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How To Store Delta 9 THC Gummies

Now that delta 9 THC gummies are exploding on the market, many hemp enthusiasts are stocking up, still thinking that the idea is too good to be true.  Yes, these gummies really are federally legal, and yes, they can provide you with a solid serving of pure, authentic delta 9 THC so that you can enjoy the high associated with the cannabinoid.  But, it’s important to remember that at the end of the day, all delta 9 products require proper and careful storage.  Otherwise, that delta 9 can basically become useless.

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Do Delta 9 THC Gummies Go Bad?

Delta 9 THC Gummies do expire after a certain point.  Delta 9 THC distillate, which is used in gummies, can last for up to 2 years, but after that, it starts to break down since it’s an organic compound.  While this doesn’t make it dangerous, it does mean that it’ll no longer have the effect you want and be basically useless.  It’s the other ingredients in gummies that can expire even sooner – a few months, give or take – which change the texture and flavor of the product in a way that’s rarely favorable.  By not storing your gummies the right way, they can go bad even sooner.

So, how do you know if your gummies have expired?  Well, smelling and looking at them can give you clues, since flavor, aroma, texture and color can all change to indicate expiration.  Of course, if the delta 9 THC doesn’t actually get you ‘high’, that’s a good giveaway as well.

How to Keep Delta 9 THC Gummies Fresh 

Once you open your package or jar of delta 9 THC gummies, it’s time to think about how you’re going to store them.  Unless your gummies come with storing instructions that say otherwise, these tips below will make sure that you always have the freshest gummies possible on hand.

Tip #1: Dark, Dry, and Cool is the Way to Go 

Very important that you keep your gummies in a cool, dark, and dry place.  In fact, this applies to all delta 9 products, since the plant’s compounds do degrade if exposed to heat, humidity and light.  This means avoiding areas like a bathroom, where the shower causes an increase in humidity on and off throughout the day, and a sunny spot by a window that gets lots of direct light.  Also, while a refrigerator may seem practical, it can change the texture of your gummies in an unwanted way.  Instead, stick to a drawer, cabinet, or closet.

Tip #2: An Airtight Seal is Critical

Gummies come in airtight containers, whether those be resealable bags or jars with tight lids.  Keep your gummies in their original packaging, because you want to keep oxygen out as much as possible so that the cannabinoid and the other ingredients stay fresh.  If your package has become damaged in some way, move the gummies to a resealable container like a piece of Tupperware or a jar with a lid that screws on tightly.

Tip #3: Keep Your Delta 9 Gummies Indoors  

Delts 9 Gummies in particular should always be stored indoors.  In general, the cannabinoids in hemp don’t like outdoor environments where light, humidity and temperature can change drastically, causing the cannabinoids to become destabilized.  With gummies, it’s even more important since gummies can melt if left out at a less than ideal temperature, or even exposed to too much direct sunlight.  Keep your gummies indoors, and by indoors, we don’t mean leaving them in your car.

Tip #4: Don’t Buy More Than You Need 

Let’s say your favorite delta 9 gummy brand is having a sale.  It might be tempting to grab bags upon bags of different delta 9 gummies at a great discounted price.  But, there’s a good chance you’ll be throwing some of those gummies out, since you won’t possibly be able to get around to using them before they expire.  When shopping for delta 9 gummies, make an effort to be a reasonable as possible about how quickly you’ll go through them, because nobody likes wasting money.

A Little Extra Info For You When Buying Fresh Delta 9 THC Gummy Products

Besides making a point to store your product properly, you also need to pay attention to who you’re buying it from.  Why?  Because some companies sell poorly made formulas, or products that are close to expiring, and so it doesn’t matter how well you store them since they’re already well on their way to losing their effectiveness.

Find a company with a solid reputation, as they’re more likely to have a high product turnover rate which means that their products are never sitting in the warehouse for too long.  Also, make sure that they use clean extraction methods and exceptional ingredients, as both of these aspects preserve the stability of the cannabinoid itself, as well as the other ingredients.  

At Binoid, all of our hemp delta 9 products are made using the best methods and ingredients, and our product turnover rate is very high so that products are always sold fresh.

Bottom Line: Delta 9 THC Gummies Require Following Some Simple Storage Rules 

Delta 9 THC gummies can give you the blissful effects that the cannabinoid is renowned for.  But, if your gummies aren’t being stored the right way, you may end up feeling very disappointed with the results, and even end up wasting a lot of money.  Make sure that you follow all of these important storage tips, and also strictly purchase gummies from a trusted company that’s known for their fresh products.

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