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What Are The Strongest Legal Hemp Cannabinoids?

We know that there have been a plethora of psychoactive cannabinoids added to the hemp market that it can be tough to catch up.  Perhaps the biggest factor that someone looks at when choosing any cannabinoid is how strong its effects are, since some cannabinoids are intensely intoxicating, and some barely make a peep. 

That being said, let’s compare the strength/potency of effects of each of the prominent hemp cannabinoids list on the market to help you choose which one you want to try according to how powerful its properties can be.

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Knowing the Strongest Legal Cannabinoids: Mildest to the Most Potent!

A cannabinoid’s strength/potency level is determined by two things: how strongly it interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) through its binding process, and what its effects actually are – for instance, because CBD is non-intoxicating, its effects are inherently milder than those of, say, delta 9 THC.  

So, which are the strongest, and which are the mildest?

#20: CBGA

CBGA, aka cannabigerolic acid, is the raw, acidic precursor of CBG.  Being raw, its effects are inherently mild, and more subtle yet systemic.  In other words, taking CBGA daily can come with loads of benefits, but you’re not going to “feel” the cannabinoid taking effect like you would with a cannabinoid that offers notable effects to the nervous system shortly after consuming it. You can buy CBGa products here

#19: CBDA

CBDA (cannabidiolic acid) is a very close second, being to CBD what CBGA is to CBG – the raw, acidic precursor cannabinoid, prior to heating the plant to “activate” certain properties and change the compound on a chemical level.  CBDA is also extremely subtle, even more so than CBD, so you won’t feel it kicking in, per se.  Like CBGA, CBDA is about taking the cannabinoid daily to offer longer-term, more systemic and holistic benefits. You can buy CBDa products here

#18: THCA

THCA, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is the raw precursor cannabinoid to THC.  Because it has not been decarboxylated, it is not psychoactive.  THCA may offer effects related to things like nausea and appetite, and in that regard these effects are a bit more noticeable than those of CBDA and CBGA, although still very subtle.

#17: CBG

CBG, aka cannabigerol, is the “mother” cannabinoid, as it’s the only cannabinoid in hemp prior to maturation, before splitting off into over 100 individual homolog cannabinoids – in other words, all of the cannabinoids on this list.  CBG is known for working with CB2 receptors that regulate inflammation, and also may offer notable relief in that sense.  It’s non-intoxicating, and its effects can be somewhat subtle. To buy CBG products click here

#16: CBN

Cannabinol, aka CBN, is a minor cannabinoid in the hemp plant that can be psychoactive, but only in incredibly high doses – basically, doses that no person would realistically consume.  Otherwise, it’s strictly non-intoxicating in standard dosages, and it can certainly offer soothing effects to the nervous system if you ask its biggest fans, but overall, the effects are subtle. To buy CBN products click here

#15: CBD

CBD, aka cannabidiol, is the cannabinoid that dominates hemp’s chemical composition.  Many people reading this have taken CBD many times, and then know how strong it is from personal experience.  CBD is non-intoxicating, but its relieving properties, which apply to both mind and body, can be quite noticeable – for instance, a lot of people use CBD at bedtime for a reason, which is that it works. 

CBD can cause some mild grogginess, which does indicate that it offers a comparatively significant effect on the user when it’s active in the body compared to other non-intoxicating cannabinoids in the hemp plant. To buy CBD products click here

#14: THC-C

THC-C, or tetrahydrocananbiorcol, is a newly discovered cannabinoid in the hemp plant with quite a misleading name.  Despite technically being part of the family of THC compounds, this one is non-intoxicating, lacking certain key elements of its chemical structure that work on CB1 receptors in the brain to create intoxication. 

THC-C is much better compared to CBD, because while it won’t get you high, it can cause a feeling of deep internal bliss that helps you get rid of stress.  Some say that THC-C’s effects in this regard are stronger than CBD, which is why it’s one step up on the list, but keep in mind, it’s totally new, and the specific nature of its effects require more research before they can be determined.

#13: THCV

Now, we’re moving onto psychoactive cannabinoids in the hemp plant, starting with THCV, or tetrahydrocannabivarin.  Known for its effects on blood sugar levels and insulin, THCV is intoxicating, but in an extremely mild way. 

And, you’ll only get high off of it if you take a relatively high dose, while its high lasts for about half as long as that of delta 9.  Many people notice just a slightly enhanced sense of wellbeing, and the most subtle of intoxicating effects when taking a relatively high dose. To buy THCV vapes and products click here. 

#12: Delta 10 THC

Delta 10 THC is a relatively new discovery, which is estimated to be about 70% as intoxicating as delta 9 THC.  The high is described as uplifting and focus-enhancing, yet mild and clear-minded.  Even though delta 8 is also described as being 70% as intoxicating as delta 9, anecdotally, users report stronger effects with delta 8 than with delta 10. To buy Delta 10 THC vapes and products click here.

#11: Delta 8 THC 

Delta 8 THC is an incredibly popular cannabinoid that’s been researched since the 1960s, so we know a lot more about it than many on this list.  Delta 8 is, like we said earlier, 70% as psychoactive as delta 9 THC, making it ultimately mild by comparison. 

And, its high is more soothing, and the kind of cannabinoid you want to reach for at nighttime when you’re ready to sit back and relax.  Despite being milder than delta 9, some people do, anecdotally, report getting very high off of it. To buy Delta 8 THC vapes and products click here. 

#10: HHC

Hexahydrocannabinol, better known as HHC, is a cannabinoid described as slightly less potent than delta 9 THC – about 1.5x less, give or take.  Otherwise, it mimics delta 9 almost identically, in terms of the nature of its high as well as its physiological effects – effects related to nausea, appetite, etc. – making it something like “delta 9 lite”. 

It’s a great cannabinoid to move onto after delta 8 THC or delta 10 THC, before going for delta 9 THC, to increase your tolerance gradually and incrementally to the psychoactive effects that come from THC cannabinoids. To buy HHC products click here

#9: HHC-O 

HHC-O, or hexahydrocannabinol-O acetate, is a cannabinoid that’s semi-synthesized to increase the potency of HHC by about 1.5x – pretty much to give it a high that’s as potent as delta 9 THC. 

HHC-O is definitely a bit more intoxicating than regular HHC, and in general feels almost exactly like consuming delta 9 when it comes to the quality of the high and all of the other properties we associate with the more popular cannabinoid. To buy HHC-O vapes and products click here

#8: Delta 11 THC

Delta 11 THC is an extremely new discovery, so there’s a lot to learn about it.  Because it hasn’t yet really been researched extensively, we can only go off of anecdotal evidence about how it feels in the body.  What we have been hearing time and time again is that delta 11 is almost the identical twin of delta 9 THC, in that the effects are pretty much the same, including how strong those effects are. Buy Delta 11 products here. 

#7: (Hemp-Derived) Delta 9 THC

Then we have delta 9 THC, to which all other THC cannabinoids are compared.  Of course, in this case, we’re talking about hemp-derived, federally compliant delta 9 THC, which is exactly the same compound as what we find in marijuana.  Delta 9’s high is pretty potent, especially for someone who’s never consumed a psychoactive cannabinoid before. 

If taken in a strong enough dose, it can cause a major sense of haziness and a lack of mental clarity, as well as couchlock – in other words, a temporary feeling of heaviness that makes you feel glued to the couch. Buy Delta 9 THC Vapes Online 

#6: THC-O

THC-O, aka THC-O-Acetate, is a semi-synthesized cannabinoid produced by blending THCA with acetic anhydride, before decarboxylating it.  The result is a cannabinoid that’s 3 times as intoxicating as delta 9 THC – which is substantial, to say the least.  Its high is very, very euphoric, and notorious for inducing couchlock, while some say that taking heavier doses causes mild psychedelic effects as well. Buy THC-O vapes and products here

#5: THCjd

Another cannabinoid that we’re still learning about is THCjd, which was discovered only in 2020.  Like THC-B, we can’t tell you exactly how psychoactive it is, but we can say that many people notice that this cannabinoid has strong anxiolytic potential, making it a great cannabinoid for when you want to chill out.  Also is likely one of the most intoxicating cannabinoids in hemp, although less so than THC-H or THC-P. To buy THC-JD products click here

#4: THC-B

THC-B, or tetrahydrocannabutol, is one of the less understood cannabinoids, because it’s so new in terms of when it was first discovered.  We know it’s more intoxicating than delta 9, and almost definitely more intoxicating than THC-O, but less intoxicating than the strongest cannabinoids – in other words, the ones that come after on our list. 

We don’t yet have a clear idea of what the high feels like either, although many people do report intense feelings of euphoria. To buy THC-B vapes and products click here

#3: HHC-P

HHC-P (hexahydrocannabiphorol) is the far more potent form of HHC, which we covered earlier.  It’s likely not as intoxicating as THC-P, although trust us when we say that its properties are still intense.  HHC-P may feel like an extremely potent form of delta 9 THC in terms of what the high feels like, as this is what we’ve consistently heard from its biggest fans. To buy HHC-P products click here

#2: THC-H

Tetrahydrocannabihexol, better known as THC-H, is the second most intoxicating cannabinoid in the hemp plant after THC-P, and similarly euphoric.  It was discovered at the same time as THC-P back in 2019, although less research has explored this cannabinoid compared to THC-P. 

What we know is that it packs a major punch, and also isn’t for the faint of heart.  Just because it’s milder than THC-P doesn’t mean that it’s mild by any stretch of the imagination, and, is best for those with a high THC tolerance overall. Buy THC-H vapes and products here

#1: THC-P

THC-P, or tetrahydrocannabiphorol, is considered to be the strongest cannabinoid in all of the hemp plant, being about 10x as intoxicating as delta 9 THC, which is why you’ll find most products containing low milligrams of it to compensate. 

THC-P is a cannabinoid that can lead to profound euphoric effects and a body high that eases every muscle, but you’ll want to go slowly with this one, because it’s intense. To buy the strongest THC-P vapes and products click here

Choose Your Cannabinoid Strength Wisely 

Out of over 100 cannabinoids in the hemp plant, many of them are easy to find on the market, so that you can compare their strengths to one another for yourself, or even mix them together for a completely unique hemp-derived high.  Also, most of these cannabinoids, especially the psychoactive ones, go great with different terpene strains (indicas, sativas, and hybrids) as well as Live Resin

This also helps increase the overall potency level for the hemp user.  Still, just make sure to consider this list the next time you opt to try a new cannabinoid, because as you can see, some are far, far stronger than others, and it’s important to know where each one stands, specifically, when it comes to how powerful its high can be.

At Binoid, you can find all these awesome cannabinoids in a variety of product formulations/delivery methods that are sure to bring about maximum satisfaction.

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