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Strawberry Blonde Strain Review

Is it true that blondes like to have more fun?  Well, in the world of hemp, if you’re all about those uplifting and citrusy sativa strains, then Strawberry Blonde is the next cultivar to try. It’s simply an exquisite strain in terms of both its flavor and its effects, and a highly versatile one as well. 

It takes you on something of a journey, starting off with a powerfully uplifting and motivating feeling, eventually transforming into an incredibly soothing high that makes you feel warm and cozy. Overall, it’s very easy to see why this is such a crowd pleaser. You can get Strawberry Blonde strain Wax Dabs here.

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Strawberry Blonde Basic Profile

Strawberry Blonde cannabis strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is 70% sativa/30% indica.  It has a THC level that hovers around 20%, making it potent, but also not the most THC-heavy strain in the world.  It comes from a cross between Sour Strawberry and Super Lemon Haze, which tells you everything that you need to know about both its flavor and its aroma, not to mention its effects.

Strawberry Blonde Strain Physical Characteristics 

Strawberry Blonde products buds are fluffy and fat and are notably large.  The fluffiness gives them a lumpy appearance.  They have a minty green hue that’s quite pretty to look at, with a covering of neon orange hairs that almost shimmer when they catch the light.  On top of that is a coating of blueish trichomes that give the entire buds an appearance of being sea green from a distance.

Strawberry Blonde Cannabis Aroma and Flavor

Strawberry Blonde cannabis strain product is an exceptionally tasty flower, with a sharp aroma that is citrusy and fruity, unsurprisingly offering a pungent aroma of fragrant, freshly picked strawberries.  There’s also an earthy undertone along with some beautiful spices.  Flavor-wise, it’s more straightforward, with a flavor that’s going to mainly offer notes of strawberries, lemons and herbs.

Strawberry Blonde Cannabis Effects

Strawberry Blonde is one of the fastest-acting strains on the market, almost instantly bringing you into a state of pure uplifted joy and focus.  Perfect, for when you’ve been struggling to get a creative project done, or a big chore around the house.  It’s also a great strain to enjoy when you want to open a book and be able to really absorb what’s on the page.  Strawberry Blonde isn’t associated with any paranoia, which is always a plus.  And despite its potency, a lot of newbies actually adore it.

Strawberry Blonde strain gives you a higher and higher sense of euphoria, and a feeling that all is right in the world.  You’ll be happy with the feeling of negative thoughts being drained from your mind, as all you want to do is focus on the positive.  A sense of gratitude can fill your brain, as a warming, tingling sensation complements this, which runs throughout the body. 

There’s no couchlock risk here, so don’t worry about being slowed down at any point.  The strain does keep you in that euphoric state the whole time, but as things start to come to a close, you’ll find yourself feeling more tranquil in the physical sense, and you’ll likely really enjoy the sensation of sitting down and feeling your muscle tension melt away into the abyss.

Strawberry Blonde is an amazing option for a lazy afternoon, when you wanna focus on the things that matter to you the most, and drown out the noise of the outside world.  The finish of the high can be quite mellowing, so it can actually ease you into the nighttime hours, though we don’t recommend taking it right before bed.

Growing Strawberry Blonde Cannabis Strain

Seeds for Strawberry Blonde are not available, although we have heard of some lucky people scoring clones.  Because it’s not a strain that’s in circulation for cultivators, we know little about its preferences.  We know it takes about 7-9 weeks to flower, and that it produces a heavy yield.

Strawberry Blonde: Indulge in a Sativa-Dominant Hybrid with a Soothing Edge 

Strawberry Blonde is a highly sought-after strain that can deliver satisfaction in every sense of the word.  Starting out uplifting and ending with a soothing buzz, it’s a great way to transform your day when you’re feeling stressed or just in a bad mood.  At Binoid, you’ll be able to take your experience with this strain to a whole new level with our THC-O Wax Dabs in Strawberry Blonde, which is one of the most powerful products that we offer.  It combines the strain with ultra-potent THC-O-acetate in the form of a dab, which can deliver incredibly strong effects not for the faint of heart.

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