White Widow Strain Review

Named after its stunning frosty appearance, White Widow cannabis strain is an all-time legend that has been a staple of the market since the 90s.  This strain has remained a fan favorite for a pretty simple reason: its effects are absolutely magnificent, and these effects continue to satisfy the needs of enthusiasts around the world. 

White Widow is a beautiful sativa-dominant hybrid strain that comes with great flavor and a very balanced variety of properties that work together to make you feel your absolute best. You can get White Widow Strain Vape Cartridge here.

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White Widow Cannabis Basic Profile

White Widow strain is classified as a sativa-dominant hybrid, with 60% sativa/40% indica in its genetic profile.  The strain comes from a cross between South Indian Indica and Brazil sativa.  It’s a very popular strain in Europe, and like we said, it’s been on the market for ages, so many of you are probably already familiar with it.  

  • Yields about 18-25% THC, and lately, the buds that have been in circulation have been on the higher end of that scale.  
  • 1% CBD
  • 1% CBN

White Widow Strain Physical Characteristics 

We can’t talk about the visual characteristics of White Widow without explaining its namesake, which comes from the fact that the buds are absolutely glistening in a thick layer of white trichome crystals which make it shimmer and give it a creamy and silvery appearance.  They cover a sage-green hue with a rounded, spade-like, and fluffy shape.  Here and there, you’ll find sparse clusters of thin, amber-colored hairs that are rather short, and don’t influence the appearance all that much.

White Widow Cannabis Strain Aroma and Flavor

White Widow strain has a sugary taste to it that makes you think that the blanket of crystals on the buds are actually a coating of pure sugar. 

  • This sweetness is so gratifying that you’ll want to hit it again and again, even in spite of the harsh nature of the flower that often leads to heavy coughing fits.  Sweetness is complemented by bright n’ sharp citrus and lots of pepper, hence the coughing.  
  • The aroma is also lemony and peppery, with a notable amount of sweetness.

White Widow Cannabis Strain Effects

White Widow products is one of those strains that can really enhance your day or night without ever overwhelming you with too much of a sativa or indica effect.  It starts off with a nice, soothing buzz that instantly lifts your mood, like the first spring day after a long and harsh winter.  You’ll feel motivated, enthusiastic and euphoric, but in a way that’s very much mellow, unlike the more energizing euphoria-centric strains on the market.  Basically, feel at complete ease with yourself and everything around you.

The strain may be high in THC in many cases, but rarely does this lead to any unwanted effects, nor any kind of paranoia.  Instead, you’ll just keep riding the wave, as tingling warmth creeps along the muscles and helps you feel relieved of physical discomfort and tension.  It’s not a strain that’s gonna provide a big boost of energy, nor make you feel sleepy or couchlocked.

When you reach for White Widow products, it’s because you want something to enhance your mood and make you feel more tranquil, but still want to be totally aware of what’s happening around you, without a hazy loss of focus.  That’s why it’s so versatile.  It can be enjoyed during a lazy afternoon or evening, when you want to just watch your favorite TV shows or movies. 

It can be helpful when you want to mellow out after a long day without passing out.  Or, it can be the perfect companion on a hike, a trip to a museum or a social gathering with friends.

Growing White Widow Cannabis

White Widow cannabis strain is actually refreshingly easy to grow.  Because it prefers a mild, dry environment between 70 and 80 degrees, most people will find that it’s easier to grow indoors since they don’t live in the ideal climate.  And fortunately, growing it indoors can be incredibly successful.

To enjoy a nice yield, prune it regularly at the bottom to allow for airflow and prevent fungal diseases.  It likes a lot of nitrogen during feeding.  Flowering time is about 8 to 9 weeks, and yield is generally moderate.

White Widow: An Iconic Hybrid That Never Disappoints 

White Widow is a strain that most every enthusiast has already sampled by now, but if you haven’t, then you don’t know what you’re missing.  This beautiful hybrid checks all of the boxes on many a user’s list, and even continues to outperform the trendier strains that are hitting the market from up-and-coming breeders.  To enjoy this strain like never before, try Binoid’s HHC-O Vape Cartridge in White Widow, which promises a combination of fresh terpenes and pure HHC-O-acetate distillate for a psychoactive high extremely similar to delta 9 THC.

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