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THC-B, HHC-P, THC-O: Newest Hemp Cannabinoids You Need To Try In 2023

Did you know the hemp market is expanding at an almost dizzying rate?  Well, now you do, as this is thanks to the funding going into cannabis research as we speak. 

With an influx of researchers discovering new, trace cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, there’s a wider variety of cannabinoids we get to choose from on the legal hemp market.  Plus, if there is one brand that’s on top of the ever-growing list of new, legal, and psychoactive cannabinoids worth trying, it would have to be Binoid.

Now, three of the most talked-about cannabinoids right now are THC-B (tetrahydrocannabutol), HHC-P (hexahydrocannabiphorol) and THC-O (tetrahydrocannabinol-O-acetate).  Let’s look at these cannabinoids a little more closely, and also see what it is about Binoid’s THC-B, HHC-P, and THC-O products that makes them so in-demand.

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THC-B, discovered in late 2019, is a cannabinoid reported to be significantly more intoxicating delta 9 THC thanks to its butyl side chain (4 carbon atoms) as opposed to delta 9’s pentyl side chain (5 carbon atoms), affecting the way in which the cannabinoid attaches to CB1 receptors in the brain responsible for the high we get.  Early suggestions tell us that THC-B may also be great for physical discomfort and sleep.


HHC-P is a semi-synthesized form of HHC, a hydrogenated alternative to THC found naturally in the hemp plant.  It’s enhanced to be up to 10 times as potent as HHC, and HHC being an analog of delta 9 THC means that HHC-P is likely 10x as potent as delta 9 as well.  HHC-P’s high is profoundly uplifting, and even can soothe the muscles in the body at the same time.


THC-O acetate is a cannabinoid that was actually invented in the mid-20th century by the US military, made to be 3 times as potent as delta 9 THC.  The cannabinoid’s high is known for its intensely euphoric nature, as well as its couchlock – aka a state in which the body feels “glued to the couch.”

Binoid’s Collection of New Psychoactive Cannabinoids

At Binoid, you’ll find THC-B, HHC-P, and THC-O in all of the product forms that you know and love.  Let’s explore the reasons why the brand has earned the reputation of being the ultimate outlet for all things cannabinoid-related.

The Effectiveness You’re Looking for

Of course, no one wants to buy a cannabinoid product that doesn’t actually get them high.  But, so many products out there are ineffective, due to low manufacturing standards, heavily diluted formulas, etc.  Binoid’s THC products are some of the most consistently and reliably effective on the market, starting with their extraction method, which uses steam distillation to carefully isolate the desired cannabinoid without harming its chemical stability in the process.  And, they use high milligram strengths in all of their formulas without heavy dilution agents to ensure that customers get the results they’re looking for.

Lots of Great Products and Strains to Choose From

Binoid’s THC-B, HHC-P, and THC-O distillates come in a variety of product forms that ensure every customer walks away happy, with exactly what they want.  You’ll find a generous selection of vapes, including vape carts and disposable devices, which contain 100% pure hemp formulas, and come in a generous selection of strains.  The brand offers powerful tinctures as well, along with gummies, dabs, live resin products and more.

Zero Unwanted Additives

A lot of hemp companies out there are somewhat secretive about their formulations, and customers have to dig around to find out what, exactly, is in a particular formula. 

Binoid has earned the trust of customers by publishing complete lists of ingredients on all of their product pages, so that customers are fully aware of what it is that is going into their bodies when they consume their favorite cannabinoids.  The brand uses clean ingredients and avoids any additives that are linked to harm.

Fully Vegan

Another reason why so many people choose Binoid is because their THC products are all vegan.  That includes their gummies, which ditch the more traditional animal-derived gelatin in favor of fruit pectin, which does just as good of a job at creating that classic gummy texture.  

Lab-Tested for Customer Assurance

One of the most important aspects is the brand’s lab-testing process.  Hemp products should all undergo a strict third-party testing process, carried out by an unbiased state-authorized laboratory that specializes in hemp.  This way, a report is made that shows objective information about the product’s purity level, its potency, its federal compliance and its safety.  From there, the brand should always publish these lab reports on their website for customers to have easy access to.

Binoid offers an accessible lab report page on their website, which provides a wealth of insight into the overall quality of their THC-B, HHC-P, THC-O and other cannabinoid-based products.

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Clearly, Binoid takes it to another level when crafting their THC-B, HHC-P, and THC-O, in order to ensure that customers get to enjoy the full extent of what these new and unfamiliar cannabinoids are capable of.  Never cutting corners, Binoid goes to great lengths to offer highly effective formulas, all while offering them at phenomenal prices. 

So, if you want to discover what the latest cannabinoids can do for you, head on over to Binoid, where you will be able to choose from a generous array of top-shelf products and look forward to fast shipping, to enjoy a one-of-a-kind high in practically no time.

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