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How to Remedy the Potential Side Effects of THC-B

Tetrahydrocannabutol (THC-B) is one of the newest cannabinoids available at Binoid, and one with potency you shouldn’t underestimate.  It can be extremely intoxicating, which is exactly what many of our customers are looking for, but that also means that you might get some of the classic mild side effects that come with getting high.  Fortunately, these side effects are easily remedied, as you will see here today.

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Can THC-B’s Side Effects Be Dangerous?

Anyone with a low tolerance and/or high sensitivity to psychoactive cannabinoids may get worried that taking too much will lead to disastrous consequences.  The thing that is important to keep in mind is that these cannabinoids are nontoxic to adult human bodies, so you will not experience life-threatening side effects because you got too high.  These cannabinoids are well tolerated by the human body and even metabolize relatively quickly to leave the system in a short period. 

We know that getting too high can make you worry that something is wrong – maybe your heart is suddenly racing, you feel dizzy, or you feel so out of it that you’re afraid you’ll feel that way forever.  But, just remember that your body can handle these cannabinoids because you have an endocannabinoid system (ECS),  which prevents toxic effects from occurring.

Note: Poorly made THC-B products, such as those that use low-grade tetrahydrocannabutol, have a purity level below 90%, use other cheap ingredients & fillers that are mixed with the THC-B, and/or simply are fake THC-B products, do bring with them a higher chance of not only different side effects, but the potential to get sick after using that said supposedly “authentic or fresh THC-B product”.

THC-B Side-Effects You Need to Be Aware of

Still, there are some more temporary, mild side effects that you might experience due to low tolerance.  While simply taking a moderate dose according to the label can prevent them from happening, they can happen on occasion, and it’s best to have an idea of what you can do should a side effect impede your ability to enjoy the THC-B product you’ve taken.

Side Effect #1: Dry Mouth

Cottonmouth, aka very dry mouth, is extremely common from taking cannabinoids like THC-B, and a lot of people believe that it’s caused by dehydration, however, that’s not the case.  A dry mouth is caused by the cannabinoid’s effect on our salivary glands, causing us to temporarily produce less saliva.  Still, it’s an annoying side effect that is easy to remedy.

The Solution: This one is simple, as all you need to do is grab and drink a glass of water.  All that you need to do to combat a dry mouth is provide it with moisture, so keep a glass or bottle of water nearby and drink as needed.  This will also activate the salivary glands so that you can produce more saliva.

Side Effect #2: Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are another incredibly common side effect of THC-B, and can “give us away” by causing our eyes to become red and puffy – not a good look if you’re at a social event or, even worse, work.  It’s caused by the cannabinoid’s effect on the moisture levels of our eyes, and while it does again not cause for concern, it can be uncomfortable, and make us self-conscious while we’re out in the world.

The Solution: Carry saline eye drops with you, which are formulated specifically for dry eyes.  A couple of drops in each eye is all that you need to get the relief you’re looking for.

Side Effect #3: Getting Too High

Something most of us have experienced at some point is getting too high with THC-B products.  Usually caused by taking way more of a cannabinoid than we meant to, getting too high can cause feelings of anxiety and paranoia, causing us to suddenly feel trapped, dissociated, and disconnected from our environment.  Known as “the fear,” it’s something that can make a pleasant high suddenly feel completely wrong.

The Solution: There are a few ways to deal with the effects of getting too high, and they mainly revolve around consuming something that jumpstarts your nervous system to “wake you up.”  Think of a sugary snack, fruit juice, or coffee, all of which get you back into a more alert, mentally clear state that can offset a lot of the cerebral effects that may make you feel uncomfortably “out of it.”

Side Effect #4: Grogginess

It’s natural to feel drowsy or sleepy when we take THC-B compound – in fact, the cannabinoid is somewhat known for that effect – but feeling too groggy can be an issue if you have something to tend to later on.  It may be tempting to just wait it out or take a nap, but if you need a quicker fix, we’ve got the solution.

The Solution: If taking a nap just isn’t an option, reach for some coffee, ideally when the high starts to fade away.  This will give your nervous system the boost that it needs to feel alert, peppy, and energized.

Side Effect #5: Dizziness/Lightheadedness

When we’re high, one thing that happens is our blood pressure goes down.  This isn’t dangerous, but it can cause sensations that make us think we’re in danger, like dizziness, lightheadedness, and a faster heart rate than what we’re used to, all of which can give us anxiety.  It’s not as severe as it may feel, and it feels exaggerated because when being high with THC-B, we are more hyper-fixated on every bodily sensation.

The Solution: Sugar is the best and quickest way to combat this effect, as it turns out.  Low blood pressure can be quickly remedied by something sweet, like fruit juice or a cookie.  Why?  Because it brings up your blood sugar levels quickly, and your blood pressure will go up as well.  Also is the reason why you’re usually given something sugary after drawing blood.

These Side Effects Don’t Always Have to Stop You From Using THC-B Again

Tetrahydrocannabuto is a great cannabinoid that can deliver a powerful high, but that also means that it may come with some very mild side effects compared to other cannabinoids.  To avoid them completely, just make sure that you follow the directions on your product’s label.  Also, if you do experience any of these side effects, it’s recommended that you speak with your doctor since they’re medically licensed to give you advice as to what you should then do. 

Binoid THC-B products come with simple dosing directions that take lower-tolerance individuals into account, to be sure you enjoy all of the good qualities of THC-B with as few side effects as possible.

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