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What Happens If You Take Too Much Delta 9 THC?

Did you know that delta 9 THC is the most famous out of any of the psychoactive cannabinoids found in hemp.  In fact, many of us have enjoyed our fair share of it over the years.  Now that it’s available in hemp form, more people can enjoy it legally than ever before. 

Still, delta 9 THC and Delta 9 products can be pretty strong if you’re not used to it, and it’s not all that uncommon to end up taking more than planned, resulting in getting too high.  Fortunately, there are some easy solutions to get you back to your normal self.

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What Happens if I Consume Too Much Delta 9 THC?

Most of us have, at some point or another, taken too much of certain cannabinoids that get us high, leaving us in a state where we’re almost too intoxicated, to the point where we may feel anxious, lightheaded, paranoid or just off.  Take note, cannabinoids are nontoxic to humans, getting too high doesn’t come with any real danger, but your intoxicated mind can feel alarmed regardless, feeling an urgency to do something to get back to a more sober place. 

Ultimately, if you’ve gotten too high, the effects will not last for longer than a few hours, and during that time you can remember that because the human body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS), you can actually tolerate and metabolize cannabinoids easily without any risk of toxicity.  

That being said, some of the most commonly reported symptoms of taking too much of any psychoactive cannabinoid include:

  • Dizziness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Increased heartrate (due to a drop in blood pressure)
  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Drowsiness/grogginess
  • Feeling dissociated
  • Nausea

Tips for Dealing with Taking Too Much Delta 9 THC 

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of taking too much delta 9 THC as listed above, here are some simple solutions that can get you back to a more grounded, “normal” state.

Solution #1: Grab Some CBD 

CBD is the non-intoxicating dominant cannabinoid in hemp known for its anxiolytic effects.  Basically, it has a notably mellowing effect on the mind & body CBD also works synergistically with other cannabinoids including delta 9 compound to bring down the “high” effects that you’re feeling, for a more balanced type of experience that can counteract any of the more unpleasant sensations you may experience from accidentally getting too high.  Just take a standard dose of CBD – 25mg-40mg or so – and you may be surprised by just how effective it can be.

Solution #2: Drink Some Coffee 

Yes, just a cup of coffee can get you back to a more functional state in no time.  Caffeine, being a stimulant, wakes up the nervous system, and what this does is counteract a lot of the effects of delta 9.  Caffeine actually works synergistically with delta 9 to generally offer a more “balanced” feeling in which you’re more alert, awake and grounded, while delta9’s more calming effect is still there.

Solution #3: Reach for Something Sweet 

Sugar works very similarly to caffeine, having the same synergistic influence on delta 9 to get your nervous system much more like itself.  Sugar can also help with the effects of reduced blood pressure, which can be very handy if you feel lightheaded or notice an increased heartrate.  Of course, since delta 9 is known for causing “the munchies,” it won’t be too hard to crave something sweet anyway.

Solution #4: Take a Shower 

Taking a shower when you’re higher than you bargained for can have a phenomenally grounding effect on how you feel, bringing you back into your body when you feel like your mind is too far in outer space. 

The sensation of feeling running water can offer surprisingly strong positive effects on the nervous system, and thus, can make you feel much calmer if you’re dealing with that anxiety and paranoia that can come with being too intoxicated.  A cold shower in particular can practically knock you sober with delta 9 THC, but just be careful not to slip if your coordination is a little off.

Solution #5: Distract Yourself 

If you feel “too much in your head”, then reach for something distracting that takes up all of your attention and gets you less trapped in endless thought loops.  Think of a favorite videogame, your favorite album or a movie that you love, all of which you’ll be able to really zero in on and tune out the anxious thinking patterns that can come with getting too high on delta 9 THC.

Solution #6: Resist the Urge to Google 

One thing you shouldn’t do is google any symptoms you’re feeling, all of which are perfectly normal and common when taking too much delta 9.  Googling symptoms is one of the fastest ways to increase an anxiety that something is “wrong”, even when you’re sober, and your warped state of mind can lead you into a rabbit hole of hypochondriac despair.  Trust that you’re fine, and simply place the phone down.

Solution #7: Drink Some Water

One of the more common symptoms of taking too much delta 9 is cottonmouth, which is the feeling of a completely dry mouth that comes from the cannabinoid’s effect on cannabinoid receptors in the salivary glands.  The remedy?  Easy.  Drink a glass of water, which will get your saliva flowing properly again.

Solution #8: Try to Sleep It Off

Of course, one of the most effective methods is just taking a nap, knowing that any unpleasant feeling will likely be gone by the time you wake up.  This is all the easier to do with delta-9, which is already frequently used as a sleep aid, so that all you need to do is close your eyes and wake up to a much more sober state.  Most hemp-derived delta 9 products come in an edible form.  Hence, the high lasts much longer than with other products, so don’t be afraid to really nap to your heart’s content.

Took Too Much Delta 9 THC?  No Problem!

Yes, there’s no denying that taking too much delta 9 can feel uncomfortable, despite the fact that ultimately you’re totally fine.  The good thing is that there are all kinds of simple, useful ways to feel more like yourself, should the high be overwhelming.  And, you can prevent taking too much in initially thanks to Binoid’s Delta 9 Products, which all come with clear dosing directions that are easy to follow.

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