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What Is 11-Hydroxy-THC?

Currently, you might be overwhelmed by the ever-growing number of cannabinoids that’re entering the hemp market, at a faster pace than ever.  As an influx of research goes into studying cannabis, the more we find never-before-seen, ultra-trace cannabinoids that we at no time even knew existed.  But, 11-Hydroxy-Δ⁹-tetrahydrocannabinol, usually referred to as 11-hydroxy-THC is a little different. 

11-hydroxy-THC isn’t exactly a cannabinoid that you can extract out of hemp, but rather a byproduct of taking THC.  If that sounds confusing, don’t worry.  By shedding some light on this new cannabinoid, we are absolutely certain it’ll prove to be one of the most sought-after hemp-based products out there thanks to its stunningly unique nature. 11 Hydroxy THC products are getting more popular. 

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11-Hydroxy-THC: What You Need to Know

11-Hydroxy-Δ⁹-tetrahydrocannabinol is not a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant, but rather a metabolite produced in the body after delta 9 THC has been consumed.  Delta 9 converts into 11-hydroxy-THC in the liver, as part of the metabolization process in which delta 9 THC eventually breaks down and leaves the body. 

Basically, when you consume THC, 11-hydroxy THC emerges as the first stage of your body breaking down the cannabinoid. If you’ve ever wondered why THC edibles have such a distinctive feeling in the body, 11-hydroxy THC is to thank.  Ingesting THC means that your liver is given the task of processing it before releasing it into the bloodstream. 

During this stage, the liver turns THC into 11-hydroxy THC, which allows for a completely one-of-a-kind type of high that’s unique from other delivery methods.  11-hydroxy THC can be replicated exactly through the use of solvents, so that the body recognizes it as this modified form of THC regardless of the delivery method that it comes in.

Does 11-Hydroxy-THC Get You High?

Yes, 11-hydroxy THC will get you high, just like THC edibles will get you high.  And, interestingly, because it’s already partially metabolized, it will get you high faster.  Edibles are notorious for their long onset time, but with 11-hydroxy THC, a big part of the process has already been complete, so you can feel the effects very fast.  And, it’s highly bioavailable, offering a high that can be 2 to 3 times as strong as delta 9.

It’s believed that otherwise, 11-Hydroxy-Δ⁹-tetrahydrocannabinol’s high is identical to delta 9 THC; feeling a lot like what happens when you consume delta 9 in edible form – except, once again, it’s more potent.  So, you can expect a dreamy, euphoric cerebral effect, and a particularly pronounced body high that makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. 

When you vape or smoke cannabis the 11-Hydroxy-THC levels are only around 5 percent. However, when you take a cannabis product orally, the average levels studied showed the 11-Hydroxy-THC levels start from 25 percent THC and climb from there. In addition, the 11-Hydroxy-THC more effectively crosses the blood-brain barrier than Delta 8 or Delta 9 THC.

Best Place To Buy 11 Hydroxy Vape Carts

As of now, the only real 11 Hydroxy THC products on the market are Binoid’s new 11 Hydroxy THC vapes. They use premium 94% Hydroxy 11 THC distillate, and are produced with hydrogenated cannabinoids.  Other brands do not seem to have the same quality or effects currently. Therefore, we definitely suggest buying 11 HXY THC online from Binoid, as they are a trusted brand with over 35000 reviews on their website. They are the best and most potent HXY 11 THC cartridges on the market. 

However, given the buzz around 11 HXY THC, we anticipate that this will become a trend throughout the hemp industry in the future.  This hydrogenation process can be applied to any existing cannabinoid-based product on the hemp market.  Everything from CBD topicals to delta 8 vape cartridges and delta 8 gummies can be made with hydrogenated versions of their active compounds to simply work more effectively through enhanced bioavailability.  It could even become a new standard for processing hemp formulas.

What Else Can 11-Hydroxy THC Do?

Here’s where things get a little trickier.  11-Hydroxy-Δ⁹-tetrahydrocannabinol is a metabolite that we’ve known exists for a long time, as it’s simply part of the metabolization process after consumption of THC.  But, scientists have never considered that 11-hydroxy THC could be replicated and consumed in this semi-metabolized state, and so the potential therapeutic use for 11-hydroxy THC has never really been analyzed. 

In other words, we don’t know what non-psychoactive effects the cannabinoid can offer, as we’ve never had a need to study them before.  11-hydroxy THC is a very new development, and it takes time to research any cannabinoid.

Because 11-hydroxy THC is unlike any other out there, in that it’s not a cannabinoid plucked from the buds of the hemp plant, it’s hard to offer an idea of how it interacts with the endocannabinoid system for the time-being.  Some suggestions have been made that it can be particularly powerful when it comes to anti-inflammatory activity, but that’s about all that’s been uttered so far about its possible benefits.

Is 11-hydroxy-THC Identical to Delta 11 THC

A common mistake is confusing delta 11 THC with 11-hydroxy THC, a metabolite found in the liver.  These are two different things entirely.  In fact, just simply do a GOOGLE search on “delta 11 THC”, and you will see a lot of results for a THC metabolite called 11-hydroxy-THC, which isn’t the same thing as the natural phytocannabinoid delta-11 THC.  

It has become more recognizable in the field of cannabis pharmacokinetics that 11-hydroxy THC is what delta 9 metabolizes into once it gets broken down by the liver’s enzymes, serving as a middleman of sorts, before converting into THC-COOH, which is what triggers a positive urine drug test result. 

How Are Effects of Delta 11 and 11-Hydroxy Different?

In terms of effects, 11 Hydroxy is quite a bit stronger than Delta 11. The effects of Delta 11 are fairly mild, and are most good to enhance the effects of other compounds. The effects of 11 Hydroxy are a bit stronger, and can hold its own versus other cannabinoids. However, neither of them are extremely strong in terms of overall physical and mental high strength. 

What Kinds of 11-Hydroxy-THC Products Can I Buy?

Anyone of adult age ready to go out and buy some 11-hydroxy THC products, you will notice that there isn’t all that much on the market – yet.  Again, it’s an extremely new addition to the industry, so it will take some time before 11-hydroxy THC formulas becomes widely available.  Still, 11-hydroxy THC is gonna be most commonly found in these distinct product forms:

  • 11 Hydroxy Vapes: You will be able to buy 11-hydroxy THC in the form of pre-filled, 510-threaded vape cartridges, as well as disposable vape pens, both of which will come in many strains.
  • 11 Hydroxy Gummies: 11-hydroxy THC gummies will be available in various milligram strengths and flavors, offering up to 8 hours of effectiveness.
  • 11 Hydroxy Tinctures: 11-hydroxy THC tinctures can deliver a way to administer the cannabinoid sublingually, in the form of an oil consisting of a distillate of the cannabinoid paired with MCT oil or another natural carrier oil.
  • Is 11-Hydroxy THC Legal? State By State List

    Good question – 11-Hydroxy-Δ⁹-tetrahydrocannabinol is no less legal than any other psychoactive, non-delta 9 cannabinoid in hemp.  Like delta 8 THC, hemp-derived delta 9 THC, delta 10 THC, THC-O, THC-P, THCV, and so many other compounds, 11-hydroxy THC complies with the 2018 Farm Bill, making the cannabinoid federally legal, because it contains no more than 0.3% delta 9 THC.  On flip side though, any state that has banned delta 8 THC will prohibit 11-hydroxy THC, and those states would be the following

    • Alaska
    • Arizona
    • Arkansas
    • Colorado
    • Delaware
    • Hawaii (Oral and Inhalable Products)
    • Idaho
    • Iowa
    • Mississippi
    • Montana
    • Nevada
    • New York
    • North Dakota
    • Oregon
    • Rhode Island
    • Utah
    • Vermont
    • Washington

    Where To Buy 11-Hydroxy-THC Online

    Currently, you can buy 11 Hydroxy THC products from trusted online brands such as Binoid CBD and Delta-8. They have brand new 94% Delta 11 vapes that come in 4 amazing strains and you can get right on their website for an amazing price.

    In fact, Binoid is one of the first brands to carry 11 Hydroxy products and vapes that are extremely potent and enjoyable. On top of their amazing product, they have amazing customer service, Delta 11 vape prices are the lowest we have seen, and just overall one of the best places to buy 11 Hydroxy THC vapes online

    11 Hydroxy-THC Effects and Benefits List

    • Strong mental and body experience
    • Chilled
    • Relaxed
    • Happy
    • Anxiolytic properties
    • Relief
    • Restful

    As we still have a lot to learn about 11 Hydroxy, what we do know is that its psychoactive properties are already making it extremely popular.  The high is often compared to Delta 8, and in fact, the two cannabinoids seem to be popular to take together, as there may be a synergistic effect that really gives you a phenomenal experience within the body and mind in terms of mood, relaxation and so on.

    The key thing to know about 11 HXY THC high is that it is all about euphoria.  People describe a stronger feeling of euphoria than they’ve ever experienced with any other cannabinoid.  Also is potentially very-long lasting, as we are aware that many other cannabinoid-based products provide only a short phase of euphoria that doesn’t last for the duration of the high.

    Also, alongside the euphoria effect, users report a uniquely powerful body high that can be intensely relaxing, and great for easing physical tension.

    11 Hydroxy-THC Side Effects 

    • Strong mental and physical experience
    • Dry Mouth
    • Headache
    • May last for 1-2 hours
    • Powerful body experience

    Taking too much 11 HXY THC, like any psychoactive compound can cause intense side effects. Again, because the compound is strong we suggest smaller dosages first then taking higher doses after time once you get comfortable with the compound and effects. 

    Will 11-Hydroxy-THC Fail A Drug Test?

    As a rule of thumb, any time you encounter a cannabinoid with “THC” in the name, you should assume that it puts you at risk of failing a drug test.  Why?  Because all THC-based cannabinoids are metabolized by an enzyme called THC-COOH, which is what standard drug tests are seeking to identify in a person’s urine.  Because 11 Hydroxy THC is related to Delta 9, there’s good reason to believe that it is likely to fail a drug test.

    How High Can I Get from 11 Hydroxy THC?

    Again, information on this cannabinoid is very limited, but one study has suggested that 11 Hydroxy THC is about 2x as intoxicating as delta 9 THC.  But, that has yet to be verified by more research, and 11 HXY is not available on the market just yet, so we don’t have much anecdotal evidence to rely on either.  

    Try a Faster-Acting and Potent Form of THC Today!

    As you can see, 11-Hydroxy-Δ⁹-tetrahydrocannabinol is a gamechanger, offering a whole new way to experience THC in its secondary metabolite form.  And, once again, 11-hydroxy THC is a federally compliant hemp derivative, that much we also do clearly recognize.  So, keep an eye out for 11-hydroxy THC on Binoid’s website as we prepare to launch it very soon, in all of the familiar product forms that you know and enjoy. 

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