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Can You Take HHC-O with Other Cannabinoids?

Hexahydrocannabinol-O acetate or HHC-O-acetate (HHC-O) is one of the newest cannabinoids on the market, being an acetate version of HHC, a cannabinoid known for its striking similarities to delta 9 THC. 

With HHC-O slowly becoming available at Binoid, we’re going to be providing lots of information about it so that our customers can know exactly what to expect when they take it, especially if they are going to be taking HHC-O products with other cannabinoids. 

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HHC-O: The Ultimate Cannabinoid for Delta 9 Lovers?

HHC-O is the acetate form of hexahydrocannabinol (HHC).  Meaning, it consists of hemp-derived hexahydrocannabinol that is enhanced with acetic anhydride, similarly to THC-O-acetate (THC-O), to increase its potency by about 150%.  This, many believe, makes it more capable of mimicking delta 9 THC in the body, offering a stronger and more similar high along with the other properties for which delta 9 is known, including:

  • Effects on nausea 
  • Mood-lifting, stress-relieving properties 
  • Relief from physical discomfort
  • Improved appetite 

Of course, this unique process also makes HHC-O-acetate more psychoactive than HHC, so keep this in mind if you’re particular about the intoxicating effects of cannabinoids.

When it comes to taking more than one cannabinoid at a time, you’re likely at no real risk of danger, as cannabinoids are naturally complementary of one another, coming from the same plant material and working together synergistically.  A lot of hemp products out there already do combine cannabinoids – for example, it’s common for THCV vapes to contain delta 8 THC to increase the psychoactive effects, as THCV’s intoxicating properties are relatively unstable.

But because hexahydrocannabinol-O acetate is on the more psychoactive side of the spectrum, you’ll want to be extra mindful of how you mix and match, to make sure that you’re in control of the high that you experience.  Here are some things that can affect the impact of a combination of HHC-O with another cannabinoid that you should always be aware of.

#1: Timing

When each cannabinoid is taken makes a big difference.  Taking HHC-O-acetate and, say, delta 8 THC at the same time means that both cannabinoids will be peaking synergistically at the same moment in the body.  Taking delta 8 about 3 hours after taking HHC-O means that they may not interact at all.

#2: Delivery Methods

The delivery method of each product matters as well.  Each delivery method has its own onset time, duration of effects and potency.  Taking a puff off of an HHC-O vape about 30 minutes after taking a THC-O tincture means you’ll feel both cannabinoids at the same time.  Taking an HHC-O gummy an hour after vaping THC-O means the THC-O may wear off by the time the HHC-O-acetate peaks in the body.

#3: Proportions

Yes, you will need to consider the ratio of HHC-O-acetate to the other cannabinoid, as this determines how strongly you feel each one.  Taking, for instance, one puff of an HHC-O vape, plus 2 puffs of a delta 8 vape, can be less intoxicating than taking 2 puffs of an HHC-O vape and one of a delta 8, since delta 8 is the milder of the two.

#4: Amounts

Obviously, the overall dosage matters.  Taking a 25mg HHC-O gummy and a 25mg delta 10 gummy together is going to get you a lot more intoxicated than taking a half of each.

Cannabinoids and Synergy

Like we mentioned, cannabinoids can work together synergistically to produce a one-of-a-kind experience.  So, here are some things to expect when combining HHC-O with specific cannabinoids that can have an impact on your overall hemp-based experience.

  • HHC-O + CBD: CBD is not intoxicating, and so mixing it with HHC-O can make HHC-O less psychoactive, while offering a more soothing experience overall.
  • HHC-O + Delta 8: Delta 8 is milder than HHC-O, and also known for its unique indica-like effects, potentially making the experience mellower overall and making the experience less psychoactive.
  • HHC-O + Delta 10: The known sativa-like effects of delta 10 can make the effect more uplifting while still making HHC-O milder in terms of intoxication, as delta 10 is also much milder than HHC-O.
  • HHC-O + THC-O: Combining two particularly powerful cannabinoids together can certainly get you very high, so you’ll want to be careful when mixing these two, starting with a low dose of each.
  • HHC-O + THC-P: THC-P is the most psychoactive cannabinoid in hemp, so again, you’ll want to be careful mixing these together as there’s a strong risk of feeling far more intoxicated than you intended.
  • HHC-O + HHC: Theoretically, HHC-O is just a more potent form of HHC, so it may not be the most exciting combination to try.
  • HHC-O + THCV: THCV is quite a mild psychoactive that is only intoxicating at certain dosage levels, so taking it with HHC-O may help enhance the high while reducing the psychoactive effect of HHC-O.
  • HHC-O + THC-H: THC-H is also profoundly psychoactive, much like THC-P, so again, you’ll want to consider going slowly with this combination so as to avoid getting far more ‘high’ than you’re comfortable with.  THC-H is known for its profound euphoria-like effects and strong body high, so expect to feel uplifting properties and possible couchlock with this combination.

Mixing and Matching with HHC-O: Try Out Different Combinations at Binoid!

As you can now see, HHC-O-acetate is an exciting cannabinoid that can offer a lot of valuable effects all on its own, but at the same time, we love that our customers like to mix and match cannabinoids to enjoy different experiences.  Given HHC-O’s potency, as long as you mix and match responsibly, it can be blended in all kinds of innovative ways. 

Plus, make sure that you’re buying high-quality hemp-infused products, like the ones available at Binoid.  This way, you can know with certainty that you’re in for a quality experience no matter what.

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