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What Is Delta 9P? What You Must Know | Delta 9P Cannabinoid

We’ve heard of delta 9 THC, and THC-P, and even delta 9o.  Now, there’s delta 9 THC-P or Delta 9P, which is a whole new and exciting way to enjoy the psychoactive side of hemp. Delta 9P is the strongest compound in marijuana and hemp, with the strength around 35x that of regular Delta 9.

Other than that important fact, there is very little information about it right now, so we’re going to tell you everything we do know about Delta 9P and Delta 9P products, as Binoid has launched some amazing and strong Delta 9p vapes.

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What is Delta 9P and How Does It Work?

Delta 9P is brand new to the market, and not a naturally occurring cannabinoid in hemp.  Instead, it’s a combination of delta 9 THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) and THC-P (tetrahydrocannabiphorol).  Delta 9 THC and THC-P are both naturally occurring cannabinoids.

\But bonding them together creates a whole new way to enjoy the plant’s intoxicating effects.  Delta 9 is the most famous cannabinoid of all-time, and THC-P is about 10x stronger than that, as the latter cannabinoid attaches to CB1 receptors about 30x more effectively than delta 9.

What’s the High Like with Delta 9P?

Basically, delta 9p’s high is stronger than THC-P’s, which means that it’s very well the most potent cannabinoid yet.  People say that the high is intensely euphoric and uplifting, while also being capable of causing couchlock.  Because there’s just not a lot of info out there yet, we can’t offer more detail on the potency of the high – for now.

What Else is Delta 9P Capable of?

We always want to be careful to talk about benefits of any cannabinoid without clinical studies that we can refer to, for ethical reasons.  And, there are no papers that have been published in scientific journals about the properties and effects of delta 9p, because the cannabinoid just came out, and there hasn’t been time for proper analysis by cannabis researchers.

Still, it’s likely that delta 9p offers benefits similar to those of delta 9 and THC-P, like potential mood improvements, appetite enhancement, anti-nausea effects, analgesic effects, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Is Delta 9P Safe?

It’s important to note that Delta 9P hasn’t been around for nearly a long enough time for us to be able to talk about its potential therapeutic uses as determined through clinical trials and research. Since Delta 9P is totally new, there just isn’t any research out there about it.  And, with an array of cannabinoids being unearthed and developed in the last few years, you can imagine that cannabis researchers have their hands full, and Delta 9P is not the first in line to explore in clinical settings.

It’s safe to assume that Delta 9P offers the same properties as delta 9, only with much longer-lasting effects as an added bonus. So, you can expect Delta 9P to offer a relief from physical discomfort and inflammation, along with help regarding nausea and appetite, not to mention very enjoyable effects when it comes to mood.

Where To Buy Delta 9P Vapes Online

Currently, you can buy Delta 9P products from trusted online brands such as Binoid CBD and Delta-8. They have brand new Delta 9P vapes that come in 3 amazing strains, Tropical Zkittlez, Alaskan Lights, and Desert Diesel. You can get right on their website for an amazing price.

In fact, Binoid is one of the first brands to carry Delta 9P products and vapes that are extremely potent and enjoyable. On top of their amazing product, they have amazing customer service, Delta 9P vape prices are the lowest we have seen, and just overall one of the best places to buy Delta 9P online.

How Much Delta 9P Should I Take?

Now, let’s talk about dosage, which is always important since no one wants to take either too much or too little of any cannabinoid.

  • VapesWe recommend starting with 1 puff as a beginner, which can take 30 minutes to become effective.  You can work your way up to a few puffs per vaping session as desired and tolerated.
  • Gummies/Capsules: With gummies, capsules and other ingestible products, 5-10mg is a great starting point, although many people can tolerate 15mg or even a little bit higher very well.
  • Tinctures: 5-10 is a great starting point if you’re taking the cannabinoid in tincture form, and you can likely work your way up to higher amounts per serving if you tolerate that amount well.

Delta 9P Dosage and Dosing Guide

As we learn more about Delta 9P, we’ll have much more specific dosing guidelines available.  What we can say is that since the cannabinoid is so potent, you don’t want to take as many milligrams in one sitting as you would a milder cannabinoid like delta 8. Because Delta 9P is so strong, doses look to be small amounts, but that is because of how strong the compound is.

Comparing Delta 9P potency to other cannabinoids, however, we can offer a general idea of how much you should take whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user, regardless of the product type that’s available above:

  • Beginners Delta 9P dosing: 1mg-3mg
  • Intermediate Delta 9P Users dosing: 3mg-5mg
  • Advanced Delta 9P Users dosing: 5mg+ 

Delta 9P is the strongest cannabinoid in hemp with a strength 35x stronger than reguar Delta 9 THC. This means that all products using Delta 9P such as vapes and gummies will be extremely potent, and small MG’s are necessary.

Can I Overdose on Delta 9P?

We totally get that people want to avoid any harm caused by taking too much of a cannabinoid, and people may be particularly concerned if they’re unfamiliar with new cannabinoids.  But, when it comes to side effects, basically there’s no real difference between delta 9 and delta 9P in that regard.  These cannabinoids are nontoxic to the body, and while you can physically tolerate high doses, you may want to avoid them because you may end up with side effects that are considered unpleasant, but not life-threatening.  Those side effects include:

  • Dizziness
  • Grogginess/drowsiness
  • Anxiety/paranoia
  • Dry eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Confusion
  • Lack of physical coordination
  • Forgetfulness
  • Increased appetite
  • Low blood pressure

Delta 9p is legal, for the same reason all other psychoactive cannabinoids are, with the exception of concentrations of delta 9 THC greater than 0.3%.  Delta 9p complies with the federal Farm Bill, which was passed in 2018 to legalize any hemp derivative with no more than 0.3% delta 9 THC.  Delta 9p is not delta 9 THC, and so it is legal.

Yet, some states have banned intoxicating cannabinoids in something of a blanket law, and what this means is that delta 9p is likely illegal in:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Maryland
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Washington

Best Place To Buy Delta 9P Products

As of now, the only real Delta 9P products on the market are all of part of Binoid’s Delta 9P vapes and edibles. Other brands do not seem to have the same quality or effects currently. Therefore, we definitely suggest buying Delta 9P online from Binoid, as they are a trusted brand with over 40,000 reviews on their website. They are the best and most potent Delta 9P cartridges on the market.

However, given the buzz around Delta 9P, we anticipate that this will become a trend throughout the hemp industry in the future. Many brands are renaming the same compounds as different things to sound unique, but it is all the same.

Will Delta 9P Fail A Drug Test?

As a rule of thumb, any time you encounter a cannabinoid, you should assume that it puts you at risk of failing a drug test.  Why?  Because all THC-based cannabinoids are metabolized by an enzyme called THC-COOH, which is what standard drug tests are seeking to identify in a person’s urine.

Because Delta 9P is particularly potent and is the stronger form of Delta 9, there’s good reason to believe that it’s actually more likely to fail a drug test after taking this cannabinoid than it is after taking delta 9 THC.

Delta 9P Has Arrived at Binoid!

Delta 9P, being so powerful, is going to be a cannabinoid that Binoid customers are looking forward to trying.  This unique cannabinoid blend really does stand out from the rest by promising effects even stronger than those of THC-P, thanks to a clever modification of tetrahydrocannabiphorol that changes its properties.

Keep your eyes peeled as Binoid begins to introduce delta 9P more, in all of the product types and strains that you know and love.

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