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Zombie Kush Strain Review

One of the best qualities when it comes to being a hemp enthusiast is scoping out unique strains with which to savor those amazing cannabinoids.  Now, with the strain world continuously expanding, introducing us to new terpene profiles that taste amazing, while having some promising effects that we’re seeking out the most, this is the perfect time to be in the strain game. 

And, Binoid is always expanding their strain catalog to provide news and experience customers alike only high-quality choices, offering both fan favorites and ultra-rare cultivars in indica, sativa, and hybrid options.   

Let’s explore one of the newest additions: Zombie Kush.


Basic Profile

An 80% indica, 20% sativa hybrid, Zombie Kush comes from crossing Bubba Kush with Sideral, two original classics that have sustained massive popularity on the ever-growing cannabis market.  Yielding about 21% THC, it’s quite a potent strain, although it doesn’t have the highest THC level out there.

Physical Characteristics 

Zombie Kush has forest-green buds known for their fluffy grape-like shape, and even boasts gorgeous undertones of deep purple.  The buds also feature long amber-colored pistils, along with a dusting of trichome crystals in the same amber hue.

Flavor & Aroma

Zombie Kush strain will appetize you right off the bat with an aroma of sweet, juicy berries fresh out of the forest, and strong notes of aromatic pine, all atop a base of warm spices and rich earth.  Flavor is about the same, but with more prominent berry notes that are more complex, being both sweet and tangy.


Zombie Kush is the type of strain you want to reach for when your mind is racing, when you’re feeling irritable or you’re just generally feeling down.  It’s quick to offer a sense of total ease, to make you feel like all is right in the world.  Its cerebral effects get more and more heady as you notice a feeling of euphoria that lifts you into the clouds, and while the high starts out with the ability to make you feel focused and motivated, and even creative, it doesn’t take long before you’re thoroughly stoned, with a sense of haziness that leaves you utterly happy yet blissfully unaware of your surroundings.

The high also introduces a warm and cozy feeling into the body, and before long, this turns into true couchlock.  It’s a good bedtime strain for that reason, and many people use it specifically at bedtime as it can lull you into dreamland easily, making you feel heavier and heavier until you’re out.


Indoors or outdoors in southern climates, Zombie Kush is a low-maintenance, hardy indica-dominant hybrid. Blooming in 8-9 weeks under 12/12. If you veg her for a short period, Zombie Kush is perfect for the SOG method. Alternatively, veg for 4+ weeks to develop bushier plants for the ScrOG method. Pine and fuel aromas with a rich Kush flavor and a surprisingly citrus-sweet aftertaste make this a dank delicacy. {Source}

Zombie Kush: Prepare Yourself for Zombification 

Zombie Kush has proven itself to help you find a sense of inner bliss in the way that only the highest-quality terpenes can (kinda bringing you back form the dead in a sense).  And, the good news is that you don’t have to wait for a hoard of zombies to get Zombie Kush flower.  At Binoid, you can treat yourself to this strain more conveniently than ever before, knowing that you’re getting nothing but the freshest hemp extracts and most concentrated amounts of the terpenes you crave.


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