What Is Water Soluble CBD & Why Is It Better Than CBD Oil?

What is Water Soluble CBD?

This is an interesting question, because there are many ways to define “Water-Soluble” Cannabidiol (CBD). 

Many companies use this term differently. Some describe it as CBD oil that has been pressured down into smaller and smaller articles that allows for easier solubility or mixability into liquids. Some identify this process as "Nano-emulsifying" or creating nano particles. 

Others describe it as a new technique of manufacturing a CBD product using water instead of oil. Formulator sometimes use emulsifiers to create a water-soluble solution without oil. Emulsifiers can include Polysorbate and other natural compounds to stabilize the substances and compounds. 

What is the problem with CBD oil?

The problem with traditional CBD oil stems from the fact that oil and water do not mix well at all. Just add some CBD oil to water and see for yourself. Our bodies are much the same way, because we are made up of around 70% water. This tells us that CBD oil likely does not absorb into our bodies well or efficiently.

Evidence suggests that our body absorbs around 20-35% of the CBD from oils, on the maximum. On the minimum it can even hover around 10% depending on many aspects of your body and genetics such as metabolism, height-weight ratios and how full your stomach is. 

water soluble cbd oil for pain relief

Because our bodies are 70% water, water soluble compounds transport easier and faster through our body, while also being up to 4-5 times more effective than non-water soluble compounds. This means that your CBD products may be 5x less effective than what you could be getting! That is not good value.

This is why we have created our revolutionary Binoid CBD Wellness Drops that are not only 4-5x more useful to your body, they are also a much better CBD experience than your out-dated oil. On top of faster and easier acting. More on this later. 

How is Water Soluble CBD so much more effective?

But how exactly does water-soluble provide 4-5x times more effectiveness? The answer to this lies in why non water-soluble compounds are less effective. This is because of something called “First Pass Metabolism (Effect).” This effect is the explanation for a phenomenon of drug metabolism in which the usefulness of the drug (and even plant extracts) are reduced considerably before it reaches your blood. 

The entire system (your digestive system) the “drug” or in this case “CBD” goes through diminishes the ratio of absorption. Meaning valuable effectiveness is lost. Namely the sections related to the liver and gut wall decrease the absorption rate of CBD by the most. This problem not only affects CBD, but all compounds ingested through the mouth. Especially plant based compounds. Other affected compounds include Curcumin (turmeric), Nitroglycerin and Cannabis.  

water soluble cbd first pass metabolism digestion effectiveness

CBD itself cannot effectively move through the hepatic portal vein system when it is swallowed in the traditional CBD oil state. But no brand will say this. However, first-pass metabolism only affects the bioavailability of CBD when it is consumed and absorbed orally through your digestive system. Putting the tincture drops under the tongue does increase bioavailability, but by less than 10-15%. With a possible total absorption of 40%! Just for comparison sake, this translates to a very low F in any school. At that point, why even study. And at this point, why even take CBD oil. 

On the other hand, water-soluble CBD can have an absorption of 80% conservatively, all the way up to the high 90%! Binoid Wellness Drops range in the 90% based off our research. 

Simply, without any scientific voodoo, we improve our CBD using natural techniques to break down the Cannabidiol molecules and make them easier to pass through your body and therefore absorb into your blood. 

What else should I know about Water-Soluble CBD?

Another reason we decided to create our water-soluble Wellness Drops is because when interviewing people about CBD oil, the number one complaint they had was about the flavor and taste of the oil. Many people said the taste was bitter with a harsh aftertaste. Even sometimes stating, “gross”. This is due to the fact that CBD is a plant extract, almost like sap from tree bark. Making it very bitter. That’s why it has to be diluted with Coconut (MCT) Oil to make the solution not taste as bad. Yes, this is all fact. 

Healthiest cbd oil brand water soluble

This is why we formulated our Wellness Drops, they are a much better CBD experience than traditional, and usually unhealthy CBD oil. With our proprietary formulation, we found the CBD experience to be so much better ourselves, and is why we were so inclined and excited to bring it to you as well. 

The truth is, CBD oil is not that effective, does not taste very good, and is actually fairly unhealthy with all of the oil being ingested. It is simply an inferior product. And was just the beginning and introduction of true CBD wellness.

What are "Binoid CBD Wellness Drops?"

Binoid is our brand, founded in 2018 to help you live more, naturally. CBD Wellness Drops is the name of our flagship product that currently comes in four all natural flavors. Ginger, Lemon, Orange, and Peppermint. They are water soluble, as brought to attention by this article. 

Our Wellness Drops are truly crafted to revolutionize CBD Wellness, as well as create the best CBD dropper experience. That is why they are called wellness drops. We had two internal scientists as well as CBD-specific formulators work together to create our proprietary and beneficial drop formulations. 

Healthiest and best tasting CBD option

No one else has worked as hard as we did, to create a CBD product this good. For you, and your health. 

Here are some of the main benefits of our Wellness Drops:

  1. More effective: Scientific evidence points to an increase in bioavailability, or the percentage of the CBD that your body will absorb by up to 4-5x! Meaning our drops may be 4-5 times more effective for you than traditional oils. 
  2. Need less for same results: Because it is more effective than CBD oils, you will be able to take much less to achieve the same results. 
  3. Cost-saving: Because you can take less, you will save cost over time versus inefficient CBD oils. 
  4. Easier to take: Additionally, because the molecules are so small, they pass right through your tongue pores. Right into your blood-stream. This means you do not have to put the water soluble CBD under your tongue if you do not like to. You can put it on top of your tongue too. However, we do suggest under your tongue just for the highest bioavailability possible. 
  5. Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract: Our Water Soluble CBD utilized broad spectrum hemp extract, which is the most effective type of hemp extract. This is because Broad Spectrum contains all the effective components (cannabinoids) of the hemp plant, except THC. The Hemp plant contains many beneficial cannabinoids. In fact, around 113 cannabinoids have been found. Each with their own benefits and uses. Our product contains all of these, except THC. 
  6. Will Pass Drug Test: This means our drops are THC-Free, which allows a higher amount of people to use our products. Including those in the military, professional and medical fields, government positions and all else that perform drug tests. Our Wellness Drops will NOT trigger a drug test. 

What is the best Water Soluble CBD? 

The best Water Soluble Cannabidiol is easy. Our Wellness Drops are true water soluble CBD without any gimmicks or fake exaggeration. We are proud to say we crafted, through many revisions, the best tasting and freshest CBD tincture available to make your CBD experience as best as possible. Yes, we are biased, but we are confident you will not find anything better out there. Why do we think this? Because no one else has studied, analyzed and worked on create a truly revolutionary water soluble CBD product like we have. We have two scientists on our team as well as a team of CBD-specific formulators that worked to perfect our formula. 

Tips to knowing high quality water-soluble CBD: 

  1. When you hear a company say Water Soluble CBD oil, and it looks the same as normal CBD oil, they are likely lying about their product being fully water soluble. Or even different at all. It may be fake, which sadly is prominent in the CBD space currently.
  2. If the company has no proof on the water-soluble CBD being absorbed into water and juices, then it is likely not water soluble. Why would you not have proof on one of the coolest advantages of water soluble!
  3. See if the company uses CBD Isolate or Broad Spectrum. CBD Isolate is great for those looking for pure CBD. However, if people are looking for the benefits of all the cannabinoids of the hemp plant without the possibility of failing a drug test, you should get a product that uses Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract. 

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