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Sunset Sherbert Strain Review

Can’t make up your mind as to whether you want something more uplifting or more soothing?  Maybe it’s time to help yourself to Sunset Sherbert cannabis strain, which gives you the best of both worlds.  This all-time classic really does the trick by giving you the mental and physical effects that make you feel completely at ease, without ever forcing you into an unmovable state, nor uplifting you to the point where you feel on edge. 

Soothing and balanced, it’s highly versatile, and if that wasn’t enough, its oh-so creamy n’ fruity taste is absolutely phenomenal. You can get Sunset Sherbert Strain Vape Cartridge here.

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Sunset Sherbert Cannabis Basic Profile

Sunset Sherbert, also known as “Sunset Sherbet” and often confused with Gelato despite being a different strain, is a hugely popular indica-dominant hybrid.  Its profile is 85% indica and 15% sativa, which tells you that this is definitely going to give you much stronger indica effects.  It comes from crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Pink Panties. This strain has:

  • About 15-19% THC, meaning that it’s potent overall, but not the most potent strain that exists by far.
  • About 1% CBD.

Sunset Sherbet Strain Physical Characteristics 

Sunset Sherbert’s buds are known for their incredibly large size, and density.  They look like little Christmas trees thanks to their tapered, conical appearance.  They’ve a minty green color to them with particularly long, fine orange hairs that give them a glistening golden sheen.  Also have scattered clusters of white trichomes that add a splattered creaminess.

Sunset Sherbert Cannabis Aroma and Flavor

Sunset Sherbert strain is a gloriously flavorful cultivar with a satisfying aroma to boot.  Imagine a freshly baked sugar cookie with a dollop of rainbow sherbet on top and try to stop your mouth from watering.  The cookie undertones have notes of vanilla and nuttiness, while the creamy, citrusy and berry-like sherbet is nothing short of dazzling.  This is present in both the flavor and aroma, although the aroma has a sharper minty note. 

Sunset Sherbet Cannabis Effects

Sunset Sherbert products gives you an uplifting effect that also makes you feel a sense of tranquility, without ever actually knocking you out.  A good daytime strain for that reason, although some people also enjoy it at night.  Plus, it’s a fast-acting strain as well, that gives you a big boost of euphoric creativity, and even some often much-needed insight.  Basically, expect to feel waves of joy and happiness, and a nice, big ol’ smile on your face that makes you feel giddy inside and out.

Sunset Sherbert starts off with a nice boost in the physical and mental sense, with an enhanced desire to focus on things that you usually struggle to concentrate on, and a strong sense of motivation.  But, before long, you start to feel a refreshing wave through the body that cleanses away your tension and negative thoughts, making you feel aware but at total peace.  It’s not a strain that will lead to couchlock, but it may make you want to just sit back and relax for a bit.  

Overall, Sunset Sherbert strain is a good choice for beginners since it’s not too heavy, and its effects are well-balanced.  Awesome for those who don’t want either a sativa or an indica, but something in between that’s more versatile for various times of day.  But, Sunset Sherbert is probably not the best bedtime strain, since it can have an uplifting effect that makes it tough to just completely give into sleep.

Growing Sunset Sherbert Cannabis Strain

While growing this strain is only moderately difficult, the hard part is finding the seeds, or even a clone.  It’s a rarer strain for cultivators, so you will need some extra luck there.

Sunset Sherbet is quite a bushy plant that requires a good deal of topping and will respond best to training since it needs some support.  Can also grow quite wildly if left alone.  If you’re going to grow it outdoors, you will need to live in a particularly hot and dry climate where temperatures don’t dip too much at night.  Otherwise, consider growing it indoors where you can control things more easily.  It flowers in about 9 weeks, with a moderate yield.

Sunset Sherbert: An Irresistible Hybrid with Balancing Properties 

Sunset Sherbert is one of those strains that’s almost always a safe choice no matter how you’re feeling or what it is that you need.  Basically, it makes you feel like you’ve hit the reset button in order to enjoy a more optimistic state of mind and a refreshed sense throughout the body. 

Meanwhile, Sunset Sherbet product’s flavor alone is incredibly rewarding.  At Binoid, you can savor this strain’s flavor and effects with our HHC Vape Cartridge, which combines the strain with pure hexahydrocannabinol distillate for a notable high that’s incredibly similar to the high of delta 9 THC, while being federally legal.

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