THC-O Benefits List: What You Must Know

THC-O-Acetate (THC-O) is incredibly new to the market, but already, it’s inspiring hemp enthusiasts who are looking for something more powerful than what many hemp-derived products have to offer.  THC-O is nicknamed “the spiritual cannabinoid” due to its powerful psychoactive properties which can be triple the strength of delta 9 THC.  Simply put, it’s unlike any other cannabinoid that is out there, and you may be asking yourself whether or not it’s worth trying on your own. 

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What is THC-O and How Does THCO Work?

THC-O-Acetate is a chemically derived cannabinoid produced by exposing the pure tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) cannabinoid in hemp to unique conditions and chemical derivatives to change its structure entirely.  The result is a synthesized form of THC which is extremely potent and therefore, capable of producing a much stronger high than what natural cannabis can provide.  It comes in the form of a thick oil with a light tint, while also being ethanol-soluble, flavorless, and odorless.

The most common way to consume THC-O is to vape it, usually in the form of a THC-O vape cartridge.  This allows for fast-acting and uniquely potent effects, which is the case for all cannabinoids when consumed in this delivery method.

THC-O Benefits List:

  • Euphoria
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Fun and happiness
  • Described as partly psychedelic
  • Mental and Physical Experience
  • Heavy Hit
  • Body Relief
  • Anxiolytic 
  • Relaxation
  • Sleep
  • Hits harder than Delta 8 THC
  • Last longer than Delta-8

How Long Does THC-O Take To Work?

As an acetate, THC-O can take up to 30 minutes to take effect, compared to other cannabinoids that are more immediate. This is because acetate's metabolize differently, and are technically absorbed more effectively than regular compounds.

Many describe THC-O acetate as a "creeper" because after they use a THCO product, it takes over 30 minutes before it creeps up and hits hard. Definitely be patient with use. 

THC-O Acetate does take extra time to work compared to other products such as Delta 8 products, Delta 10 products, and THCV products. THC-O is also described as a very smooth experience. That means that its very easy to take multiple hits that take a while to kick in, so be careful.

How Long Does THC-O Effects Last?

Additionally, the effects of THC-O last longer than Delta 8 THC so be aware of that when timing your use of THCO. Many describe the effects of THC-O vapes to last 2-3 hours, with the effects of gummies lasting all the way up to 6 hours! THC-O tinctures usually last 3-4 hours total. 

Therefore, be careful with your dosing of THC-O, because it might hit harder and last longer than expected. We always say to start small, and increase your dosage until you hit your perfect amount. 

What Is THC-O Acetate Good For?

THC-O is still being researched, and its properties pertaining to individual functions of the body, through its relationship to cannabinoid receptors, is not yet fully determined.  But, we do know that there are certain properties of this compound that are frequently reported by users, as well as industry experts who have experimented with the compound.

1. THC-O May Enhance Creativity

Many people find that THC-O-Acetate and THC-O products enhance their creativity, which is especially useful to those who are engaged in creative projects whether they be writing, painting, writing music or even finding a creative solution to a problem at work.  All of us have found ourselves in a creative rut from time to time, and there’s no reason why we can’t engage in a legal form of mind alteration in an effort to get those juices flowing again. 

THC-O, like other forms of THC, can change our perspective while the intoxication lasts, opening up new doors in our mind that allow us to see things from a different angle.  This is the result of the way in which THC-O works on cannabinoid receptors in the brain that pertain to problem-solving, and awakens parts of the brain that are usually underactive due to stress, mental fatigue and routine.

2. A Spiritual Experience

Like we mentioned in the beginning, THC-O-Acetate has been nicknamed “the spiritual cannabinoid” due to its unique psychoactive properties that go above and beyond what other forms of THC can offer.  Therefore, it could be useful to anyone looking for a spiritual experience.  THC-O products such as THC-X vape cartridges and THC-X disposables may even be able to help us feel more in touch with our spirituality, providing a sense of comfort while helping us feel more connected to nature and other human beings. 

A spiritual experience is an experience that allows our mind to expand its concept of consciousness, usually leading to a feeling of oneness with the world, and a feeling of being supported or guided by a powerful otherworldly force.  That being said, THC-O may be useful to those who want to take spiritual practices like yoga or meditation to a new level.

3. A Psychedelic Experience

It has been established that THC-O-Acetate products has the potential to produce a psychedelic experience, which is something that makes it unique from other cannabinoids found in cannabis.  A psychedelic experience goes beyond the typical high associated with THC. 

Like other psychedelic substances including LSD and psilocybin (psychoactive mushrooms), THC-O may offer profound, temporary effects on our state of consciousness, allowing for thought patterns that would not occur when sober, as well as a potential for mild visual or auditory hallucinations that many describe as inspiring.  This experience can stay with the user after the high has worn off, effectively expanding their mind and concept of reality.

4. Inner Work and Introspection

Many of us can benefit from inner work and introspection, and THC-O-Acetate may act as a shortcut.  The high produced by THC-O products may give us a rare opportunity to step inside of our own minds and reflect on our experiences, mental patterns and habits while opening us up to the possibility of making positive changes that help us grow. 

THC-O may trigger parts of the brain that hold negative habits and emotional trauma, making these parts more malleable so that we can create real changes in how we think, feel and behave, for the better.  In a sober state, our ways of thinking and behaving are rigid and based on repetition, and we are less likely to take a deeper look and consider the possibility of change.    

5. THC-O Acetate May Benefit Powerful Relief from Aches and Pains

Studies pertaining to THC-O-Acetate’s effects on aches and pains are not yet available, as research is lacking for the time-being.  But, many users report impressive levels of relief, which isn’t all that surprising.  For one thing, cannabinoids in general are associated with relief from physical discomfort, due to their acting on cannabinoid receptors that regulate pain sensitivity and inflammation levels. 

A more potent cannabinoid like THC-O could unsurprisingly yield stronger regulatory effects when it comes to pain. Also, the psychoactive properties associated with THC-O products may temporarily desensitize the brain to pain signals due to the way in which the compound interacts with CB1 receptors in the nervous system.

6. A Couchlock-Free Mental High

“Couchlock” is a term that is attributed mainly to certain strains of cannabis, usually of the indica variety.  It is a state in which the high produced makes us feel unable to leave the couch, due to a feeling of physical lethargy.  Many people who take high quality THC-O products such as Binoid CBD say that despite the potent intoxicating effects of the compound, they do not experience couchlock, and are able to move easily and engage in various physical activities while still experiencing a powerful mental high.

7. Other Potential Therapeutic Uses

As a cannabinoid, there’s little doubt that THC-O has additional therapeutic uses that will be discovered by researchers in the near future.  All cannabinoids have the distinctive ability to bind to cannabinoid receptors that regulate individual processes of the body, found in each bodily system.  Therefore, we’re very much looking forward to finding out what THC-O products may be able to offer outside of its psychoactive effects.

THC-O: A Game-Changing Cannabinoid 

It has quickly become clear that THC-O is a completely one-of-a-kind cannabinoid that can produce a high unlike anything we’ve ever experienced through cannabis.  That being said, due to its potent properties, we recommend that it’s taken by experienced THC enthusiasts who already have a decent tolerance to this class of cannabinoids.

At Binoid, you can find THC-O products that have been lab-tested by a third-party, and come in user-friendly THC-O vape cartridges and THC-O rechargeable disposables offered in a variety of THC-O indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. For ingestibles, they have amazing THC-O tinctures that you can buy right online here

This is a great way to take in the effects of the compound due to the fast-acting yet short-lived nature of this delivery method.  Not only that, but we proudly offer phenomenal prices and unmatched quality so that you can be completely satisfied with your THC-O vape purchase.


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