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What Are THCA Liquid Diamonds?

The hemp industry is constantly evolving and refining its own methods for supplying consumers with the purest, highest-quality, and most effective forms of cannabinoids and terpenes possible.  And, with the massive popularity of THCA, which clearly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, we’re excited to see an entirely new type of THCA extract hitting the market, known as liquid diamonds.

Liquid diamonds can be compared to distillate, as a type of hemp extract that contains an ultra-purified form of the cannabinoid that’s ready to go into all kinds of product types, or even enjoyed on its own.

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THCA Liquid Diamonds: The Basics

For those who still aren’t familiar with THCA, let’s fill you in.  THCA is tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, the raw, acid precursor cannabinoid to delta 9 THC.  All of the cannabinoids that we seek out for their psychoactive and therapeutic uses have undergone a process called decarboxylation, in which they’re heated to alter their chemical structure, to gain the ability to attach to cannabinoid receptors in the body.

Decarboxylation most commonly occurs when raw cannabis flower is heated, traditionally to be smoked.  THCA is known for its numerous potential health benefits, which is something that we’ve covered in the past.  But, the main appeal of this cannabinoid from a consumer perspective is that heating it converts it into delta 9 THC, a cannabinoid that’s heavily restricted throughout the country.

What are Liquid THCA Diamonds?

In the simplest terms, liquid diamonds are a combination of live resin sauce and THCA diamonds – two distinctive types of concentrates that are paired together to provide a potent and highly pure liquid end product. The “diamonds” part of the name comes from the fact that when cannabinoids are concentrated into a crystalline form, they look just like diamonds, not only in shape and structure, but in color – something that’s very important to keep in mind, because cannabinoids do not have any color properties of their own.

The clearer the concentrate – in this case diamonds, the purer the cannabinoid content.  Diamonds can be up to 99.99% pure, as they contain almost zero terpenes. That incredibly high purity level means that using THCA diamonds is going to give you phenomenally strong effects – and don’t forget that THCA converts into delta 9 when heated through dabbing, smoking, or vaping (or even cooking), so you’re actually just going to get a very potent delta 9 high from diamonds.


Now, we’ve established what diamonds are, but like we said, liquid diamonds are made from combining THCA diamonds with live resin sauce.  Live resin is another type of cannabis extract made by flash-freezing fresh cannabis flower, rather than dry-curing it, which is the more traditional method for preserving the plant’s buds.

The process of making live resin preserves the trichomes of the plant more effectively, and those trichomes carry the plant’s cannabinoids, terpenes, flavor, and aroma.  The result is a far more potent and flavorful type of extract that can deliver stronger effects and more general satisfaction.  When compared to more traditional types of extracts, live resin is noticeably thicker and darker in color thanks to its higher terpene count.

How are Liquid THCA Diamonds Made?

We’ve already explained the basics on how live resin is produced, through flash-freezing fresh, raw cannabis plant material.  This is frequently achieved through either liquid nitrogen or dry ice.  Making liquid THCA diamonds also involves use of a solvent – most often butane – which extracts the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from the raw plant material after flash-freezing has occurred.  This way, all that you end up with in the final product is the desirable compounds, discarding the plant material that serves no purpose to the user.

Once butane is applied, the cannabinoids naturally begin to crystallize.  At this stage, a small amount of solvent is left in the extract, to purge out for 48 hours.  The result is an ultra-potent concentrate in which all of the THCA becomes crystallized, to create a visible separation between the THCA and the remaining components of the live resin.


Due to this unique and thorough process, what you end up with is 95%-99% pure THCA diamonds, that contain no terpenes, and the terpene-rich live resin, which also carries the strain of the product.  At this stage, the sauce is gently poured off of the diamonds.  This is known as “harvesting”.

Now, at this stage, the THCA can be decarboxylated, or that can be left to the consumer.  Hemp-derived THCA diamonds are not decarboxylated, because delta 9 THC is illegal, but THCA is not.  The diamonds are then reintroduced into the liquid live resin, and what you have is an unbelievably pure and potent concentrate known as liquid diamonds.

Liquid Diamonds vs. Live Resin vs. Distillate

Now that we’ve established what liquid diamonds are, let’s compare them to the two other types of cannabis extracts that are dominating the market right now – live resin and distillate.

We’ve talked pretty much at length about live resin at this point.  But, products that contain live resin, which aren’t classified as liquid diamonds, are missing the diamond component.  Live resin on its own is most commonly found in vape oils, where it’s combined with a cannabinoid distillate, being an alternative to diamonds that’s vape-friendly.  After all, vaping systems can’t reach high enough temperatures to melt the liquid diamonds into an oil, and the diamonds would therefore only clog up a vaping cartridge.


Live resin can also be found in dabs, blended with flower, or used to make edibles like gummies, or tinctures.  Again, in these applications, the live resin serves as the terpene-rich hemp extract, while the cannabinoid distillate in the product offers the potent source of the desired cannabinoid.

Distillate differs from liquid diamonds in a number of ways.  For one thing, by nature, distillate is a purified cannabinoid extract – again, basically the alternative to cannabinoid diamonds.  But, it’s in oil form rather than crystal form, and that makes it easier to “work with,” so to speak – it blends into vape oils, tinctures, gummies, and so on, being liquid rather than solid.

Distillate doesn’t typically yield the same purity level as diamonds, but it does come close.  You can tell by the fact that distillate is rarely clear, like diamonds are, indicating more remaining terpenes in the final product.  It’s made by applying distilled steam to the cannabis material, purifying the desired cannabinoid by varying pressure and temperature amounts to evaporate the undesired compounds, leaving only one remaining.  Distillate is also fully decarboxylated, unlike diamonds, which’re decarbed by the user.

How are Liquid THCA Diamonds Used?

Liquid THCA diamonds are going to be sold mostly as is, rather than mixed with another type of product.  More and more companies are producing liquid THCA diamond dabs, and remember that however you use this product, you’re going to get far, far more potent delta 9 effects than with standard, more traditional vape oils or flower – or even most dabs, like wax and shatter.  Liquid THCA diamonds can also be sprinkled onto flower before the flower is smoked or vaporized, to intensify the effects you’re looking for.


At the end of the day, the most common way to utilize this product is through dabbing.  Liquid THCA diamonds are ultimately a concentrate, and are most often sold in their natural, as-is form, which performs best when dabbed – in other words, vaporized at a very high temperature through a dabbing device, like a dab rig, dab pen, or e-rig.  And, many will argue that dabbing is the ideal way to enjoy this product, since the high potency and purity is great for flash-vaporization.

You may also find that liquid THCA diamonds are going into pre-rolls on the market these days, to offer a flower product that’s ultimately more potent.  With increasing demands among consumers for a more potent delta 9 high, it’s no surprise that flower products – pre-rolls in particular – are getting enhanced with all kinds of different forms of concentrate to boost those THC levels.

Liquid THCA Diamonds: An Unbelievably Pure and Powerful Way to Enjoy Legal THCA 

Liquid THCA diamonds are a perfect example of how the hemp industry is becoming more and more advanced every day, finding new and exciting ways to satisfy our most demanding needs.  As you can see, liquid THCA diamonds deliver an unbelievably pure form of THCA, paired with the powerful effects of full-spectrum live resin.

At Binoid, liquid THCA diamonds haven’t arrived just yet.  But, in the meantime, you can treat yourself to our own version of liquid THCA diamonds: our THCA Live Rosin Diamond Wax Dabs.  Boasting a stunning 99% purity level, they combine THCA diamonds with terpene-rich live rosin for an unbelievably fresh, tasty, and potent experience.

Made for dabbing, this product will give you a stunning delta 9 high, and even comes in a variety of highly sought-after strains for only pure, intense bliss.  Plus, you won’t have you worry about using a cheap, low-quality or even dangerous product.

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