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Red Dragon Strain Review

One of the cool traits about being a hemp enthusiast is exploring unique strains with which to enjoy your favorite cannabinoids.  And, the wide world of strains is always expanding, bringing about new terpene profiles that taste amazing, and promise the effects that we’re seeking out the most. 

At Binoid, we’re always expanding our strain catalog to give our customers nothing but top-shelf choices, offering both fan favorites and ultra-rare cultivars in indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties.  

Let’s explore one of the newest additions: Red Dragon.


Basic Profile

Exotic and somewhat mysterious, Red Dragon lives up to its name, and likely has a 60-70% sativa, 30%-40% indica profile.  Being a cross between Himalayan Kush and Utopian Haze, this cultivar typically tops out at about 16% THC, giving it just a moderate potency level.  It’s great for beginners for that reason, although paranoia is a surprisingly common side effect.  Its CBD levels are too low to get any desired effect from that cannabinoid.  

Physical Characteristics 

Red Dragon’s olive green buds are absolutely coated in often vibrant red hairs, hence its name.  The buds are compact in structure and a bit lumpy in shape, and also have a thin layer of frosty trichome crystals.

Flavor & Aroma

Flavor-wise, Red Dragon is known for its sweet and spicy taste, which is quite intriguing to the palate.  There’s also a woody undertone that draws you in.  This profile carries into the aroma, which happens to be relatively mild.


A lot of people find Red Dragon to be quite therapeutic, as it seems to be useful to those with inflammation, headaches, nausea, stress and trouble sleeping.  Its high is known for starting out extremely euphoric and staying that way for the duration, and even causing a case of the munchies pretty early on.  You will feel dazed and happy while a feeling of drowsiness begins to wash over both the mind & body.

Red Dragon strain is a clear choice for nighttime, because it’s likely that once you close your eyes, you’ll doze off in no time.  Also is fantastic if you’re looking for a body high that helps with physical tension.  Overall, this rare strain delivers a powerful mood boost along with a feeling of laziness, which means that you shouldn’t partake during the more productive times of the day, when you’re not finished with your to-do list.


Red Dragon can be grown in an outdoor environment, but this strain is better equipped for indoors and greenhouse growing.  It’s a wonderful-looking plant with red-green buds by the time it’s ready for harvest, faster than most other strains (in little as 8 weeks), even though it doesn’t grow tall.  Still, despite its shorter statue, it has a nice yield of up to 21 ounces per square meter.

Red Dragon: An Exotic Rarity That’s Finally Arrived to Binoid

Red Dragon has proven itself to help you find a sense of inner bliss in the way that only the highest-quality terpenes can.  And, the good news is that you don’t have to search far and wide for Red Dragon flower.  At Binoid, you can treat yourself to this strain more conveniently than ever before, knowing that you’re getting nothing but the freshest hemp extracts and most concentrated amounts of the terpenes you crave.


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