Berry Blast, Wild Watermelon, Bahama Blast, Tropicali, and Grape Crush in order to satisfy those hemp vapers craving some fruity vaping enjoyment in their lives.  Vape oil contains 100% pure hemp compounds with no added ingredients – just ultra-pure Δ8-THC distillate and naturally derived terpene extracts.
  • THC-O Gummies: Koi’s THC-O gummies are among the best on the market, available in a great range of flavors to keep your palate extremely satisfied.  Each gummy contains 15 milligrams of THC-O, which is a good amount for beginners since THC-O is about 3x as intoxicating as delta 9 THC.  Ingredients are all familiar, too, as the brand avoids using harsh additives and chemical filler ingredients.  Overall, these gummies taste as good as they feel. 

  • Delta 8 THC Gummies: Their Delta 8 THC Gummies are enormously popular, as are delta 8 gummies in general.  Koi uses all of their strict standards to ensure that these gummies taste absolutely delicious and provide the delta-8 experience that so many users crave.  They also come in a nice choice of flavor options and contain ingredients that people can feel good about taking daily.  Each gummy contains 25 milligrams of unrefined, lab-tested Δ8-THC distillate (considered the standard daily amount for most individuals).  

  • Koi CBD Overall Experience 

    All of the hard work that Koi has put in over the years has paid off, as they’re now one of the most trusted hemp brands of all time.  Their commitment to quality, paired with their honesty with customers, has made them quite the success story. 

    And, given the enormity of their catalog, we know that there’s a Koi product for every individual and every need, that contains nothing but clean ingredients, fresh, lab-tested hemp, and bioavailability that really goes above and beyond to provide users with the results they’re looking for.

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