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Top 10 CBD Affiliate Programs 2020: Best Brands Commissions

Are you a CBD fan?  And, are you looking how to become a CBD affiliate, as you’re always searching for new and easy ways to make money?  If you answered yes to both of these questions, it’s time to look into joining a CBD affiliate program.

What is a CBD Affiliate Program?

A CBD affiliate program is a type of program in which you can receive a commission for directing traffic to a particular CBD company’s website.  You register as an affiliate with the CBD brand, and from there, you receive exclusive links and codes which are used to bring customers from your website or social media to the company you’ve teamed up with.  Because you’re providing them with business, you get a cut of the deal.  Sounds pretty great, right?  It requires essentially next to zero effort on your part, aside from using links and codes to direct customers.  

Affiliate programs are far from unique to the CBD industry.  They’ve basically been a huge part of online marketing since e-commerce first began.  They’ve gotten more advanced over the years as companies are better able to track their traffic and advertise to customers using various methods.

10 CBD Brands Affiliate Programs to Check Out

These websites below offer affiliate programs, and their terms are unique.  Let’s cover them all.

#10: We R CBD

We R CBD offers an affiliate program that provides an 8 percent commission through referrals.  Referrals are adequately tracked so that you can count on getting your earned money through each sale that is made as a result of joining the program.  Payment is made to you on a monthly basis, and you’ll get a unique customized link upon signing up that is easy to incorporate into your website or social media with the branding that you’ve chosen.

#9: CBD Luxe

CBD Luxe is a very popular hemp company that offers a customizable affiliate program.  Recognizing that everyone’s branding and connection with their followers is unique, they offer general codes and links that are customizable, and are particularly lenient about how you market CBD Luxe to your following.  They offer a 30-day referral period, and give a 20 percent commission. 

This is a company that offers many deals to customers, so you’ll be able to advertise these tempting deals to your following to increase your chance of referral sales.  Further, CBD Luxe treats this as a true partnership, helping design your marketing plan along with you to ensure as much success as possible.

#8: cbdMD 

CbdMD is a brand that keeps on growing, so joining their affiliate program can help you as it’s a recognizable name in the industry.  They offer a 20 percent commission through referrals, and provide banners, emails, links, images and more that can easily be incorporated into your brand, so that you don’t have to do the hard work designing your own campaigns and images.  CbdMD is known for their affordable pricing, which can appeal to a wider audience that you have already developed.

#7: Joy Organics

Joy Organics is a fast-growing hemp company with a name that’s already familiar to many wellness enthusiasts.  They offer a generous 25 percent commission off of referral sales, and beyond that, they have a bonus program that allows you to get even more income as a result of becoming an affiliate partner.  The company reviews you upon application, and if they decide that you’re fit for the program, they’ll provide you with links that can be shared via various means.

#6: CBD Essence 

CBD Essence is known for their high-quality hemp products, and consumers trust the brand.  Their commission is between 25 and 40 percent based on the product and retailer.  They also pay affiliates on a monthly basis.

#5: Lola Hemp

Lola Hemp is a CBD pet company, and with this submarket booming, joining as an affiliate is a smart move.  The commission is 20 percent, and you can be paid every other week.  You’ll get a coupon code that can be shared with your pet-loving following, and the products that the brand offers are fully legitimate and tested, which means that your following can feel comfortable purchasing from them.

#4: Nutracanna

Nutracanna is a popular choice, as their affiliate program has been in existence for quite a while and has proven to be very lucrative.  Nutracanna offers a 15 percent commission, and making sales is easy thanks to the uniquely appealing nature of their products.  Affiliates are paid on a monthly basis.

#3: CBDfx

CBDfx has a stellar affiliate program that offers a 25 percent commission on referral sales.  This is a major brand that already sees a lot of traffic, so advertising them will work in your favor as many people already know the company.  Further, affiliates can enjoy additional offers and deals by signing up.  Payments are made monthly.  And, the company uses advanced tracking software to ensure that you absolutely get every penny that you deserve.

#2: Pure CBD Vapors

Pure CBD Vapors offers a more involved affiliate program that increases your chances of earnings.  They offer 11 percent commission for new customer orders on top of an 8 percent base commission.  There are various incentives for affiliates which can lead to an increase in sales.  Banners, coupons, and links are provided to fit within the brand and give a professional look, which means minimal effort on your part. 

And this is a company that is always offering new and exciting deals, so you’ll have no trouble appealing to your following.  Pure CBD Vapors sells CBD goods from top-rated companies, being a distributor, so you’ll be sharing highly recognizable brands with your followers.

#1: Binoid CBD

Binoid CBD is the best CBD affiliate program because not only are they a top brand with amazing CBD products, they also distribute for some of the largest brands in the industry. This includes CBDistillery, CBDfx, and Medterra. This means, on top of their own product line, you can be an affiliate with all of these brands at your disposal. This is one of a kind. 

Additionally, Binoid CBD offers one of the most generous set of terms of all.  They offer a 25 percent commission, which is quite impressive, and allows you to provide a practically irresistible 10 percent off code to your following, which increases the chances of making sales for both parties. 

Referrals are tracked using up-to-date software, and commissions can be conveniently deposited into your Paypal account.  Furthermore, you have the ability to customize codes and links using your unique branding that has earned you the following that you have.

What also makes Binoid CBD special is that they pay their affiliates every Week instead of every month. Most if not all other brands pay commissions monthly. However, Binoid CBD pays weekly! This gives their affiliates almost immediate cash flow.

People can sign up here:

Orders are tracked from the referral link and discount code. Referral links can be adjusted from the customers end and they can put in their paypal and other information for payment as well. 

For more information on our program check here:

Join The Best CBD Affiliate Program Today!

Join Binoid CBD’s affiliate program today, and get started making money! An affiliate program can combine your love for hemp with your internet-savvy nature, helping you earn money while promoting your favorite wellness products to those who interact with you.  It’s very easy to join, just press on the links above or go to our “Affiliate” section on the about part on our website.

With what Binoid CBD offers in the affiliate program cannot be matched by any other company. Just by the uniqueness of the products, the product quality, great pricing, saleability and last but not least he amazing brands carried. Check Binoid CBD out here!  

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