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PHC Dosage: How Much Should You Take?

Hydrox4phc (PHC) is a new addition to the cannabinoid market, and it belongs to the growing category of semi-synthesized psychoactive cannabinoids that are derived from the federally legal hemp plant.  What makes PHC unique is that it is an acetated form of delta 9 which metabolizes into 99% THC once it absorbs into the body, essentially acting as a legal way to enjoy a substantial delta 9 high.

That being said, the rules of dosing with PHC and PHC products are pretty much no different from those associated with delta 9 THC.  But, because we know that a lot of people out there are new to these cannabinoids in general, we’re going to help you figure out how much to take depending on what experience you’re looking for, and how seasoned of a user you are.

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PHC Dosage vs. PHC Strength

Before we talk about the best dosage for PHC products, let’s talk about strength versus dosage, as both of these factors need to be considered equally.

Dosage: Dosage reflects the amount of product that we take, such as 4 puffs off of a vape cartridge, or 1 gummy.

Strength: Strength reflects the number of milligrams of PHC in the product, which tells us how potent the product is.  A dropper of a PHC tincture can contain any number of milligrams of PHC, and so the same amount of a specific type of product can vary a lot in terms of how much of the cannabinoid you’re actually consuming.

PHC Dosage Guide Chart:

  1. Beginner PHC dosing (low tolerance): 1mg-15mg per use
  2. Intermediate PHC dosing (medium tolerance): 15mg-60mg per use
  3. Advanced PHC dosing (high tolerance): 60mg-100mg+ per use

This applies to PHC tincturesPHC vape cartridgesPHC gummies as well as other PHC products. The best way to dose out PHC is to try a very tiny amount, then slowly until you feel what you need. Product by product PHC dosing will be shown below.

How Long Does PHC Take To Work?

PHC products kick in within 25 minutes if vaped or dabbed, and 1 hour if ingested through PHC tinctures. PHC products work like how any other product that you would inhale or digest do.

However, just like Delta 9 THC, be careful with ingestion because you might feel the need to take more when in reality it has not hit you yet. For this reason, we suggest waiting at least 2 hours before taking more PHC products. Especially as they are extremely potent and may creep up before kicking in.

Where To Buy PHC Vapes & Products In Your State

The best place to buy PHC products is from Binoid, one of the largest and best PHC brands that has a wide variety of phc disposables, PHC Gummies and PHC Tinctures for you to enjoy. Binoid has 1000s of five star reviews for Binoid products that people are loving.

PHC Dosing Instructions

Often, you’ll find that the company that makes the PHC product has a recommended dosage chart amount somewhere on their packaging, which allows you to know how much you should take in one sitting to consume an “average” amount of PHC.

This is a good piece of information to follow when getting started, as the manufacturer knows how much of their product you should take to generally experience the desired effects. For example, Binoid has PHC dosing information on all of their PHC product packaging.

Factors That Influence How Much PHC You Might Want to Take

Before we get into specifics about how much of a PHC product to take, based on more general guidelines, you’ll want to note that at the end of the day, the amount that’s right for you can depend on all kinds of factors.  Let’s elaborate.

#1: Your Tolerance to PHC

Overall, everyone has an individual tolerance/sensitivity to the cannabinoids in hemp, based on the structure of their endocannabinoid system.  And, we know that anyone who is completely new to cannabis are likely to have a much, much lower tolerance than experienced users.

If you’ve never consumed cannabis before, it’s likely that you have incredibly low tolerance to PHC products, which means that even a small amount can trigger a very strong high.  If you’re a seasoned cannabinoid connoisseur, you may find that you already have a decent tolerance to its effects that allows you to take a more substantial dosage as a first-timer.

#2: The Product Type 

Anyone who has experience with cannabis products knows that the delivery method and product type have a lot to do with how the cannabinoid’s properties affect us.  The more bioavailable the delivery method, the more intense, fast-acting, and short-lived the high will be.

Products that are inhaled, like vapes, dabs, and flower, are known for the most potent effects, typically felt within minutes, while edible doses take a while to kick in and offer something of a more gradual peak that’s slightly subdued.  Tinctures are somewhere in the middle.  Then, you have dabs, which are concentrates, and are the most potent product type by far.

#3: What You Want Out of Your Experience 

Some may just prefer taking a low dose of a PHC product, because they want a milder high.  Or maybe they’re interested in the most potent high possible with PHC, in which case they’d be happy taking a generally higher dose.

#4: The Strain

Another thing to take into account is the strain, which can influence how strong the effects are.  Different strains of cannabis have different amounts of THC in them, and that means that some strains deliver a much stronger high.  Research the strain you’re buying to find out how potent it is, and dose accordingly.

#5: Other Cannabinoids You’re Taking

If you’re taking other cannabinoids as well, and especially psychoactive ones, you might want to take less PHC.  For example, if you’re taking PHC after consuming a THC-O gummy, you might want to lessen the PHC amount you take so that you don’t get too high.

What’s the Proper PHC Dosage?

The good news is that we know enough about PHC, especially through its similarities to delta 9, to have an idea of the proper dosages for the products that are available.  These guidelines are broken down into three categories based on the different levels of potency consumers may be looking for.

#1: PHC Vape Cartridges 

PHC vape cartridges deliver faster-acting and more potent effects due to the bioavailability of this type of delivery method.  To figure out the number of milligrams you’re taking in per puff, you need to find out the total milligram strength of the cartridge as provided by the manufacturer, and divide that by the number of milliliters in the cartridge.  Then, divide that number by 100, as there are about 100 puffs in each milliliter of e-liquid.

Low Dose: 5-10mg

Moderate Dose: 10-30mg

High Dose: 30mg+

Let’s say you prefer a more basic dosing guideline that just offers general information about how many puffs to take, and so, doesn’t involve calculations.  How deeply you inhale will affect how strong each puff is, so just keep that in mind.

Low Dose: 1 puff

Moderate Dose: 2-5 puffs

High Dose: 6+ puffs

#2: PHC Disposable Vape Pens 

PHC disposable vape pens follow the same rules of dosing as cartridges.  Disposables use different technological components to enable the vaping process, but the vape oil itself is the same, as is the voltage that powers the amount of vapor produced by a single draw.  So, once again, the formula for figuring out how many milligrams of a vape disposable are:

Low Dose: 5-10mg

Moderate Dose: 10-30mg

High Dose: 30mg+

And, once again, if you want a simpler approach to deciding how much to vape, just follow these guidelines below:

Low Dose: 1 puff

Moderate Dose: 2-5 puffs

High Dose: 6+ puffs

#3: PHC Edibles

PHC edibles are less bioavailable than inhalable products, so typically, people take more milligrams per serving.

If you’re going with gummies, dosing is easy.  Each gummy in a package will offer the same number of milligrams of PHC, which means that to adjust the dosage, you just decide how many gummies to take in one sitting.

Then, there are PHC baked goods, like cookies, brownies, etc.  With these products, you might need to split a single piece into multiple portions, since, say, a brownie may contain several servings of PHC, which would be far too much for one sitting.  Directions on the label should tell you more.

Low Dose: 15-25mg

Moderate Dose: 25-40mg

High Dose: 40mg+

How Much PHC Should You Take?

At the end of the day, how much PHC is completely your call.  Think about how potent of a high you’re in the mood for, and how experienced you are with THC products, to have an idea of the dosage amount you want to start with.

Keep in mind, too, that Binoid’s PHC products come with dosing directions on the label, to help guide you toward the amount that’s right for you.  Consider starting with a low dose as a beginner, and working your way up over time, to find what dosage gives you the high you’re looking for.

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