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What Is CBG & What Is It Used For?

If there’s one buzzword that has taken over the wellness industry over the last decade, it’s CBD.  Today, we can choose from an extraordinary range of CBD-infused products, including CBD topicals, CBD beauty products and even CBD bath bombs, not to mention the more traditional applications like tinctures, vape oils, edibles and more.

But, as many of us know, CBD is just one compound found in the hemp plant.  And, we also know that the hemp plant is naturally rich in lots of different and unique compounds that all have their own properties.  So, why does CBD get to enjoy all the attention, when there are other compounds that can work just as hard once they’re in our bodies?

Well, for one thing, CBD is the leading compound that’s in hemp, so all hemp products naturally contain more CBD than any other compound that occurs in nature.  Additionally, CBD has been the most heavily researched compound, largely because it’s so easy to isolate and extract compared to other compounds in the plant material.


What is CBG and what does it do for pain anxiety sleep

But, there’s another compound of hemp in town, and it’s called Cannabigerol or CBG.  This compound is also a cannabinoid, just like CBD.  Yet, it seems to have its own fascinating properties that show us that it can be just as useful as CBD.

At Binoid CBD, we’re very excited to see that more people are showing interest in CBG.  We’ve been on the CBG train for a while and have been studying its properties closely. That’s why our Binoid Drops contain a higher amount of this compound than other products of a similar nature.  We can’t wait to share this special product with you. But first, let’s talk about CBG in depth so that you can understand it fully. 

Cannabigerol, Phytocannabinoids and Your Body

A lot of regular CBD users have a pretty good idea of its unique properties, but they aren’t quite sure why CBD is unique from other plant compounds.  Well, the most interesting thing about CBD is that it’s a cannabinoid. Cannabinoids refer to a class of compounds that dominate the cannabis plant, as you would assume based on the name. Now, to be a bit more technical, the cannabinoids that occur naturally in cannabis are referred to as phytocannabinoids. This means that they are cannabinoids that are derived specifically from plants.  Of course, making this distinction would infer that there are other sources of cannabinoids out there.

Well, in fact, that is the case. Our bodies are actually capable of producing cannabinoids on their own, as are all mammals.  What produces these cannabinoids is the endocannabinoid system that’s within the human body. It consists of an intricate series of cannabinoid receptors placed all throughout the body. These cannabinoids that are self-produced are sent to cannabinoid receptors that correspond with bodily processes and systems including sleep, mood, hormones, inflammation, immune function and more.

The endocannabinoid system is, in essence, responsible for homeostasis. When cannabinoid receptors receive cannabinoids, chemical reactions occur, and this stimulates the regulation of bodily processes that are involved in our overall well-being.

However, science suggests that a lot of us are deficient in cannabinoids. We don’t know exactly why, but we think it may be a result of human evolution.

How does CBG and CBD differ

So, what does any of this have to do with CBG? Well, CBD is just one phytocannabinoid that exists in hemp.  It has its own unique properties, and so the cannabinoid receptors in the body can potentially fulfill certain functions when they receive it.  But the endocannabinoid system is capable of processing the full variety of phytocannabinoids, including CBG. So, it’s easy to assume that the body can do unique things with CBG compared to CBD.

Now What Exactly is Cannabigerol (CBG)?

CBG is cannaibgerol, and it naturally occurs in hemp. However, it’s not as naturally prominent as CBD.  In fact, it’s pretty low on the list of chemical compounds. If you were to consume the hemp plant in its natural form, you’d be consuming far less CBG than, say, CBD and CBN.

What Does CBG Do?

CBG is only now being studied for its properties independent of other compounds in hemp.  Therefore, the research is unfortunately limited. But, that doesn’t mean that we haven’t discovered some very interesting things about it as of late.  

How to use CBG oil for pain anxiety sleep

What we know about CBG is that it’s just as capable of being received by cannabinoid receptors as CBD. And, we know that there are cannabinoid receptors all along the body, including along the skin, within the muscles, throughout the digestive system, within the brain and so on. The majority of people who seek out CBG specifically are people who deal with inflammation and pain. In fact, CBG is becoming especially popular among women who struggle with PMS symptoms such as cramps and lower back pain, which as we know are two of the most common symptoms related to our cycles.

How’s CBG Produced and Where Can I Find It?

Now that you know the basics on Cannabigerol, you’re probably wondering how it is made, in order to experience it in some sort of form. Well, as mentioned earlier, CBG naturally occurs in the hemp plant, but in very small amounts. Full plant hemp goods, which are commonly referred to as “full spectrum,” naturally contain the levels of CBG that are in the plant material. So, if you consume a full spectrum hemp product, you already consume CBG regularly.

To produce CBG isolate, which is a concentrate containing just CBG without the presence of other hemp compounds, you’d have to pay a pretty penny. While it’s relatively easy to make a CBD isolate product due to the high levels of CBD per hemp flower, producing CBG is not so simple. It either requires way more plant material, because again, this is because of how low it is in terms of volume within hemp. Or it can be made in higher amounts by extracting hemp plants earlier in the season.

It has been found that hemp plants contain a large amount of CBG first, before turning into all of the other cannabinoids later in the season. It is known as the “mother of all cannabinoids” for this reason. Most cannabinoids come from CBG. So farmers in this last planting season have extracted some plants much earlier than normal in order to get much CBG per plant.

However, we also know that some strains of hemp have higher CBG levels than others.  So, is CBG is a priority of yours, seek out these strains so that you can receive as much CBG as possible.

Also, know that just because CBG exists in very low levels in hemp doesn’t mean that it’s not providing you with its properties when you consume a full spectrum hemp product.  We now know that hemp is synergistic in nature, which means that if you consume every compound found within a particular breed of hemp at the same time, you’ll experience the entourage effect.  This means that each plant’s presence boosts the properties of the others, so the properties of CBG are maximized.

Additionally, if you wanna avoid THC altogether, you can go with a broad spectrum hemp extract instead.  Broad spectrum hemp extract contains every compound except for the trace amount of THC that naturally exists in hemp.  But, know that some believe this can reduce the synergistic properties of the plant, and the CBG itself.

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Binoid Drops: 50mg of Quality CBG

After reading so much about CBG, you’re probably very eager to try our Binoid Drops.  The lab results show Binoid Drops contain 50mg of CBG roughly, which is an incredibly high amount. 

What Exactly are Binoid Drops?

Well, if you’re familiar with how a tincture works, you’ll know what to do with this product.  Tinctures like this one work with the sublingual tissue. This is the tissue that’s beneath the tongue.  It’s highly absorbent, and does a great job absorbing and processing cannabinoid and other hemp compounds quickly and efficiently.

Binoid Drops are full spectrum oral tinctures that don’t just give your body loads of compounds including CBG and CBD, but provide you with a wonderfully clean, fresh flavor.  That’s because we have gone to great lengths to offer a wide range of flavors made with natural ingredients such as ginger, citrus and peppermint. Also, these drops can be taken daily, and you can know that your body is receiving a high level of CBG with each dose. 


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