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THCA: What You Need To Know

Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) is about to arrive at Binoid, and its claim to fame is that it’s totally legal, and yet when it’s infused into products like flower and vapes, the process of heating forces it to convert into delta 9 THC

And, as is the case with any new cannabinoid, there are some key things you gotta know ahead of time to ensure that you have the best THCA experience possible

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Do: Choose Your Product Type Thoughtfully

The two key products to be on the lookout for are THCA vapes and THCA flower.  Both of these products involve inhalation, for fast-acting, powerful effects.  Plus, each product involve heating the product, which decarboxylates THCA into delta 9 THC.  The real difference between the two is that one produces smoke, and one produces vapor.  

Many people prefer one method over the other, as vaping and smoking each have their distinctive advantages when it comes to things like potency of effects, flavor, travel-friendliness and harshness of those inhales (smoke is more likely to make you cough).  

Now, you can also choose to get your dab on with THCA dabs/wax/shatter, which are essentially concentrates that can be vaped or smoked as well. The same guidelines we just covered apply to this method, too.

Finally, THCA oils/tinctures can be an interesting choice, as here you are getting the effects of just THCA.  As you’re probably aware by now, tinctures can be used sublingually (under the tongue), used in foods and drinks with just a couple drops from the dropper, or once and a while used topically.  Depending on how you utilize the THCA oil will determine how fast and long you feel the effects for, usually lasting for up to 6 hours on average.

Pick which product type meets those hemp-related needs the most, based on your preferences, and you are good to go.

Do: Consider the Strains that are Available 

THCA flower and vapes are available in different strains.  Each strain has its own profile of terpenes, which dictates the specifics of the effects that you will feel, not to mention the flavor.  For example, craving something more uplifting?  Probably best to gravitate toward sativas.  But, if you want something more calming, go with an indica.  Read up on the strains that are available, to choose the one that will satisfy your needs.

Do: Look at Lab Reports and Reviews 

Whenever you’re checking out THCA from a particular brand, first you’ll want to verify its quality using two methods.  One is reading the reviews, which give you a good idea of whether or not the brand is making THCA that is satisfying customers.  The other thing to look at is the third-party lab report for the product that’s on their website, which gives you details provided by a state-authorized third-party laboratory when it comes to quality, purity, potency and legal compliance.

Do: Make Some Time in Your Schedule

Depending on the delivery method, along with the dosage level (if applicable), THCA product can last for anywhere from a couple of hours to the majority of the day.  So, especially as a newbie, think about clearing your schedule of all responsibilities.  That way, you can take in the high without it getting in the way of anything essential.


Don’t: Drive with THCA in Your System

THCA is not intoxicating on its own, but when heating it, like you do when you smoke or vape a THCA product, it becomes delta 9, which is quite psychoactive.  And, we all know that driving while intoxicated is both dangerous and illegal, not only putting you at risk of harm, but others as well.  Because delta 9 is known to cause impairment, you should be responsible overall when you’re high, and avoid any activity that can become risky when you are impaired.  Wait for the high to wear off before attempting to drive.

Don’t: Overestimate Your Tolerance

If you’re new to THCA/delta 9 THC, please follow the dosing directions on the product’s label to avoid taking way too much of the cannabinoid.  If your tolerance is low, you can end up getting way more high than you bargained for, which isn’t dangerous, but can cause some uncomfortable, temporary side effects.  Over time, after repeated use, your tolerance will increase, and so can your dosage.

Don’t: Take Too Much THCA if You’re Totally New to This Cannabinoid

As a newcomer to any upcoming cannabinoid, go slow.  You never know how strongly a cannabinoid will affect you until you take it.  Also, trying to go with a high dose as a beginner can end up with you feeling way ‘more high’ than you were planning for.  Abide by the THCA product label’s directions in order to take the correct amount.

Don’t: Go Looking for the Cheapest THCA

If the price of a THCA product seems too good to be true, consider that a red flag.  This can be due to the fact that the product is made with lots of filler ingredients, or it could even mean that the product is a complete fake that contains no actual THCA.  We get that people want to save money, and that’s understandable, but buying low-quality, cheap THCA will just leave you disappointed.

Don’t: Be Impatient Once You Use THCA

Lots of newbies have the habit of taking a dose of a THCA product, and then just expecting results immediately.  When those results don’t happen instantly, they take another dose, hoping that now they will have taken enough to get the sensation they were searching for.  But, products can take a while to kick in, depending upon which delivery method you choose, from the ones we covered earlier. 

Basically, take the recommended serving of THCA and wait for the delivery method’s respective onset time before considering taking a little more.  If it turns out that the problem was that you took too low of a dose, you can take a bit more next time.

Don’t Take THCA Before a Drug Test

While THCA compound is metabolizing, it gets converted into an enzyme called THC-COOH – the same enzyme that breaks down all THC compounds.  Drug tests aren’t looking for traces of marijuana, but THC-COOH in a person’s body.  So, if you take THCA, you are at a high risk of failing a drug test.

Don’t Take THCA with Certain Medications Before Talking to a Doctor

Cannabinoids like THCA suppress an enzyme known as CYP3A4, which’s also the enzyme that’s responsible for breaking down many common medications.  If the body’s CYP3A4 is too low because it’s getting used up by THCA, those medications can accumulate in the bloodstream, which is dangerous.  So, if you’re on any medication(s), talk to your doctor for more guidance.

Follow These Rules for the Best THCA Experience Possible 

Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid is going to be the next big thing on the hemp market, especially when it’s sold as flower and vapes.  But, especially because these products enable the THCA to turn into delta 9, you wanna be extra careful about how you enjoy it and which products you end up choosing. 

The rules that were covered will hopefully ensure that you experience only pure hemp bliss. Binoid carries an awesome selection top-quality and third-party lab tested THCA products that can meet your daily needs.

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