What Happens If You Take Too Much HHC

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) has become one of the most popular ways to get high legally, being a hemp-derived cannabinoid very similar to delta 9 THC, but also, is protected under federal law (2018 Farm Bill). 

One thing about HHC is, like delta 9 THC, it’s possible to take more than the recommended amount, which isn’t dangerous, but can come with some unwanted side effects.  If you have gotten too high off of your HHC product, then the good news is that there are some tricks that can help get you back onto planet earth.

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What Happens if I Consume Too Much HHC?

Most of us have, at some point or another, taken too much of certain cannabinoids that get us high, leaving us in a state where we’re almost too intoxicated, to the point where we may feel anxious, lightheaded, paranoid or just off.  Remember, cannabinoids are nontoxic to humans, getting too high doesn’t come with any real danger, but your intoxicated mind can feel alarmed regardless, feeling an urgency to do something to get back to a more sober place. 

Ultimately, if you have gotten too high, the effects will not last for longer than a few hours, and during that time you can remember that because the human body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS), you can actually tolerate and metabolize cannabinoids easily without any risk of toxicity.  

That being said, some of the most commonly reported symptoms of taking too much of any psychoactive cannabinoid include:

  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Increased heartrate (due to a drop in blood pressure)
  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Sleep disturbances and insomnia
  • Feeling dissociated
  • Nausea

What To Do When Take Too Much HHC

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of taking too much HHC as listed above, here are some simple solutions that can get you back to a more grounded, “normal” state.

Getting Too High On HHC Tip #1: Grab Some CBD 

CBD is the completely non-psychoactive, dominant cannabinoid in hemp that’s commonly used for its anxiolytic effects.  It’s known for its notably soothing effect on the mind & body.  Cannabidiol also interacts synergistically with other cannabinoids including HHC to balance out the “high” effects that you’re feeling, to pretty much mellow the experience and counteract any of the more unpleasant sensations you may experience from accidentally getting too high.  Just take a standard dose of CBD – 25mg-40mg or so – and you may be surprised by just how effective it can be.

Getting Too High On HHC Tip #2: Drink Some Coffee 

Just making a cup of coffee might be able to get you back to a more “normal” state in no time.  As a stimulant, the caffeine in coffee can wake up the body’s nervous system, and what this does is counteract a lot of the effects of HHC that make you feel “out of it.”  In fact, caffeine works synergistically with cannabinoids like HHC to deliver a more “balanced” feeling in which you’re more grounded, alert and awake, while HHC’s potential anxiolytic properties are still in effect.

Getting Too High On HHC Tip #3: Reach for Something Sweet 

Sugar works very similarly to caffeine, in that it has the same synergistic relationship with HHC to get your nervous system feeling more like itself.  Sugar can also help with the sensations that can occur when blood pressure gets lower, which can be very useful if you’re dealing with lightheadedness or an increased heartrate.  HHC, being so similar to delta 9 THC, is known for causing “the munchies,” so we’re sure you won’t mind having an excuse to reach for something sweet, anyway.

Getting Too High On HHC Tip #4: Take a Shower 

Taking a nice, long shower when you’re too high with HHC can have an impressive grounding effect on the way you feel, bringing you back to planet earth, so to speak.  The feeling of running water can be extremely calming to the mind, and can make you feel like you’re “in your body” rather than floating in outer space. 

A cold shower can be particularly helpful, as it can wake you up to the point of almost making you feel sober.  Just make sure that you’re careful, since HHC product can throw off our sense of balance and coordination, so you don’t want to slip in the shower.

Getting Too High On HHC Tip #5: Distract Yourself 

One of the most helpful ways to “get out of your head” with HHC compound is to distract yourself with something you love, which can put an end to any negative thought spirals.  Consider if you have a favorite videogame or movie to watch, or an album that always lifts your mood and keeps you engaged.  Turn to something along these lines and you’ll likely find your anxiety slipping away as you become fully engaged in the distraction.

Getting Too High On HHC Tip #6: Resist the Urge to Google 

One thing you should strictly avoid is googling any symptoms you’re experiencing, all of which are normal and non-life-threatening.  Googling symptoms is one of the easiest ways to become even more anxious that something is “wrong,” even when you’re sober, and your altered state of mind can lead you into a worry spiral.  Trust that you’re completely fine.

Getting Too High On HHC Tip #7: Drink Some Water

One of the more common symptoms associated with HHC is cottonmouth, again because of the cannabinoid’s similarity to delta 9 THC.  Extreme dry mouth isn’t fun, but it’s also extremely easy to fix just by drinking some water, which activates the salivary glands so that your mouth will stop feeling so dry.

Getting Too High On HHC Tip #8: Change Your Environment 

Changing your environment might be a wise choice if all else fails.  Go somewhere quiet or even change rooms in your house.  If heading outdoors for a simple walk, just be cautious and ensure you are fit enough to walk.

Getting Too High On HHC Tip #9: Talk to Your Friends 

It can be good to speak with your friends when you consume too much of a highly psychoactive. They can help you through the high by talking about positive things, reassuring you, and giving you other things needed if the HHC is too much to handle.

Getting Too High On HHC Tip #10: Try to Sleep It Off, if You Can

If you’re feeling too high, consider taking a nap if your schedule has room for it.  By the time you wake up, chances are that your symptoms will be gone, and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed, even though HHC is known for its potential energy-boosting qualities.

Took Too Much HHC?  Don’t Worry!

HHC is a potent enough cannabinoid that it’s not hard to accidentally overdo it from time to time, but fortunately, virtually all side effects that come with taking an excessive amount are easy to remedy.  Just don’t forget, you’re totally fine, and think of the different methods above to help you get back to feeling like yourself. 

Better yet, avoid taking too much HHC altogether by reading the directions on the product’s label.  Binoid offers clear dosing instructions on all HHC products, so you won’t have to worry.

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