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Which Cannabinoids Are In Live Resin Carts and Gummies?

We’re all about the new trend of cannabis vapes containing more concentrated extracts, like live badder, live resin, and, of course, live resin.  What this does is greatly amp up the concentration of the terpenes and minor cannabinoids in the vape oil, so you get more potent puffs each time you hit your vape.  Now, […]

Will Live Resin Get You High?

More Binoid customers are discovering the difference when they enjoy live resin over the more traditional types of hemp extracts, since live resin offers a more potent experience thanks to the extra presence of trichomes that result from using fresh, flash-frozen rather than dry-cured flower buds.  Live resin can be used to make any type […]

Best Live Resin Products and Strains

Without a doubt, one trend in the hemp industry that’s here to stay is live resin.  Live resin is a unique type of hemp extract made with fresh, flash-frozen plant material rather than that which has been dry-cured, better preserving the cannabinoid and terpene-rich trichomes that coat the flower buds.  The result is an extract […]

Best Live Resin Vape Cart Brands

Live resin is quickly taking over the hemp industry as the superior form of hemp extract, thanks to its enhanced potency, fresher taste and higher bioavailability.  Made from fresh, flash-frozen rather than dry-cured flower, live resin preserves the trichomes of the plant more effectively to give you the absolute best hemp experience possible.   Despite live […]