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Best CBD Cream & CBD Oil for High Heel Pain According To Celebrities

CBD Oil and creams are amazing for foot and high heel Pain

Women are now using CBD Creams to help alleviate high heel foot pains. 

At the Golden Globes  January 6th, 2019, many celebrities spoke out on their use new CBD creams to help with the pains resulting from wearing high heels. On top of that, even during the Oscars and other red carpet events, there is a plethora of media coverage outline different celebrities that use CBD for feet pain relief (Read here for 24 celebrities who use or endorse CBD products). I’m sure most women understand the pain of having to walk around for hours with unforgiving pain wearing uncomfortable heels.

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For celebrities, the usual trick of gel inserts and moleskin is still used, but CBD creams are now a new and possibly effective way to help feet pain. Studies, customer testimonials and celebrity stars such as Michelle Williams, Karla Welch, Mandy Moore, as well as many others have all spoken out about their fantastic experiences with CBD products.

At home and the runway. This means that topical skincare CBD products may be very helpful for people who model, walk catwalks, and other things that require a lot of walking. Especially in uncomfortable footwear.

The reason CBD is may be the most effective way to help aid foot pain comes from the simple fact of CBD absorption in your pain areas. When rubbed on your feet CBD from the cream goes into your skin and may give you almost instant pain protection from heels. The creams also contain these properties that are made to help you feel great in heels.

CBD skin creams are great for helping women with foot pains Each cream with hemp-derived CBD that we carry gives you the the benefits of a typical moisturizing lotion but with an added CBD element for better effects.

Learn more about the specifics of CBD here. However a long topic in summary, CBD may help your pain by increasing your natural endocannabinoids, which are neurotransmitters that bind to your pain receptors, therefore possibly decreasing your inflammatory and pain response. According to CBD studies, this desensitizes your skin receptors for pain. The benefits range all around, but for wearing heels they are likely to be specifically effective because not only may you receive the benefits of almost instant pain relief, you can also moisturize usually dry areas of your feet. Most creams moisturize and lotion your skin, however rarely do creams try to help pain. That is what makes CBD Creams so unique and powerful, especially if you wear high heals. 


Other possible benefits of using hemp CBD creams for high heel foot pain –

Reduces inflammation:

Our creams contain White Willow Bark, which are designed to help with anti-inflammation, and help prevent inflammation when wearing heels. Or even new shoes and shoes that don’t fit well. Any uncomfortable fittings may be helped with CBD.

Women are now using CBD Creams to help reduce inflammation and pain relief in feet wearing high heels

May stimulate blood flow to your pain areas to heal faster:

Our creams contain Caffeine, which may speed up recovery by stimulating blood flow in your body. By stimulating more blood flow to pain areas, CBD may help speed up recovery from any of your high heel adventures, to hours and hours of standing up.

CBD topical creams contain menthol to provide a fresh mint smell and feeling to your skin

Natural and fresh mint feeling and smell:

Using menthol as a natural analgesic, these topical creams give you a very clean and moisturized feeling. On top of all of the benefits of the cream itself. As a lotion it also keeps your skin and feet nice and moisturized during activities.

Made in the USA and Third party tested:

All of our CBD product are tested by licensed and independent companies to make sure each product is created to the highest standards possible. You can see all of the concentrations of each lotion in their Certification of Analysis on each product page.  

Vegan, non-GMO and no artificial ingredients.

Every single product we carry is organically grown from the highest quality hemp plants using the best extraction method possible. Namely CO2 Extraction. This extraction process preserves all of the naturally beneficial compounds and cannabinoids, including CBN, CBG, and CBC.

CBN: CBN provides anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits to the body and your feet when wearing heels.

CBG: CBG stimulates healing, relieves pain, and may provide anti-fungal properties.

CBC: CBC enhances the anti-inflammatory and pain relief benefits of both CBN and CBG.

What about CBD Oils?

What is the best CBD Oil for high heel pain and feet injuries? 








Like with everything, the best CBD Oil for high heel pain may really depend on your amount of pain, and your size/height/weight etc… However, the standard is that 500mg should be great for small to minor high heel pains, but if you are really hurting 1000mg may be the best for you. Overall, the possible medical benefits of CBD may be crucial to alleviating foot pains. High heels can sometimes be no fun, but now there is a credible product that could save you from immense pains. Check out our highest dosage CBD Cream products than may help for high heel pain here! If you want to learn more about CBD, and more details about how it works press here.

We hope you enjoyed this CBD article, and that it answered all of your high heel pain relief questions. Please share with your friends if you think it may help them out and post a comment below if you have any additional questions! Feel free to use the code LIVEBETTER for free shipping on our high heel relief creams so you can reap the benefits of topical CBD creams immediately.





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