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THCV Shelf Life: Expiration Date

Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) is one of many exciting cannabinoids to act as newcomers to the hemp market.  This fascinating hemp derivative comes with lots of distinctive effects that separate it from the rest, and at Binoid, you can find a wide array of THCV products to explore its effects for yourself. 

But, whether you buy THCV from us or from another company, it’s important to know about this cannabinoid’s shelf life.  That way, you’ll be able to avoid buying expired THCV, or ending up with THCV that’s set to expire sooner than you’ll actually get through the product. 

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THCV: A Cannabinoid That’s More Than a Psychoactive 

Tetrahydrocannabivarin is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in the hemp plant that’s present in only trace levels, but researchers have been studying it for decades, primarily because of its seemingly very promising effects on blood sugar, insulin, and obesity. 

THCV is also a minor psychoactive, but what makes it unusual is that it’s only psychoactive after a certain threshold dosage has been administered, as otherwise, it is strictly non-psychoactive.  It has a higher boiling point as well – 428 degrees, compared to 315 degrees for delta 9 – and a high that lasts for about half the duration of delta 9 THC.

How Long Does THCV Stay Fresh?

In general, pure cannabinoid extracts have a tendency to offer a shelf life of up to 2 years.  This means that if you have a pure tetrahydrocannabivarin isolate on your hands, it will likely last for 24 months before you’ll need to switch it out.  While no research has been done on the shelf life of THCV specifically, we know that this rule of thumb applies to extracts of CBD and other cannabinoids, and the properties of each are similar enough that it’s safe to assume that THCV extract remains stable for the same duration of time.

Why Different Delivery Methods Can Have Different Expiration Dates

Pure THCV extracts can last for up to 2 years in all likelihood, but that doesn’t necessarily apply to all THCV formulas on the market.  That’s because each type of formula contains different ingredients, and some ingredients in the formula can expire sooner than others, thus bringing down the overall shelf life of the product.

  • THCV Disposable Vapes: Because disposables contain the same type of vape oil formula as cartridges, the shelf life is the same.
  • THCV Flower: THCV flower is raw, unprocessed hemp flower which is inherently less chemically stable than an extract.  Flower, on average, is fresh for about 6 months.
  • THCV Dabs: THCV dabs are very similar to flower in that they are not pure extracts, which means that they may have a shelf life of about 6 months.
  • THCV Edibles: The shelf life of an edible depends largely on its ingredients.  For instance, fresh, fruit-based flavorings have a shorter shelf life than synthetic flavoring additives.  On average, you can expect an edible to be fresh for about 3 to 6 months.
  • THCV Capsules: Most THCV capsules consist solely of pure hemp extracts and MCT oil, allowing for a 2 year shelf life. 
  • THCV Tinctures: THCV tinctures also typically contain only pure hemp and MCT oil, thus also allowing for a shelf life of 2 years.

Storing THCV to Extend its Shelf Life

One thing we know about all cannabinoids is that they require precise storage methods to maintain their freshness.  Even if you bought THCV that was only produced a week ago, storing it improperly can cause it to expire quickly. That is why it is always best to order THCV from top online stores such as Binoid THCV.

Cannabinoids do not enjoy being exposed to heat, humidity and light, as all of these factors can make the cannabinoids break down rapidly.  Find a dry area of the home (not a bathroom), and keep your THCV in a cabinet, drawer or closet where the environment stays cool and dark.

Consuming Expired THCV

The good news is that consuming expired tetrahydrocannabivarin is not likely to get you sick.  Once the cannabinoid degrades, it doesn’t become toxic or otherwise harmful.  But, its potency does break down, and this means that consuming expired THCV is likely to not produce any effects that you’re looking for.

How to Know You’re Getting Fresh, Non-Expired THCV Products

You may find that a THCV product you’ve just purchased is either expired or close to expiring.  This is the fault of the manufacturer, who should never be selling products that aren’t fresh.  To ensure nothing but the freshest THCV, you should stick to a trusted, popular online hemp retailer like Binoid CBD, as this provides better freshness assurance in a couple of ways:

Reason #1: Online companies know how competitive the hemp marketplace can be online, which is why they cannot risk their reputation by selling expired or close-to-expiring THCV.  This would cause a lot of negative reviews and possibly end their business.

Reason #2: Online brands that have a lot of visibility due to their popularity are going to see a very high product turnover rate, which means that products are never sitting on the shelves long enough to expire.  This way, you’re always getting a fresh, potent THCV product that has a long way to go before the cannabinoid is no longer effective.

Binoid’s THCV Products: As Fresh as Can Be 

We know that our customers deserve the freshest tetrahydrocannabivarin possible to thoroughly enjoy what this unique cannabinoid is capable of.  That’s why we at Binoid promise to only deliver the freshest and most potent THCV possible. 

Our product turnover rate is so high that products don’t even get a chance to expire in our warehouse.  Simply store our THCV properly, and you’ll enjoy this compound’s fascinating properties as long as you have one of our products in your possession.

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