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THC-B Dosage: How Much Should You Take?

Tetrahydrocannabutol (THC-B) is a newer discovery from the hemp plant, known for its enhanced potency that delivers a stronger high than that of delta 9 THC.  Still, we don’t know exactly how powerful the effects of tetrahydrocannabutol are, although it’s safe to say that beginners should go easy with it when starting out, especially if they have minimal THC experience overall.

Given that, you may be wondering how much of a THC-B product you should actually be taking.  Let’s take a look at recommended dosage levels based on what we know about the cannabinoid thus far. Which starts with THC-B strength being around 30x stronger than Delta 9 THC, and only a little bit less strong than THC-P.

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THC-B Dosage vs. THC-B Strength

Before we talk about the best dosage for THC-B products, let’s talk about strength versus dosage, as both of these factors are equally important.

Dosage: Dosage reflects the amount of product that we take, such as 4 puffs off of a vape cartridge, or 1 gummy.

Strength: Strength reflects the number of milligrams of THC-B in the product, which tells us how potent the product is.  A dropper of a THC-B tincture can contain any number of milligrams of THC-B, and so the same amount of a specific type of product can vary a lot in terms of how much of the cannabinoid you’re actually consuming.

THC-B Dosage Guide Chart:

  1. Beginner THC-B dosing (low tolerance): 1mg-4mg per use
  2. Intermediate THC-B dosing (medium tolerance): 4mg-10mg per use
  3. Advanced THC-B dosing (high tolerance): 10mg-30mg+ per use

This applies to THC-B tincturesTHC-B vape cartridgesTHC-B gummies as well as other THC-B products. The best way to dose out THC-B is to try a very tiny amount, then slowly until you feel what you need. Product by product THC-B dosing will be shown below.

Where To Buy THC-B Vapes & Products In Your State

The best place to buy THC-B products is from Binoid, one of the largest and best Delta 9P brands that has a wide variety of THC-B disposables, THCB Gummies and THC-B Tinctures for you to enjoy. Binoid has 1000s of five star reviews for Binoid products that people are loving.

How Long Does THC-B Take To Work?

THC-B products kick in within 25 minutes if vaped or dabbed, and 1 hour if ingested through THC-B tinctures. THC-B products work like how any other product that you would inhale or digest do.

However, just like Delta 9 THC, be careful with ingestion because you might feel the need to take more when in reality it has not hit you yet. For this reason, we suggest waiting at least 2 hours before taking more THC-B products. Especially as they are extremely potent and may creep up before kicking in.

Where To Buy THC-B Vapes & Products In Your State

The best place to buy THC-B products is from Binoid, one of the largest and best THC-B brands that has a wide variety of THC-B disposables, THC-B Gummies and THC-B Tinctures for you to enjoy. Binoid has 1000s of five star reviews for Binoid products that people are loving.

THC-B Dosing Instructions

Often, you’ll find that the company that makes the THC-B product has a recommended dosage chart amount somewhere on their packaging, which allows you to know how much you should take in one sitting to consume an “average” amount of THC-B.

This is a good piece of information to follow when getting started, as the manufacturer knows how much of their product you should take to generally experience the desired effects. For example, Binoid has THC-B dosing information on all of their THC-B product packaging.

Factors That Influence How Much THC-B You Might Want to Take

Before we get into how much THC-B is generally recommended, we want to mention that ultimately, the amount that’s right for you can depend on several different variables.  Let’s explain.

#1: Your Tolerance to THC-B

One thing that we know is that each person’s tolerance and sensitivity to cannabinoids is unique, based on how their endocannabinoid system is structured.  And, we know that those who are totally new to cannabis are likely to have a very low general tolerance.

If you’ve never consumed any cannabinoid before, you may have an incredibly low tolerance to THC-B/delta 9 THC which means that an extremely low dose will feel potent in your system.  If you’re a seasoned THC consumer, you may find that you already have something of a tolerance to its effects that allows you to take a more standard dosage as a first-timer.

#2: The Product Type 

What we’ve seen with all cannabinoids is that the delivery method and product type have a lot to do with the experience that we end up having.  The more bioavailable (easily absorbed into the body) the delivery method, the more potent, fast-acting, and short-lived the high will be.

Inhalation of THC-B, like with vapes, dabs, or flower, delivers the strongest effects, typically felt within minutes, while edible doses take a while to kick in and offer something of a more gradual peak that’s slightly subdued.  Tinctures are somewhere in the middle.  Then, with concentrates, aka dabs, you have the most potent product type by far.

#3: What You Want Out of Your Experience 

You might be someone who just prefers a low serving of a THC-B product, because you want milder psychoactive effects.  Or maybe, you’re looking to dab a THC-B product because you want to get really, really high, in which case you’d likely be comfortable with a pretty high dose.

#4: The Strain

As you may know, the strain of the THC-B product can influence how strong its high is, which is the case with flower, dabs, and vapes.  Different strains have different amounts of THC in them, and thus some are just much more potent than others.  Do some reading up on the strain you’re buying to find out how potent it is, and dose accordingly.

#5: Other Cannabinoids You’re Taking

If you’re also taking other cannabinoids, especially intoxicating ones, you might want to take less THC-B.  For example, if you’re taking THC-B after vaping a lot of THCV, you might want to lessen the THC-B dose so that you don’t get too high.

What’s the Proper THC-B Dosage?

Fortunately, there are some general guidelines regarding THC-B dosage that give us an idea of how much is ideal to take, based on what we want to get out of our experience.  We’ve broken our dosage guide into three categories based on the different levels of potency consumers may be looking for.

#1: THC-B Vape Cartridges 

THC-B vape cartridges are quite potent and fast-acting because of the high bioavailability of this type of delivery method (inhalation).  To calculate the number of milligrams you’re taking in per puff, you need to determine the total milligram strength of the cartridge as advertised by the product maker, and then divide that by the number of milliliters in the cartridge.  Then, divide that number by 100, as there are around 100 puffs in each milliliter of e-liquid.

Low Dose: 1-4mg

Moderate Dose: 4-8mg

High Dose: 8mg+

Let’s say you prefer a more basic dosing guideline based on the number of puffs to take, that doesn’t require any calculations.  How deeply you inhale will affect how strong each puff is, so just keep that in mind.

Low Dose: 1 puff

Moderate Dose: 2-3 puffs

High Dose: 4+ puffs

#2: THC-B Disposable Vape Pens 

Then we have THC-B disposable vape pens, which come with the same rules of dosing as vape cartridges.  Disposables use different technological components to enable the vaping process, but the vape oil itself is the same, as is the output level of the device that determines the amount of vapor produced by a single draw.  So, once again, the formula for figuring out how many milligrams of a vape disposable are:

Low Dose: 1-4mg

Moderate Dose: 4-8mg

High Dose: 8mg+

And, once again, if you want a simpler approach to deciding how much to vape, just follow these guidelines below:

Low Dose: 1 puff

Moderate Dose: 2-3 puffs

High Dose: 4+ puffs

#3: THC-B Tincture

Dosing with THC-B tinctures requires that you divide the number of milligrams of THC-B in the bottle by the number of milliliters it contains.  For example, if you have a 1000mg 30ml tincture, that comes out to about 33 milligrams per milliliter, with the dropper cap that comes with the bottle usually containing a milliliter of oil at a time.

Once you figure the number of milligrams in each dropper, you can make adjustments to the dosage amount based on the type of experience you want to achieve, as seen below.  Because oral products absorb into the body less easily than inhalable products, we compensate for this with higher dosage amounts.  Also, because you’re not getting high off of this product, the suggested dosage for therapeutic use is higher.

Low Dose: Quarter Dropper

Moderate Dose: Half Dropper

High Dose: Full Dropper

#4: THC-B Edibles

THC-B edibles are ingested, and the effects can last for much longer than vapes and tinctures, although the effects can be a bit more subdued.  Because they are oral products like tinctures, the dosing guidelines are actually similar.

If you’re going with gummies, dosing is actually easy.  Each gummy in the package will contain the same number of milligrams of THC-B, which means that to adjust the dosage, you just decide how many gummies to take at one time.  The same rule applies to capsules, as every capsule is going to contain the same amount of THC-B.

Low Dose: Quarter Gummy

Moderate Dose: Half Gummy

High Dose: One Full Gummy

#5: THC-B Flower

Dosing with THC-B flower is a bit trickier if you plan on smoking or vaporizing it, because flower doesn’t come in milligram strengths like with other product types.  So, we dose according to the number of puffs, regardless of whether we are smoking or vaping it.  Just remember that smoking it may bring you a slightly more potent experience than vaping it, because smoke is denser, and therefore slightly more concentrated.

Low Dose: 1 puff

Moderate Dose: 1-3 puffs

High Dose: 3+ puffs

On the other hand, if you’re baking or cooking with THC-B flower, that’s a different story.  You might want to weigh the flower, to put into your recipe your preferred edibles milligram strength (anywhere from 10-50mg for most individuals), multiplied by the number of servings that the recipe will yield.

#6: THC-B Dabs

THC-B dabs, like wax, shatter, crumble, etc., are phenomenally potent products as they are highly concentrated.  Like with flower, it’s hard to dose according to milligram strength, since they don’t come in milligram strength options.  So, like with flower, we go based on the puff count, which generally applies to all types of dabs.

Keep in mind that dabs are for experienced users with a higher tolerance, which is why the puff count recommendations are the same as they are for flower, rather than lower to compensate for the added potency.

Low Dose: 1 puff

Moderate Dose: 2-3 puffs

High Dose: 3+ puffs

THC-B Dosage is All About Experimenting

At the end of the day, how much THC-B you should take really depends on what you want in terms of how high you’d like to get, and your THC tolerance.  At Binoid, all of our THC-B products arrive with clear dosing directions on the label, to make the process of figuring out how much to take a little easier.

Consider starting with a low dose as a beginner, and working your way up over time, to find your own sweet spot with this exciting new cannabinoid.

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