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How To Reuse A Cannabis and Delta 8 Vape Cartridge

You’ll have a hard time finding someone who doesn’t love the convenience of a pre-filled cannabis or Delta 8 THC cartridge or pod, which requires basically zero maintenance while allowing us to sidestep the process of filling it up manually.  But, once in a while, you may have a reason for wanting to move the e-liquid inside a pre-filled atomizer into a new, open (refillable) cartridge.  The question is, can it be done?

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Reasons for Wanting to Reuse a Vape Cart

Maybe you never even thought of the possibility of simply moving the e-liquid in one cart into another.  Well, if you’re a regular delta-8 vaper, you may eventually experience a time when this is the only way to salvage your delta 8 vaping experience.  There are a couple of primary reasons why you might want to undergo this process.

Reason #1: Your Cartridge or Device is Broken

The most common reason is that the vape cartridge or device with which the cartridge is being used has been broken in some way.  It can be that there is a leak in the cartridge component that cannot be fixed, or the connections to the device have somehow become damaged.  Or, possibly, the device itself can be broken, which means that although the cartridge itself is in good shape, it’s not receiving any power from the battery.

Reason #2: You Prefer Other Hardware

Another reason may be that the hardware with which your cartridge is exclusively compatible is just not satisfying your needs.  Maybe the output level is either burning your delta 8 or not heating it enough, or maybe the battery within the device is malfunctioning in some way.

Is it Possible to Transfer Pre-Filled Delta 8 into a Refillable Vape Cart?

Technically, it’s possible to move e-liquid out of a pre-filled cartridge and move it into a refillable cart.  But, essentially, your ability to do this depends on the nature of the specific vape cartridge you’re using.  Just make sure though, that you follow the process slowly and carefully so that you don’t make a mess.

Size of the New Cart

Keep in mind that vape carts come in different sizes, with 0.5mL and 1mL sizes being the most common.  So, if your new cart is smaller than the one you’re currently using, and you’ve barely vaped it, you won’t be able to move all of the e-liquid into the new cartridge.  You will need to grab an empty vape bottle that can hold what’s left of the delta 8 vape oil.

#2: Whether or Not the Delta 8 E-Liquid Has Been Vaped

This can impact doing so in a few ways:

  • First of all, if there is only a tiny bit of e-liquid left, it may not be worth the effort.  
  • And, once you begin vaping it, the compounds in the vape cartridge are exposed to heat and are not as stable as they once were before it was used, which means that transferring it may not deliver as gratifying of an experience as simply buying a new cartridge.  
  • Finally, if you’ve just taken some hits off of your pre-filled delta 8, you will need to wait at least 10 minutes for the e-liquid to cool down before transferring, because it can be quite hot.

Nature of the Cart

Some vape cartridges open more easily than others to expose the vape juice inside, so that it can be poured out.  Some cartridges are designed to not open at all, so trying to open them will break the cartridge and cause the e-liquid to spill out everywhere.  In general, standard 510-threaded cartridges are easier to open than vape pods, and Delta 8 vape pods are easier to open than disposable devices.  But, if a cartridge or pod feels like it does not want to open without it breaking completely, it’s best to leave it alone.  

Note: E-liquid that spills everywhere is a danger to children and pets.

The New Open Cartridge Must Be Compatible with Delta 8 Vaping

In other words, you almost definitely cannot pour it into a vaping system made for nicotine vaping, which operates at output levels that are appropriate for nicotine but not for delta 8 THC.  Delta 8 can only be vaped within a specific output range to ensure that the cannabinoid is heated enough to deliver its effects, but not heated so much that the compound destabilizes during the vaping process.

The Proper Way to Reuse Pre-Filled Delta 8 into a New Cartridge

Before beginning, remember that in many cases, it is more practical to buy a new vape cart instead of trying to salvage vape juice that has already been used.  

Step #1: First, you will need to open the pre-filled delta 8 piece.  

  • If it’s a traditional cartridge, you may be able to just unscrew the top to expose the e-liquid, or use pliers to lift the top cap.  
  • If it’s a pod or a disposable, you’ll likely need to work a bit harder to remove that top cap piece, wedging a flat and sturdy object underneath to lift it up.

Note: Again, if the cartridge or pod does not want to open, you may need to stop what you’re doing to avoid breaking the hardware and potentially spilling vape oil everywhere.

Step #2: Now, carefully pour the delta 8 vape oil into a small, empty vape oil bottle that has a spout.  These are easy to find at vape shops locally or online.

Step #3: Grab the delta 8 vape oil that is in the e-liquid bottle, and pour it into your new, refillable cartridge.

Step #4: Make sure the cartridge is properly closed before beginning to vape with it.

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