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Rainbow Runtz Strain Review

One of the best things about being a hemp enthusiast is exploring different strains with which to enjoy your favorite cannabinoids.  And, the wide world of strains is always expanding, introducing us to new terpene profiles that taste amazing, and promise the effects that we’re seeking out the most.  At Binoid, we’re always expanding our strain catalog to give our customers only top-shelf choices, offering both fan favorites and ultra-rare cultivars in indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties.  

Let’s explore one of the newest additions: Rainbow Runtz.


Basic Profile

A beautifully balanced 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid, Rainbow Runtz is the intensely tasty result of crossing Skittlez with Do-Si-Dos – and any connoisseur will tell you that that’s a match made in cannabis heaven.  With 21%-23% THC on average, it’s definitely a potent choice, and one that is a lot more heavy-hitting than you might assume – in other words, go lightly, and you’ll be rewarded.

Physical Characteristics 

The buds of Rainbow Runtz are commonly cited as some of the prettiest out there, with a large and distinctive heart shape, and deep, dark olive green hue with waves of stunning purple.  Bright-red orange hairs are splattered throughout, and the buds are positively dripping with sticky, thick white trichomes that give off a glittery and milky appearance.

Flavor & Aroma

Rainbow Runtz happens to offer one of the dreamiest aroma/flavor profiles you will ever get your hands on.  Instantly, after one whiff, notice soothing scents of woody lavender and sweet, juicy fruits.  The flavor profile gets a little more complex, with the lavender still prominent, along with fresh slices of pears and apricots, all grounded by rich and earthy undertones.


Rainbow Runtz is a powerful antidote for a negative mood, as a sense of lifted euphoria is pretty much guaranteed within a short period of time after exhaling.  Before long, you’ll feel all negativity seep out of your brain as you soar into the clouds, with a sense of giddy wonder and pure joy.  The euphoric effect makes its way through the body as well, promoting a sense of deep wellbeing as the muscles become warm and tingly.  

Quickly, the high gets heavier, activating full couchlock mode as your mind starts to get quieter and quieter.  Because of that, it’s no surprise that so many people turn to Rainbow Runtz strain as the ideal bedtimes strain, as nodding off is incredibly common once the high really reaches its peak.


If you’re able to even find the seeds, rainbow runtz strain has to be grown in a cool and conducive environment (either indoors or outdoors).  

  • If opting for indoor growing, make sure there is space between them, since the leaves can spread around the area.  You can either use a mechanical irrigation system or water the seeds daily.  Also, it takes around up to 9 weeks to produce 800 grams per square meter.  This means ensuring there is enough protection against pests and other harsh weather conditions.  If everything goes accordingly, you will begin to notice the bright colors of the leaves around the third week or so.
  • If opting for outdoors, exposing them to enough heat and sun is critical if you want those yields to be better and done at a quicker rate.

Overall, with conventional planning and nice care, you should grow the plant without any issues.

Rainbow Runtz: Soar into the Clouds with This Mood-Lifting Superstar  

Rainbow Runtz has proven itself to help you find a sense of inner bliss in the way that only the highest-quality terpenes can.  And, the good news is that you don’t have to search far and wide for Rainbow Runtz flower.  At Binoid, you can treat yourself to this strain more conveniently than ever before, knowing that you’re getting nothing but the freshest hemp extracts and most concentrated amounts of the terpenes you crave.


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