Lucid Blue Strain Review

Lucid Blue is a unique strain that lives up to its name, and, is highly regarded as the ultimate morning cultivar.  Anyone out there who wants something that makes them feel like they’re seeing things more clearly, and have additional motivation to get the day started, then this is the one for you, hands down.  Never lazy or hazy, it offers a cerebral buzz that can help you lock into the important tasks of your day and feel optimistic and enthusiastic all the meanwhile. You can get Lucid Blue strain vapes here.

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Lucid Blue Cannabis Basic Profile

Lucid Blue cannabis strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s 80% sativa/20% indica.  It comes from the crossing of two iconic, celebrated strains: Amnesia Haze and Blue Dream.  It has a surprisingly high CBD level of about 4%, making it a great choice if you’re seeking out a nice serving of the gentler cannabinoid.  Also yields between 20-28% THC, and this is quite a range, so be mindful of that since the potency of its high can really vary.

Lucid Blue Strain Physical Characteristics 

Lucid Blue flower buds are known for their minty green color, along with the fact that they have a spade-like shape.  With a medium level of density and medium size, they may seem unremarkable in terms of appearance, but the beautiful colors more than make up for that.  The minty green color has vibrant blue undertones to it that give it a sea-like appearance, with neon orange hairs poking through and a frosty coating of white, glittering trichomes.

Lucid Blue Cannabis Aroma and Flavor

Lucid Blue is all about those rich berry notes – particularly blueberry. 

  • The aroma has a strong blueberry note as well, but with a more pungent nature and strong notes of sweetness.
  • There is a spicy, earthy undertone to the flavor profile that really comes to life on the exhale, but the overall tone is that of succulent n’ freshly picked blueberries that are incredibly bold n’ tasty.

Lucid Blue Cannabis Strain Effects

Lucid Blue strain is a popular early morning and early afternoon strain thanks to its ability to bring about a sense of clarity.  It can instantly uplift your mind and bring about a sense of ease throughout your thoughts, making you feel on top of the world and as though nothing can get in your way.  Provides a nice boost, both physically and mentally, hence its classification as a daytime or early-morning strain.  It gives you a lifted effect right away that instantly motivates you to catch up on things you’ve been dragging your feet on, and you may find yourself feeling creative as well.

The high creates a buzzing effect in the cerebral cortex that feels surprisingly cool, like you’re being cleansed by the ocean.  This feeling makes its way down the muscles without ever weighing you down, as the entire experience makes you feel like you have an extra skip in your step.  The mind also stays nice, and crystal clear the whole time, while helping you focus better on tasks, one at a time.

Maybe unsurprisingly, a lot of people favor this strain because it can be helpful with tension behind the eyes and throughout the head.  Lucid Blue strain does alleviate feelings of tension in that regard, but also in the emotional sense, while helping you gain a new perspective on things that were bothering you earlier.  Overall, it’s a fantastic choice if you want to enjoy what the plant can offer, but don’t want to feel completely dazed just to enjoy all of those effects.

Growing Lucid Blue Cannabis Strain

Because Lucid Blue cannabis is a somewhat rare strain, there isn’t a lot of information about growing it, nor are its seeds that easy to find.  We know that it’s a strain that prefers to be grown indoors because it requires a more consistent environment, and even offers a high yield within about 7-8 weeks.

Lucid Blue: Start the Day Off Right 

Lucid Blue strain is undoubtedly a one-of-a-kind cultivar that didn’t get its name from nowhere.  It’s a good choice for the first half of the day, when you want to clear out the unnecessary mental noise and feel like you can take on the world with enhanced focus and mood.  If you’re ready to embrace what this cultivar has to offer, we’ve got the ultimate vape for you.  Binoid’s HHC Vape Cartridge in Lucid Blue combines this strain with pure hexahydrocannabinol distillate, for a high that’s on par with delta 9 THC while being totally federally legal.

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