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Thai Chi Strain Review

Thai Chi cannabis is a relative newcomer to the strain market, but it’s already taking off in terms of its popularity.  It’s a 70% indica-dominant hybrid that comes from two famous parents, and its effects have proven to be extremely dazzling in a totally unique way.  Besides that, it makes old-school lovers smile, thanks to its terpene profile that’s simply well-rounded. 

While its recent introduction onto the market means that there’s limited information about it, we already know that it’s a huge crowd pleaser among those who have tried it. You can get Thai Chi strain Vape Cartridge here.

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Thai Chi Cannabis Strain Basic Profile

Thai Chi cannabis strain highlights everything that we love about Asian cannabis genetics, and it’s a very new strain to the scene which is why we’re still learning a lot about its specifics.  What doesn’t help is some of the conflicting information out there about even the basics like its profile and linage.  We do know that it’s probably a 70% indica/30% sativa hybrid, and likely that its parents are Kali China Elite (F4) and Thai Chaing Mai.  It seems to yield very high levels of myrcene, thus our assumption that it’s indica-dominant.

Thai Chi Strain Physical Characteristics 

What we know about Thai Chi cannabis strain in terms of its physical characteristics are that the buds are very dense and compact, and that it offers a vibrant color explosion of minty green, royal purple and bright red.  

Thai Chi Cannabis Aroma and Flavor

Thai Chi strain provides one of the most complex flavor and aroma profiles that we have ever heard of.  

  • There are bold notes of tart grapes and bright lemons that take over the smell and taste, but the subtler notes are just as intriguing, including earthiness that almost has a garlic-like quality, blended with incense woods, mint, chocolate, and green tea.  
  • A subtle hint of lime is prevalent in the flavor, influencing the aftertaste along with powerful notes of fresh, juicy berries.

Thai Chi Cannabis Strain Effects

Thai Chi strain products seems to be one of those more psychedelic-leaning strains, and even seems like a good choice for both daytime and evening.  It’s a moderately potent strain that can give you the mood boost associated with sativa strains; promising feelings of cerebral clarity paired with intense euphoria that makes you feel over the moon with contentment.  But, you’ll remain focused, and even sociable, making this a good choice for passing around with friends.  The high seems to make you feel optimistic, creative and motivated to take on projects that you’ve kept on the back burner.

At some point, Thai Chi’s high becomes trippier, with some mild visual effects paired with tingling sensations throughout the body – particularly along the neck and spine.  This puts the body into a sense of deep ease, which can really make you feel at peace all over.  The strain’s unique high is made even better by its seeming resistance to paranoia, despite the psychedelic nature of it. 

So, it’s a good choice for beginners, and many actually recommend it both for social gatherings and for meditating, to get into a more enhanced state of consciousness and introspection, taking advantage of its more enlightening qualities.

Growing Thai Chi Cannabis Strain 

There is not a lot of information about growing Thai Chi, because it’s a rare strain and seeds are not widely in circulation.  We do know that it’s a plant that can be grown indoors or out, with a moderate yield.

Thai Chi: Enjoy a Burst of Euphoria as You Get More Centered

Thai Chi is fast-becoming a go-to strain despite the fact that it hasn’t been around for that long.  Good news is, at Binoid, you can explore its effects despite how rare it is on the market.  We offer Thai Chi in the form of a THC-P Vape Cartridge, which has a luscious blend of pure terpenes and tetrahydrocannabiphorol, the most psychoactive cannabinoid on the market for a virtually unforgettable, ultra-powerful high.

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