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As a hemp retailer, it is important to always carry the latest and greatest products to hit the market to maintain a competitive edge and meet as diverse an array of customer demands as possible.  The most cutting-edge cannabinoid-based product right now is THC-O, a federally legal and phenomenally potent hemp-based compound that many real-deal enthusiasts are dying to get their hands on. 

If you want to offer THC-O acetate carts and products at your business, whether it be a physical store or an online retail location, you will want to explore the THC-O wholesale options at Binoid.


Why Choose Binoid For THC-O Vape Carts Wholesale?

Binoid has earned a reputation for offering the most cutting-edge in hemp products and technology, all while being renowned for fair prices and top-shelf, lab-tested formulation that are extremely pure, high in quality and made with carefully sourced ingredients to ensure products that are clean and gentle on the body. 

We even offer a comprehensive wholesale program to retailers that comes with lots of perks, exceptional margins and highly advanced logistics so that retailers’ needs are met in a way that brings generous profits to their businesses.

Gold Standard in THC-O Acetate Cart Quality 

When it comes to quality, nobody has us beat.  Our company is widely trusted throughout the hemp industry because our quality standards exceed those of our competitors, and the consistency that we have maintained is unrivaled.  The THC-O that we carry is completely authentic, pure, and free of contaminants, as can be verified by the lab reports that we provide alongside these products on our website. 

It comes from organic hemp grown domestically by experienced farmers, and the extraction methods that yield THC-O are the most advanced around.  Our THC-O formulas are free of synthetic additives and fillers, offering clean and pure products that customers feel comfortable incorporating into their regular routines.

One of the Largest Selections of THC-O Vape Carts on the Market 

THC-O is so new to the market that as a retailer, you will have an extremely hard time finding it available for wholesale.  We’re always ahead of the curve, which is why you can find a variety of THC-O products here at Binoid

Currently, Binoid carries a generous selection of THC-O vape cartridges in an abundance of popular strains, such as Maui Wowie, Blue Zkittlez, Skywalker OG, Super Harlequin, Do Si Dos, White Runtz as well as a Live Resin THC-O vape cartridge in Cereal Milk strain. Binoid is already working on additional formulations that introduce the cannabinoid through various means. As well, Binoid also have THC-O gummies, THC-O capsules, and THC-O tinctures.

Binoid: A THCO Brand that Customers Trust 

Binoid works only with the most trusted brands in the industry, to maintain our reputation as a hemp supplier that can be trusted.  Binoid carries hemp products from other top-rated companies including Delta Extrax, Ocho and more, and as these companies develop their own THC-O formulas, we will be carrying them into our wholesale program as well, giving customers even more choice while making them feel at ease knowing that they are buying from brands that they already recognize.

Binoid: Excellent Prices for Higher Profits 

We have gone to great lengths to maintain manufacturing in-house, while keeping close relationships with our retail partners.  What this means is that we have the unique ability to offer phenomenal prices both directly to customers and to retailers.  Therefore, you can expect great profits as you will pay less for high-quality THC-O carts and products.

Also, as a wholesaler, you’re treated to 50% margins or less, depending on how much THC-O vape carts and product you order.  Our minimum order amount is only $100, which is almost unheard of.  You will enjoy 65% Binoid brand name products, as well as discounts on the brands that we carry.

Fast Shipping and Comprehensive Logistics 

We know you’re excited to introduce THC-O into your catalog, which is why we manage a highly efficient logistics team that can get you those orders in no time.  Orders leave our warehouse in only 1-2 business days, and our shipping services are extremely fast.  We ship THC-O to all locations in which it’s legal and offer advanced tracking so that you can follow each order’s journey closely.

Fresh THCO Vape Carts for Maximum Customer Satisfaction 

Cannabinoids including THC-O compound do degrade over time, and that’s why we prioritize product freshness.  Our formulas never sit on the shelves for too long, and this way, you can know that by the time a specific product reaches the hands of a customer, it’s fresh, potent and flavorful.

Constant Support 

We have a 24/7 support team that is always eager to help you with your orders.  We can help you decide which THC-O vape cart and products you should carry and address any potential concerns about specific orders.

Join the Binoid THC-O Carts Wholesale Program Today!

At Binoid, we offer the best THC-O wholesale program, hands down. To join and find out more, simply fill out the wholesale form on our website, and we will contact you quickly to help guide you through the process of setting up your first order.  THC-O is the next big thing in the world of hemp and carrying our products will give you a huge edge over your competition.

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