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THCA Flower: Why Bloomz THCA Flower Is The Best of 2024

Bloomz proudly offers a wide selection of flower products, but none are as popular as THCA flower.  Taking raw hemp flower and infusing it with THCA distillate creates a product that promises a meaningful amount of delta 9 THC, as THCA converts into delta 9 THC upon smoking, vaping, or cooking/baking with the flower buds.

The THCA flower at Bloomz is rated among the best on the market, but what about it makes it stand out among the competition?  Let’s take a look at why Bloomz THCA flower is the best choice out there today.


Why Should You Try the THCA Flower at Bloomz?

The THCA flower at Bloomz is a top seller on the market, for anyone seeking out a product that’s very similar to weed, yet perfectly compliant with the law.  Bloomz has gone above and beyond to offer the finest flower possible to consumers, and we’re going to break down 7 unique ways in which it rises above the rest.

#1: We Strictly Work with Premium THCA Flower

Bloomz THCA flower is derived from only premium hemp material, which was grown organically and sourced from local farms.  Premium quality indicates that the flower checks all of the boxes for quality, boasting a high trichome count (the terpene-rich resinous coating that looks like crystals), and was grown using the finest cultivation methods to yield superbly potent and great-tasting THCA buds.  Flower can range dramatically in quality based on how it was grown, harvested, and processed, and Bloomz is proud to maintain extremely high standards in this area.

#2: Our THCA Strain Selection is Phenomenal

The bottom line is that today’s hemp consumers are more educated on strains than ever before, and have strong preferences when it comes to the host of indica, sativa, and hybrid cultivars that are out there.  Bloomz has made a point to seek out only the most sought-after top-shelf strains possible to offer the variety that enthusiasts deserve, with some of the most in-demand and rare cultivars that exist.  You’ll find classics like Gelato and Platinum OG, along with holy grail strains like Han Solo, Air Headz, MAC, and more.

#3: Our Lab Reports Speak for Themselves

If you’re looking for a true marker for quality, look no further than Bloomz third-party lab reports, which are accessible to customers via the Bloomz website.  Our lab reports give all of the info you need about purity, safety, potency, chemical compound breakdown, and legal compliance, as provided by a third-party laboratory facility that’s authorized by the state to test samples of cannabis. 

These lab reports demonstrate the superior overall quality of Bloomz THCA flower, so that you don’t have to guess and hope that you’re getting something that’s authentic and effective.  

#4: We Work with 99% THCA Distillate

The purity of the THCA distillate that goes into hemp flower makes a huge difference.  Making distillate is an involved process that requires converting CBD into THCA through a process called isomerization, and purifying the cannabinoid repeatedly through the use of steam distillation. 

This process is far from foolproof, and brands that have lower standards can end up with very poor purity levels that interfere with potency, flavor, and more.  Our THCA distillate is 99% pure, which is the highest that’s possible, showing off the lengths we’re willing to go to in order to give our customers exactly what they deserve.

#5: We’ve Been in the Business for a Long Time

Experience is critical in the hyper-competitive hemp industry, as companies that have been able to stay on top for years at a time must be doing something right.  Bloomz is a sister brand to Binoid, specializing solely in flower. 

Binoid has been at the top of the industry for almost a decade now, and has maintained a reputation for being one of the very best, most sought-after hemp suppliers in the world, with glowing reviews, and countless satisfied customers who continue to come back time and time again.  Being Binoid’s sister brand, Bloomz maintains the exact same standards for quality and customer satisfaction.  

#6: Our Policies are Excellent

Besides the quality of THCA product, the actual brand policies are absolutely on point.  Shipping is free, and orders leave the Bloomz warehouse within 1-2 business days, arriving in only 4 business days, give or take – that’s one of the fastest times you’ll find anywhere.  Besides that, orders are packaged discreetly, and the Bloomz customer service team is happy to go above and beyond to give the satisfying experience consumers deserve.

Bloomz flower is also known for its affordability, as we work closely with local hemp farmers and do our manufacturing in-house, to keep costs down.  Instead of trying to make more profit off of you, we simply sell our products for fair prices to make THCA flower as accessible as possible.

#7: Our Flower is Sold Super Fresh at All Times

Bloomz’ exceeding popularity ensures a very fast product turnover rate, which means that our flower is always sold very fresh no matter what.  It just doesn’t have time to sit on the shelves long enough to lose its sparkling flavor and potency.  When you receive your order of THCA flower from Bloomz, you’ll tell right away by its aroma, and how it feels in your hand, that it was freshly prepared for you.

Try Bloomz THCA Flower Today!

At Bloomz, you’ll find only premium-grade THCA flower that checks every box possible to ensure maximum satisfaction.  Our selection of strains goes above and beyond to satisfy, and so we encourage you to explore the choices and read the third-party lab reports to know that what you’re getting is the real deal. 

Using only locally sourced, organic flower, and just below 100% purity in our THCA distillate, it really doesn’t get any better than this, allowing for an experience that promises to deliver the ultimate high you’re seeking out.


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