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THC-P is a newcomer to the hemp market, and a naturally occurring compound in the plant material that was discovered a long time ago.  Its effects seem to mirror those of delta 9 THC, while absorbing into the body just as efficiently. 

Naturally, hemp enthusiasts around the country are eager to get their hands on THC-P to find out for themselves whether the compound lives up to the hype.  But, as you may already know as a fan of hemp products, it’s important to choose your retailer wisely to know that you’re getting clean, authentic and lab-tested THC-P products.

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What Kinds of THC-P Products are Available?

THC-P is quickly rising in popularity, but ultimately, it’s basically brand new to the market.  What this means for consumers is that there isn’t a huge selection of THC-P products to choose from – yet.  As time goes on, you’ll see a richer array of THC-P delivery methods and formulations, like we’ve come to expect from CBD and delta 8.  In the meantime, you can find a decent variety of both vapes and tinctures, as these are two very popular delivery methods.  

  • Vapes offer fast-acting, extremely potent, and short-lived effects.
  • Tinctures draw out the effects in an ever-so-slightly milder way, lasting for up to 6 hours, and still extremely potent. 

THC-P Vape Cartridges

THC-P vape carts are the preferred method for the majority of enthusiasts.  Cartridges are available in a wide strain selection and consist solely of pure THC-P extract and terpenes derived from plant material.  They are 510-threaded, making them compatible with any rechargeable, 510-threaded vape pen device equipped for vaping hemp-derived products. 

Our THC-P vape cartridges are now available, one of the first THC-P cartridges on the market with THC-P vape bundles available.  This innovative THC-P vape uses premium 94% THC-P distillate, paired with amazing terpene strains to give a potent and powerful mental and physical buzz.

THC-P Disposable Devices

THC-P disposables are another popular choice for vape lovers.  They are all-in-one, fully disposable systems with a pre-charged battery and pre-filled cartridge attached to one another, so that they can be used directly out of the package.  At no point does the battery need to be charged, or the cartridge refilled.

THC-P Tinctures

THC-P tinctures consist of pure THC-P extract diluted in a carrier oil, in varying milligram strength levels.  They allow you to administer the compound to the sublingual tissue, for efficient absorption into the body.  Our THC-P tincture comes with 1000mg of premium 92% THC-P distillate paired with MCT oil for an easy and enjoyable body and mind experience.

What’s the Best Dosage for an THC-P Routine?

Even if you’ve tried other psychoactive cannabinoids before, it’s important to start slow with THC-P as you never know how it will affect you.  As you continue using it, you can increase your dosage as tolerated and desired.

  • THC-P Vapes: A standard dosage is 1-3 puffs, or 8-24 milligrams on average.  Start with 1 puff as a beginner and allow 30 minutes to pass before considering going in for another puff.  
  • THC-P Tinctures: For a standard 1000mg/30ml THC-P tincture, we recommend going for a half of a dropper full of oil as a beginner.  It can take up to an hour to really feel the effects of the cannabinoid, so be patient.  Eventually, you can work your way up to a full dropper once you feel that your tolerance has increased.

Where Can You Buy THC-P?

Again, THC-P is not as widely available as, say, CBD or delta 8 because of how new it is.  But, that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to acquire.  Ultimately, if you want to secure top-quality THC-P products that are authentic, you can choose from two options.

Option #1: Online Hemp Vendors 

A great option is an online distributor of hemp products, who carries THC-P from various top-rated brands.  This is a great way to see a wide variety of premium products made with high quality standards, while being able to access lab reports to know you’re getting the good stuff, so to speak.

Option #2: Directly from the Company

The other ideal option is buying your THC-P directly from the manufacturer through their website. Not only does this guarantee that you’re getting an authentic product, but it also allows you to learn a lot more about how the product is made.  Binoid is a manufacturer of THC-P, and you can buy THC-P products directly through our website.

Places We Don’t Recommend When Shopping for THC-P

At the end of the day, there are some sources that are almost certain to disappoint if what you’re seeking out is high-quality, fresh and legitimate THC-P.  

  1. Completely avoid any unlicensed vendor, such as a person advertising THC-P on Craigslist.
  2. An individual selling it at a local market without a business license.  
  3. We also don’t recommend purchasing from a convenience store or gas station, as these types of businesses are not known for having strict quality standards with the products they carry.

Why is Buying THC-P Online the Way to Go?

Buying THC-P online rather than in-person is always the preferable way to go, since it offers a lot of advantages that improve the quality of your THC-P experience.

Advantage #1: Traceability and Access to Lab Reports

Shopping for THC-P online allows you to directly access third-party lab reports that show that the product has been proven to be authentic, pure and high in quality.  You can also find out how the product was made in terms of how the hemp was sourced, whether or not it’s organic, what ingredients it’s made with and more.

Advantage #2: Higher Quality Standards and Fresher Products

The online hemp marketplace is extremely competitive compared to local marketplaces that rely on local demand.  This means that online companies work harder to impress consumers by offering generally higher-quality products.  And, because product turnover is so much higher, the products are more likely to be fresh.

Advantage #3: Better Product Selection

Basically, you can explore a wider variety of THC-P products at Binoid made with the cannabinoid, including different delivery methods, formulations, strains and so on.  This lets you really personalize your THC-P experience according to your precise preferences and needs.

Advantage #4: Better Prices and Deals

Another bonus is that online retailers often offer lower prices that reflect their lower overhead costs compared to physical stores.  Beyond that, they tend to have frequent sales, special offers and other kinds of deals to let you really save money.

Binoid Has All Your THC-P Needs Covered

At Binoid you can find only lab-tested, premium-quality THC-P vapes and THC-P tinctures made by our own brand and other trusted names in the industry.  Our fast, discreet shipping paired with our affordable prices makes us a go-to for all hemp enthusiasts, while we proudly carry some of the cleanest formulas around.  If you’re ready to dive into the world of THC-P, Binoid has got you covered.

Anyone who wants to know if THC-P is legal in their state, simply click here.

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