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What is Delta 6a10A (Delta 3 THC)

Another cannabinoid has entered the hemp market – this time, delta 6a10A, also known as delta 6a, d6a, or delta 3 THC.  While most cannabinoids are touted for being far more intoxicating than delta 9 THC, this is a uniquely mild cannabinoid that can be exactly what you’ve been waiting for if you’re seeking out a mellower high.  Sounds awesome so far, doesn’t it?

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What is Delta 6a10A (Delta 3 THC)?

Delta 6a10A (Delta 3 THC) is a synthesized cannabinoid that’s based on a naturally occurring THC byproduct found naturally in hemp.  What makes this cannabinoid stand out is that its intoxicating effects seem to actually be less intoxicating than delta 8 THC, a cannabinoid that is known for being 30% milder than delta 9

That’s due to its unique chemical structure – more specifically, the arrangement of its atoms – that have components that work as a CB1 antagonist, meaning that the cannabinoid doesn’t attach to cannabinoid receptors in the brain as strongly as other THC isomers.

Chemically, delta 6a10A is composed of 21 carbon atoms, 30 hydrogen atoms and 2 oxygen atoms.  Again, this is the same composition as THC, along with CBD, due to cannabinoids being isomers of one another.  Rearranging CBD or THC to convert it into delta 6a10A will be the standard way to produce delta 6a10A distillate.

Something to keep in mind, too, which does make delta 3 THC unique is how it has two enantiomers: 1S and 1R.  Enantiomers are often compared to screws which look the same, but in the case of this cannabinoid, they turn in two opposite directions.  Now, 1 of the 2 allows the cannabinoid to be intoxicating due to the direction in which it turns, while the other turns in a direction that results in zero psychoactive effects.  This is why delta 6a10A is uniquely mild – only one of its enantiomers is capable of producing a psychoactive response.

Will Delta 6a10A (Delta 3 THC) Get Me High?

Keep in mind that research regarding delta 6a10A is extremely limited, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t know anything about it.  One thing that has been found is that its psychoactive effects only seem to “kick in” after 8 milligrams of the cannabinoid have been consumed, meaning that anything below that may not produce any high at all.  And, like we said, the high is notably mild – milder than delta 8 THC and delta 10 THC – so that’s good news if you’re someone with a low tolerance, or simply a hemp enthusiast who prefers a mellower type of buzz. 

Now, the high itself has been described as very “sativa-like”, in that it can offer a feeling of euphoria, enhanced energy, boosted awareness and an uptick in overall concentration.  The effects are, in fact, compared to those of delta 1 THC according to researchers, with delta 1 THC being the mildest of all THC isomers.

Last point worth mentioning is how delta 6a10A may act as a potentiator for other cannabinoids.  Meaning, taking it with another THC isomer, like delta 8 THC, could enhance the high of the latter cannabinoid, through a unique synergistic reaction.  Therefore, we won’t be surprised if we see a lot of products hit the market in the coming months which combine delta 6a10A with delta 8, delta 10, THC-P, delta 9 THC, and more.

Where Can I Buy Delta 6a10A (Delta 3 THC)?

Delta 6a10A is not the easiest cannabinoid to find on the market right now, because it’s so new people have barely heard of it.  Plus, you want to be careful if you do come across it, since some companies may be producing low-quality or even fake products, knowing that there’s a growing demand and little supply.  You should only buy delta 6a10A from brands that you already trust, like Binoid, where you know you’ll be getting only lab-tested products crafted with clean ingredients and pure delta 6a10A distillate.  

So, keep an eye out over the next weeks and months for products that are being sold by a trustworthy brand.

Delta 3 THC is likely to come in the same product types as other cannabinoids, as it’s easy to create a distillate using the classic isomerization process used to make delta 8, delta 10, and so on.  You will probably be able to purchase the cannabinoid in the forms of vapesgummiestincturesdistillates, and possibly even flower and concentrates.

What Effects Come With Delta 6a10A (Delta 3 THC)?

Believe it or not, there have been some studies about the potential benefits of delta 6a10A, but not many.  One piece of data showed that delta 3 THC may have powerful anticonvulsant properties, as researchers found that doses of the compound were able to stop seizures in canines.  We recognize that lots of cannabinoids are associated with this effect, but this effect might be particularly profound with delta 6a10A.  Hopefully, there will be additional findings exploring this in the near future.

As for other effects, again, those remain to be discovered as we await more studies.  But, there is good reason to believe that delta 6a10A shares a good amount in common with the other THC isomers, like effects that relate to:

  • Pain
  • Nausea
  • Appetite
  • Sleep
  • Mood
  • Energy Levels

How Much Delta 10 6a10A (Delta 3 THC) Should I Take?

Delta 6a10A (Delta 3 THC) is a completely new cannabinoid – so new, in fact, that most hemp enthusiasts have never even heard of it.  That being said, there isn’t yet a standard dosing guide for it.  Given its rare potency, we can’t assume that you can compare the ideal milligram amount to that of, say, delta 8 THC even.  So, if and when it does come out, we recommend following the directions on the label.  The manufacturer is required to provide a dosing guideline based on their knowledge of how strong their product is.

Can I Overdose on 6a10A (Delta 3 THC)?

We know that people want to be safe when taking a new cannabinoid, and lots of people feel somewhat hesitant about powerful cannabinoids like this.  Still, when it comes to side effects and all of that, you could encounter some.  Cannabinoids are classified as nontoxic to the body.  And, although we can likely tolerate high doses thanks to the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), you may need to avoid taking a high amount of delta 6a10A.  Why?  Because you could end up with side effects that aren’t life-threatening, but unpleasant regardless, such as: 

  • Dizziness
  • Dry eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Increased appetite
  • Low blood pressure
  • Brain Fog and Drowsiness

Delta 3 THC (6a10A) Effects and Benefits List

  • Strong mental and body experience
  • Chilled
  • Relaxed
  • Anxiolytic properties
  • Relief

As we still have a lot to learn about Delta 3, what we do know is that its psychoactive properties are already making it extremely popular.  The high is often compared to Delta 8, and in fact, the two cannabinoids seem to be popular to take together, as there may be a synergistic effect that really gives you a phenomenal experience within the body and mind in terms of mood, relaxation and so on.

The key thing to know about Delta 3 high is that it is all about euphoria.  People describe a stronger feeling of euphoria than they’ve ever experienced with any other cannabinoid.  Also is potentially very-long lasting, as we are aware that many other cannabinoid-based products provide only a short phase of euphoria that doesn’t last for the duration of the high.

Also, alongside the euphoria effect, users report a uniquely powerful body high that can be intensely relaxing, and great for easing physical tension.

Delta 3 THC (6a10A) Side Effects 

  • Strong mental and physical experience
  • Dry Mouth
  • Headache
  • May last for 1-2 hours
  • Powerful body experience

Taking too much Delta 3, like any psychoactive compound can cause intense side effects. Again, because the compound is strong we suggest smaller dosages first then taking higher doses after time once you get comfortable with the compound and effects. 

Delta 3 THC (6a10A) Dosing Guide: Dosage Chart

As we learn more about Delta 6a10A THC, we’ll have much more specific dosing guidelines available.  What we can say is that since the cannabinoid is so potent, you don’t want to take as many milligrams in one sitting as you would a milder cannabinoid like delta 8. Because Delta 3 is so strong, doses look to be small amounts, but that is because of how strong the compound is. 

Comparing Delta 3 potency to other cannabinoids, however, we can offer a general idea of how much you should take whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user, regardless of the product type that’s available above:

  • Beginners Delta 3 (6a10A) dosing: 1mg-20mg
  • Intermediate Delta 3 (6a10A) Users dosing: 20mg-80mg
  • Advanced Delta 3 (6a10A) Users dosing: 80mg+ 
  • Best Place To Buy Delta 3 (6a10A) Products

    As of now, the only real Delta 3 THC products on the market are all of part of Binoid’s Delta 3 vapes. Other brands do not seem to have the same quality or effects currently. Therefore, we definitely suggest buying Delta 3 THC online from Binoid, as they are a trusted brand with over 40,000 reviews on their website. They are the best and most potent Delta 3 THC cartridges on the market. 

    However, given the buzz around Delta 3, we anticipate that this will become a trend throughout the hemp industry in the future. Many brands are renaming the same compounds as different things to sound unique, but it is all the same. 

    Will Delta 3 THC (6a10A) Fail A Drug Test?

    As a rule of thumb, any time you encounter a cannabinoid with “THC” in the name, you should assume that it puts you at risk of failing a drug test.  Why?  Because all THC-based cannabinoids are metabolized by an enzyme called THC-COOH, which is what standard drug tests are seeking to identify in a person’s urine. 

    Because Delta 3 is particularly potent and is very similar to Delta 9 as a “Delta”, there’s good reason to believe that it’s likely to fail a drug test after taking this cannabinoid just like after taking delta 9 THC.

    Is Delta 6a10A (Delta 3 THC) Legal?

    Delta 6a10A is, as you may have guessed based on other THC cannabinoids, totally legal in the United States under federal law (2018 Farm Bill).  This piece of legislation made all hemp derivatives legalized, assuming they contain no more than 0.3% delta 9 THC by dry weight.

    But, as you probably suspected, delta 6a10A is banned in the same states that have banned delta 8 THC, as these states have prohibited all THC isomers:

    • Alaska
    • Arizona
    • Arkansas
    • Colorado
    • Delaware
    • Hawaii (oral and inhalable products)
    • Idaho
    • Iowa
    • Mississippi
    • Montana
    • Nevada
    • New York
    • North Dakota
    • Oregon
    • Rhode Island
    • Utah
    • Vermont
    • Washington 

    Is Delta 6a10A (Delta 3 THC) Worth the Hype?

    Delta 6a10A is a cannabinoid that really stands out due to its mild but euphoric effects that come from its distinctive chemical structure.  What this means is that it can give you a profound sense of inner bliss without making you feel extremely intoxicated.  And, that’s something that a lot of hemp enthusiasts want, especially in response to all the cannabinoids that are several times more intoxicating than delta 9 THC, which have recently been dominating the market.

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