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THCA Hemp Flower Everything You Need To Know Effects Benefits Where To Get Near Me Side Effects Legal Drug Test

THCA Flower: What You Need To Know 2023

You’ve likely been hearing a lot about THCA flower lately, as it’s become a really popular, in-demand product on the hemp market since earlier this year.  THCA flower is gamechanger, with no exaggeration, since it’s basically the closest thing people have to legal weed, if they live in a state in which marijuana remains prohibited.

THCA hemp flower may sound confusing, since the average person doesn’t know exactly what THCA even is.  That’s why we want to offer a general overview of the product, to give you a good understanding of what it does, where to find it, and how it’s made.


What is THCA Flower?

In simple terms, THCA flower is raw hemp flower that’s infused with THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) distillate.  THCA is the raw form of delta 9 THC, that’s naturally in cannabis.  All cannabinoids, including delta 9, CBD, CBG, delta 8, and so on, exist as a totally different compound when the plant is raw rather than decarboxylated (heated).  THCA is inherently nonintoxicating, as its psychoactive effects are only activated through heating the compound.  

THCA flower, however, will get you high.  The reason why is that flower is heated to be used.  Weed also contains THCA rather than delta 9, until it’s smoked, vaporized, cooked with, or otherwise heated to a high enough temperature to convert THCA automatically into delta 9.

Now you can see why THCA flower is so popular.  It’s going to give you a delta 9 high without being marijuana, so you can enjoy everything you love about flower without breaking the law.

Why is THCA Flower Suddenly Everywhere?

THCA flower has totally exploded on the hemp market this year, and it seems to have come out of nowhere.  You’re not wrong if you feel like no one ever even heard about it until now.  THCA flower only exists because of a legal loophole in the Farm Bill of 2018.  And, this legal loophole wasn’t really figured out by the hemp industry until very recently.  Once that happened, THCA flower spread like wildfire.

THCA flower is legal, despite the fact that THCA turns into delta 9 THC once heated, meaning that THCA flower is inherently intoxicating.  The reason why it’s legal is because of the wording of the Farm Bill, which clearly states that hemp products can be sold legally without limitations as long as they contain a maximum of 0.3% delta 9 THC.  Again, even though THCA becomes delta 9 THC, the law does not make any mention of THCA.

One thing to know, however, is that with the fast-rising popularity of THCA flower comes a risk of states banning it.  If you live in a state in which THCA flower is illegal, you cannot order it from Bloomz.  Please check with your state laws prior to trying to purchase it.

How is THCA Flower Made?

Making THCA flower is actually a pretty simple process.  First, industrial hemp is cultivated, preferably through organic methods.  Then, the flowers are harvested and dry-cured to preserve them for up to 6 months.  At this stage, THCA distillate is infused into the flower buds.  THCA distillate is a purified THCA extract made through steam distillation.

How is THCA Flower Different from Weed?

One of the most common questions we get asked is how THCA flower differs from marijuana flower.  In fact, in terms of appearance, smell, and flavor, they’re identical.  But, of course, THCA flower comes from hemp, and marijuana flower comes from, well, marijuana.

THCA flower has a more distinctive difference, which is its CBD concentration.  Hemp’s most dominant compound is CBD (cannabidiol), while marijuana’s is delta 9 THC.  Other than the fact that hemp flower has a higher level of CBD, the chemical compositions between the two plants are practically identical.  THCA flower can have between about 10-25% CBD depending on the strain, and that does not negatively affect the high of delta 9 in any way.

Is THCA Flower Totally Safe?

THCA flower isn’t associated with any real side effects that are worth worrying about.  It’s made up of strictly nontoxic, naturally occurring plant compounds.  Of course, if you decide to take far more than is recommended, you can end up getting too high, and experiencing side effects like dizziness, anxiety, paranoia, drowsiness, forgetfulness, and dry mouth.  Also, buying from a not-so-legitimate source can always put you at risk of consuming unknown chemical additives that are not good for your health.

How Strong is THCA Flower?

How strong THCA flower is will depend on the strain that you choose.  Every strain of weed has an innate THC concentration – anywhere from 10-30%, with outliers higher and lower.  THCA flower manufacturers mimic this by infusing the same amount of THCA distillate into hemp flower that would exist naturally in that weed strain.  Let’s take Sour Diesel, for instance, which naturally has about 26% THC.  Companies that cultivate hemp flower in the Sour Diesel strain will simply put enough THCA distillate into their hemp flower to give it a 26% THCA concentration.

Where Should I Buy High-Quality THCA Flower?

When it comes to buying THCA flower, you always want to make sure that you’re avoiding low-quality or ineffective product.  So, as always, make sure that you’re choosing a reputable online brand such as Bloomz Hemp that has a high product turnover rate, as this will ensure a fresh and effective product.  And, look through reviews, while checking out the third-party lab reports provided on their website.  These lab reports confirm the legitimacy, safety, purity, potency, chemical composition, and legal compliance of the product, through unbiased testing performed by a third-party facility.

Does THCA Flower Go Bad?

Lastly, for those who are new to flower, let’s talk storage and expiration.  THCA Flower does have a shorter shelf life than other product types, since flower degrades more quickly.  It’s ideal to use your flower within 6 months, as after that, the compounds can no longer be viable.  And, keep your flower in an airtight container away from light, heat, and humidity.

The THCA Flower at Bloomz

THCA flower finally gives millions upon millions of Americans a legal way to enjoy something incredibly similar to weed.  And, at Bloomz, our THCA flower ensures you get to enjoy the best flower experience possible.  We offer a great choice of strains, while offering third-party lab reports to our customers.  Our flower is sold fresh, and promises sublime potency thanks to our ultra-pure THCA distillate.  

Whether you plan on smoking, vaping, or cooking with Bloomz Hemp THCA flower, we’re certain that you’ll be completely satisfied.  Explore our strain selection today, to find the ultimate strain for you, and be treated to top-shelf quality, like you deserve.


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