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Purple Punch Strain Review

One of the rarer strains out there is Purple Punch, a powerful indica-dominant hybrid that promises to really pack a punch for some for some amazing blissfulness.  Purple Punch is harder to come by, but the efforts needed to secure it are well worth it, with a rewarding high that captures so much of what hybrid lovers crave, especially after a long and trying day. 

With its prestigious lineage and tantalizing flavor, it really lives up to the hype. You can get Purple Punch strain vapes here.

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Purple Punch Cannabis Strain Basic Profile

Purple Punch strain is an 80% indica/20% sativa hybrid that feels a lot like a true indica, with just mild sativa effects in the beginning of the high.  It has an 18-20% THC level, which is actually somewhat moderate nowadays compared to the 25%+ strains that we see on the market.  Still, the high can be quite heavy, so prepare for that if you’re a beginner.  It has a 1% CBD level, which can definitely make its impression on your overall experience.  Purple Punch comes from crossing Larry OG with Granddaddy Purple, two absolute legends on the market that created a super impressive cultivar offspring.

Purple Punch Strain Physical Characteristics

Purple Punch bud are known for being very fluffy and notable large in size.  They have a lumpy, lopsided appearance that, quite honestly, adds to their charm.  The buds’ color is vibrant neon green, which’s really striking, especially with the equally vibrant red-orange hairs that coat the flower and give off a golden appearance in the light.  On top of that is a coating of creamy golden-colored trichomes that add an even more shimmering appearance that’s quite captivating.

Purple Punch Cannabis Aroma and Flavor

Purple Punch cannabis strain has quite a special aroma and flavor that adds to its placement on the desirability list.  

  • The aroma is quite earthy and pungent, with undeniable notes of fresh blueberries and fresh herbs that add a freshness to the overall scent.  
  • The flavor is just out of this world, with notes of rich, juicy blueberries, creamy vanilla, and sugar-coated grapes, which come together to completely blow you away.

Purple Punch Cannabis Strain Effects

Purple Punch strain doesn’t hold back, and maybe the other half of its name comes from the almost instantaneous effect it has.  Basically, the second you exhale, a rush of euphoria crashes into you like a wave, immediately destroying all negative thoughts that were holding you back moments ago.  The uplifting effect feels really heady in nature, with a tingling sensation in the cerebral region that makes you feel like you’re being lifted into outer space.  This is accompanied by a powerful body high that makes you feel completely immobilized, while all of your physical discomfort disappears.

Purple Punch’s high lasts for quite a while, and many people love enjoying it in the evening.  Having some an hour or so before bed, you can enjoy your favorite movie while feeling nice and giddy in the emotional sense, before the body high takes over just in time to call it a night.  We don’t recommend this strain during the daytime since the body high effect can be very powerful and stop you from getting a whole lot done.  It can also cause such a strong cerebral buzz that focusing on any particular task becomes a challenge.

Growing Purple Punch Cannabis Strain

If you want to grow Purple Punch cannabis strain, you’re in luck since it has a reputation for being one of the easiest strains of all to cultivate.  Also is known for its impressive yield, which equates to a lot of reward for minimal effort.  It’s the perfect choice as a beginner grower since it’s an easygoing cultivar that’s highly resistant to both pests and disease.

You may find it easier to grow indoors, since a basic light cycle is most of all that it asks for.  It prefers being kept at between 70 to 80 degrees at all times, which can be tough to achieve in most parts of the country, where even in the summer months, temperatures can dip at night.

The plant does flower in about 7-8 weeks, which is somewhat early, and you’ll be ready to start curing your yield in no time.

Purple Punch: Packed with Enough Awesomeness to Meet Your Needs 

Purple Punch strain is capable of delivering the ultimate chance for a blissful state of mind & body, making it one of the very best cultivars to reach for at night.  It’s got it all, including a heavy-hitting euphoria, a deeply hazy cerebral effect and the powerful body high that makes you feel like your tension is melting away. 

At Binoid, you can treat yourself to this hard-to-come-by strain thanks to our Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridge in Purple Punch.

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